The Ultimate Prescription What the Medical Profession Isn't Telling You

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Discover today the ultimate prescription from the Great Physician.

Many of the diseases sending us to doctors' offices, surgical suites, and early graves are preventable-and we don't need to be overmedicated to cure them. Using scientific evidence and commonsense explanations, The Ultimate Prescription strips back the misinformation about what makes us sick. It presents real-world stories of lives that have been changed, not by some powerful drug or impossibly expensive procedure, but by lifestyle choices made at home, at work, and at the grocery store.

You won't want to miss out on Dr. Marcum's explanation of the biblical plan for physical and spiritual health, prescribed by the Great Physician Himself.

  • If you can't remember the last time you felt really energetic. . .
  • if you're tired of taking medications that don't "fix" the problem. . .
  • if you're looking to beat stress and burnout the way God meant us to . . .

then you're ready to discover the true source of healing for your mind, body, and spirit!


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