To The East My Brother

Episode 41 - Doing Business In China - Part 1: How to Attract and Penetrate the Chinese Middle Class



In this, the first part in our 3-part series on 'Doing Business in China', where we will interview 3 different professionals and entrepreneurs about how to successfully operate and launch Western-based products and services in China, we interview Ms. Allison Boulton. Ms. Boulton is the Director of Marketing for North American Premiere Wines and in this interview we discuss penetrating the Chinese middle class, teaching western marketing techniques to local Chinese staff, and teaching the up and coming middle class how to appreciate a product that they aspire too - however do not have experience with. Of course we couldn't resist the opportunity to have Allison share her experiences being a woman in a leadership role in a culture that is still a bit resistance to woman in power - especially a confident, proactive, Western woman. For more information on Ms. Allison Boulton and North American Premiere Wines, please visit Also be sure to come back for Part 2, where we are joined be a youn