Four Feet Tall and Scared to Death How to Help Your Child Overcome Stage Fright in Music, Sports, and Presentations

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Have you ever felt jittery in front of other people? Maybe it was that time when you had to give a big presentation at work. Or when you made an announcement at church. Or sang your heart out at karaoke night. Do you remember the sweaty palms, the dry throat, or the knot in your stomach? I'm sure you do. Stage fright is universal. In fact, public speaking has been consistently ranked as the number one fear in America. Now imagine how it must feel to find yourself before a large audience when you're seven years old and four feet tall! Performance jitters happen everywhere--especially in the life of a child. It could be on the soccer field or the basketball court. It could be at a dance exhibition or a gymnastics competition. It could be on stage at a school play or in class giving a PowerPoint presentation. The six lessons in this audio are powerful and easy for you to teach to your child and help them to implement. They will give your child the poise, self-confidence, and charisma to handle any kind of performance with success, and present the best of themselves to others--now and throughout his or her life!