To The East My Brother

Episode 42 - Doing Business in China - Part 2: How to Successfully Operate and Launch Western-Based Products and Services in China'



In this, the second part in our 3-part series on 'Doing Business in China', where we will interview 3 different professionals and entrepreneurs about how to successfully operate and launch Western-based products and services in China, we interview David Brode. David is the Owner and Head Chef at The Oyster House - located in the Jing An District of Shanghai. In this interview we focus on the topic of 'Introducing Western Products/Services into Main Stream Shanghai' and David shares his experiences on this and more interesting aspects about 'Doing Business in China'. In this episode you also hear one of the best pieces of insight for anyone looking to do business in China - the ability to quickly adapt to changing customer tastes and preferences. To learn more about David and The Oyster House (soon to be renamed to Mojo), see below for contact information. The Oyster House Add: 441 Yuyuan Lu, Jingan District, Shanghai 地址: 上海愚园路441号 Tel: 021 6233 9651