Old Hildebrand

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Old Hildebrand is a story by brothers Grimm. Hildebrand was a peasant, who lived with his wife. The parson of the village and the peasant woman wanted to spend a day together. The parson advised the woman to pretend to be ill. After that, he would say in his sermon that persons, who had at home a sick wife, should make a pilgrimage to the Göckerli hill in Italy, to get a peck of laurel leaves for the sick wife to treat her. So they did so, and Hildebrand went to Göckerli hill. On the way to the hill, the peasant met his gossip, who was an egg merchant. Hildebrand told him about the pilgrimage. But the man knew more than the peasant. How did the story end? Read "Old Hildebrand" to know it.