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  • TKAM #1006 : Juneteenth - Checking On Our Black Friends!

    TKAM #1006 : Juneteenth - Checking On Our Black Friends!

    23/06/2020 Duración: 01h55min

    TKAM #1006: Checking on our Black Friends!Glorious Juneteenth to all the Black Friends everywhere!We did the show from Bed Stuy today as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on...among a lot of other things also raging on. We’re bringing your morning duo back to for a special #AffirmationFriday, checking in with Black friends.We open the show with a little of #NewsYouCanUse. We are seeing the effects that Black protesting is having for everyone else. The Supreme Court is (surprisingly) coming through on for DACA Dreamers, the LGBTQIA+, and the federal government is finally allocating funds to Native American communities.We finally check in with our Black friends in media, medicine, social justice, and wellness to talk about the issues happening right now. We got everything from talking about Defunding the Police (Funding the Community), protesting safely with from the virus, corporate “allies,” and Black wellness in times of chaos.We love you for listening. #AffirmationFriday 0:00 Intro: It’s Juneteenth! Live from Bed

  • TKAM #1005: So Tired x AITA

    TKAM #1005: So Tired x AITA

    01/06/2020 Duración: 52min

    TK & Conscious share their thoughts about the current civil rights unrest all over the country and let you you in on a little game they like to play called, "Am I The Asshole?"Recorded Friday May 29th, 2020.

  • TKAM 1004: The Ephemeral April

    TKAM 1004: The Ephemeral April

    27/04/2020 Duración: 10min

    TKAM 1004: The Ephemeral April This is one of those episodes where you just had to be there. TK & Conscious firing on all cylinders, riffing, no dead air, engaging with the guests, the chatroom, and each other on the highest level. Heartfelt goodbyes were said at the end of the show to find out….It wasn’t recorded!! BUT, our guests were GREAT and we want to highlight them and their offerings to listeners. We thank them both for sharing wonderful resourceful information about how we can better deal with the daily onslaught of Coronavirus news as it affects our community and our mental health. Patrice PeckJournalist and Curator of Coronavirus News for Black Folks @speakpatrice M. Francis III, LMSWLicensed Therapist @midnightemf3Resources for mental health during Coronavirus

  • TKAM #1003: Corona, Dont Pass It On.

    TKAM #1003: Corona, Don't Pass It On.

    19/03/2020 Duración: 01h49min

    TKAM #1003: Corona, Don't Pass It On.TK and Conscious come back with another monthly installment of TK in the AM, During the coronavirus pandemic. Check out the timestamps for Corna-news, sprinkled with tips and tricks to keep your spirits up and yourself feeling sexy. Later, TK gives unexpert answers to listener questions about polyamory, noteps, Fcukbois, and The Russians during this time of COVID crisis. Follow @bondfireradio and @tkintheam on social media to find out when TK and Cons will pop up during quarantine. Please consider making a donation to our station via or SONG: Black Qualls - Thundercat (feat. Steve Lacy & Steve Arrington) 3:24 INTRO: Corona Virus check-in / Don’t be a hero!13:06 SONG: Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now16:18 News You Can Use pt 1: Is the Trump Presidency Over? / Bernie vs Joe vs everyone else/ Cuomo vs. Cuomo30:00 SONG: Corona Virus - DJ iMarkkeyz feat Cardi B31:00 News You Can Use pt 2: Should you pay your bills? / Are we ge

  • TKAM 1002 - Black in Fashion: Charlese Antoinette  Farai Simoyi

    TKAM 1002 - Black in Fashion: Charlese Antoinette & Farai Simoyi

    19/02/2020 Duración: 01h47min

    Charlese Antoinette & Farai Simoyi: Black in Fashion Representation in fashion, film, and TV matters. Designers Charlese Antoinette (Raising Dion, Newlyweeds) and Farai Simoyi (The Narativ) join us to discuss the pitfalls and pathways for Black designers, and what they are doing to affect change for the next generation of marginalized designers. We also discuss Farai’s time on Netflix’s Next in Fashion competition and how it felt to speak up about cultural appropriation in the infamous streetwear episode. Song: Snoh Aalegra - Whoa (feat. Pharrell Williams) Remix 3:15 Intro: TK & Conscious are back! Cause...they feel like it. They discuss what they’ve been up to. 12:05 Power Hour Song of The Day: Lil Wayne - Harden 16:00 News You Can Use: Top Black history month flexes of 2020. 52:06 Song: Tame Impala - Lost in Yesterday56:15 Chatroom Checkin60:30 Conversation: Representation in Fashion and Film with Charlese Antoinette & Farai Simoyi 1

  • TKAM #1001 Supersized 2020 Special

    TKAM #1001 Supersized 2020 Special

    02/01/2020 Duración: 02h54min

    #NewYears2020We’re back from hiatus for a quick special show to celebrate all the things. It’s New Year’s Day 2020/Haitian Independence Day/Bondfire Radio’s 7th Anniversary! It’s all happening today on an extra-charged TK in the AM with Titi of Titi Talks. 0:00 SONG Michael Kiwanuka - You Ain't The Problem4:22 We start out the show by recapping what we’ve all been doing since episode 1000 back in July 2019. 19:33 SONG Ghetto Sage - Häagen Dazs #PowerHour 24:50 In #NewsYouCanUse we recap the top news of 2019 with help from listeners. From Impeachment, to Jay-Z and the NFL, and Kanye now doing gospel, so many things happened. 1:16:49 SONG bbno$ - on god ft. lewis grant prod. Y2K1:20:00 After #ChatroomCheckIn, we take our vision to 2020 with our affirmations, airouts, and motivations. It’s one more year and another chance to do the best. 1:25:40 We also take a moment to talk indepth about Kevin Hart’s Netflix docu-series, “Don’t Fuck This Up” and look at all the takeways. 1:59:15 Michael Kiwanuka & Tom Mis

  • TKAM #1000 Live at the MoCADA #podcast

    TKAM #1000 Live at the MoCADA #podcast

    20/06/2019 Duración: 02h25min

    It's our time....TK in the AM went out with a bang at the MoCaDA Museum in Brooklyn, NY with a standing room only live audience and featuring DJ Run P alongside TK and Conscious.We kick off with some #NewsUseCanUse:- Tubman Twenties- What are we looking for in 2020? A chatroomie weighs in.- Freedom Energy cells?? What are thooosee?#PowerHourSongofTheDay: Silence by Leo Coltrane#GUEST: Morgan Givens talks to us about gentrification in D.C, finding his voice as a storyteller, his work on "Flyest Fables", and represention for transgender artists.#Storytime: Morgan Givens tells about meeting someone special at the gym...#Guest: Our friends, Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins, hosts of Thirst Aid Kit join us to talk about Spike Lee's "She's Gotta Have It" and Brits taking all the jobs, their respective playwright and poet hustles, and writing for JOY. We may even have asked whats next for Thirst Aid Kit?And a listener asks for a special Thirst Sommelier recommendation.#Song: Be By My Side by Melanie Charles (live pe

  • TKAM 999.9 #Final Affirmations #AffirmationFriday

    TKAM 999.9 #Final Affirmations #AffirmationFriday

    02/06/2019 Duración: 01h56min

    We start out the show talking about the thousand show recorded at the MoCADA thursday night. We also have an open studio and we got friends coming in! In #NewsYouCanUse: Japanese man dies on Colombia bound plane rerouted to Mexico with over 200 bags of cocaine in his stomach.People on Austria are kissing cows for charity?Alexandria Ocasio Cortés and Ted Cruz agree on legislation that stops former lawmakers from working as lobbyists.In response to Georgia's abortion laws, media companies are considering puling out their productions in the state.Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we go over the last on air affirmations, and we look back at these past six years. The ship is sailing. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned for the final episode.#AffirmationFriday@TKinTheAM was live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein app from 2013-2019. Episodes will still be available on Apple Podcasts, GooglePodcasts, Spreaker, and Spotify! Wait until you see what we're bringing to you on Patreon!If you really li

  • TKAM #999 The Final Airout #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    TKAM #999 The Final Airout #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    29/05/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    So we have been airing out for years. We’ve been dedicating every Wednesday to the power of telling the Universe what it should be told. We’ve been here to let the fury go. Just carry on the spirit.#AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show with an air out. Trash people who leave their trash out after the holidays, we’re looking at you for being terrible to the planet and just not picking up after yourself. TK also talks about leaving the gym as she moves back to Brooklyn. In #NewsYouCanUse: Tornadoes devastate the areas of Dayton, Ohio and the community is starting to revive. Lawsuit hits Ohio school district after Black student was stripped from saludictorian title and scholarship due to system reconfiguring. NewYork Times investigation reveals cases of human trafficking from Pakistan to China. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we get to all our listeners as we prepare for life after the hiatus. Don’t worry, we’ll still be out here, there’s more on Bondfire Radio, and there will be more of us. And of course, we’re of

  • TKAM #998 Podcast Queens #MotivationMonday

    TKAM #998 Podcast Queens #MotivationMonday

    27/05/2019 Duración: 01h34min

    Today we are joined by two podcast queens, Veralyn (@msveralyn) and Berry (@podcastsincolor) who are here to drop the blessings, the manifestations, and some dating advice.#MotivationMondayWe start out the show talking about the power of manifesting. TK also talks about the push she’s getting from the universe. And Berry and Veralyn are here to In #NewsYouCanUse:Bitcoin value rises back over 9 thousand dollars after a decline last year. According to study, women are happier when they are single and childless. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we sit down with the Podcast Queens to talk about the process of creating the media. From what we do, to letting people know that easy is hard, and to the importance of humility. We’ve done the work, and it’s taken time, and we’re still working. Plus, we got advice from people that have already been there. Save the date and place, MoCAA in downtown Brooklyn, May 30th, 2019 at 7:30PM. Live show for episode 1000. Two more left! #MotivationMonday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-

  • TKAM #997 What Intimacy Is, Actually... #AffirmationFriday

    TKAM #997 What Intimacy Is, Actually... #AffirmationFriday

    24/05/2019 Duración: 01h35min

    It’s not the end of the week, it’s the beginning of what comes next. Relax, plan ahead, and affirm that whatever you’re throwing to the universe, will answer and come back. #AffirmationFridayWe start out the show giving you a recap of the 1000th show coming soon. Don’t snooze on getting those tickets that are left, or those shirts. Conscious also talks about being out in the neighborhood and running into everyone. TK wants to do the work to go from producer, to executive. In #NewsYouCanUse:Wrangler reaches out to Lil Nas and helps him promote new clothes capsule. Ciara is accepted into Harvard Business School.Olympic track runner, Allyson Felix, calls out Nike for its lack of support for pregnant athletes and maternal leave. Harvey Weinstein has settled to pay millions to the alleged victims, production debts, and other dues. Pantaleo, the officer responsible for killing Eric Garner, is on trial. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we go into a much needed conversation about the intimacy in Black friendships, especia

  • TKAM #996 The Artist Way W/ Bobby Hill #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    TKAM #996 The Artist Way W/ Bobby Hill #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    23/05/2019 Duración: 01h30min

    We are joined today by the New York art force, Bobby Hill (@BOBBYHILLART) who came through the studio to bro out with Conscious about art and share his story. We got him right on time, there’s an ‘art’ to this. #AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show with TK’s promise of air outs coming in. Conscious talks about overthinking. And Bobby Hill joins in to talk about how he moved his art around Brooklyn and how we came to meet him ten years ago. In #NewsYouCanUse:Rapper Ice-T talks about how he almost shot an Amazon delivery worker confusing him for a trespasser. There is a production plan for a Whitney Houston posthumous album and a hologram tour. Nike pulls out latest design after being sued by the Panama indigenous Guna accused them of pirating. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we get Bobby Hill to sit down and tell us the life of the artist. He has sold art to Jay-Z and other illustration work, but he is a self-taught artist, who lives by passion, and is thankful for the ever support from the hood. But because this

  • TKAM #995 EllaMaeFlossie #MotivationMonday

    TKAM #995 EllaMaeFlossie #MotivationMonday

    20/05/2019 Duración: 01h35min

    Today we are joined by our friend and long-term family, Likwuid. Listen in to our conversation on the things people aren’t talking about and catching up on lost time. #MotivationMondayWe start out the show with some talk about house sitting. TK has some intel on picking the bed that’s best for you, and we have some words on buying things off a stoop. Don’t be fooled, fam, the second it’s on the street, the value has gone down. In #NewsYouCanUse:Arnold Schwarzenegger got kicked at a sports gala in South Africa, but won’t be pressing charges.The Australian PM who was hit by Egg Boy has officially been voted out of office. Kamala Harris issues a running plan to tackle the gender wage gap. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we sit down with Likwuid to talk about all her work, all her stories, and all the things that are coming. If you don’t know that we have family that’s doing amazing thing, you’re not paying attention. How good is this talk? It’s worth some good OT. Save the date and place, MoCAA in downtown Brooklyn,

  • TKAM #994 What Say You Gut? #AffirmationFriday

    TKAM #994 What Say You Gut? #AffirmationFriday

    20/05/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    You just had a week, and another is coming. What’s your action? What’s your step, what’s your work? Aim and go for what you want and let the rest arrive. We’re going higher and higher. #AffirmationFridayWe start out the show on clothes. Seriously, we just want decent clothes out here that fit well and don’t have all the unnecessaries. Also, remember that everyone has access to the same stores, so be unique, don’t wear unique. In #NewsYouCanUse:Internet meme, Grumpy Cat, has passed away due to renal complications. Kittens traveled across the country after stowing away in steel beam.Taiwan has become the first Asian country to legalize gay marriage. Nipsey Hussle has made his last video appearance in DJ Khaled’s video. Lamar Odom admits to his sex addiction in memoir. Farmer who gets trapped ends up cutting his own leg with a pocket knife.Uber to feature a mute feature for users who don’t want a conversation. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we go into the gut of affirmations with detox talk, self-care Sundays, and

  • TKAM #993 Nut Facials #NSFW #AirOutWednesday

    TKAM #993 Nut Facials #NSFW #AirOutWednesday

    15/05/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    Who should we throw nuts at?#AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show by realizing that we only have two Wednesdays show left, so get them out while you can. We also talk about the things that will come when we go into our indefinite hiatus. And because it’s Wednesday, we come in ready to air out. You lack communication and responsiveness? You get an air out. You wanna drag Kylie Jenner for clickbait without doing your research? You get an air out...and a nut. In #NewsYouCanUse:Alabama has outlawed abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. Study reveals that men have a biological clock that increases the risks for offspring after age 35.Research shows that the birthrate in the United States is at a 30 year low. Video goes viral after showing Texas police trying to arrest a black man in his yard with an unjustified warrant.Police shoot a pregnant black woman during run-in in Texas. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we take things into the spirit of air outs. Because there’s always those people that pop up and get that

  • TKAM #992 Heartbeat, Makes Me Feel So... #MotivationMonday

    TKAM #992 Heartbeat, Makes Me Feel So... #MotivationMonday

    14/05/2019 Duración: 01h26min

    Just when you think we couldn’t be more excited about starting this week, we got our friend, Ran, from Definitely Amazing, @DeffinitelyRAN, who came to share some great news. #MotivationMondayTK’s back in the studio. TK and Conscious recap their mother’s day. In #NewsYouCanUse:Ship seized by North Korea returned and inspected by US. “Heartbeat Law” banning abortion is spreading across the American South and Midwest.Alyssa Milano evokes sex strike for fight the abortion restrictions and gets backlash.Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams are fighting the heartbeat laws by donating money from the upcoming Lovecraft County.During #ChatroomCheckIn, we receive Ran for the great news. His show, Saturday Morning Cartoons, has been picked up by SeeMe TV. YES! We’re here to celebrate all our people!. Join the glow up, fight for your own. It’s a day to start. Save the date and place, MoCAA in downtown Brooklyn, May 30th, 2019 at 7PM. Live show for episode 1000. See you then, we got 8 left to go. #MotivationMonday@TKinTheAM is liv

  • TKAM #991 Rashid Amir - Graffiti Lips #AffirmationFroiday

    TKAM #991 Rashid Amir - Graffiti Lips #AffirmationFroiday

    14/05/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    Today we are joined by @RashhidAmir from Lost Art BK who is here to talk about his journey as an MC, as a solo artist, as a part of a larger project. #AffirmationFridayTK is still out of the city so it’s Conscious and Gemz on the mic again. Rashid is here to talk about his new solo album, Grafiti Lips and how the project came to be known. In #NewsYouCanUse:People in Tijuana are stealing barbed wire from the border wall and selling it for home security. Woman in upstate NY calls 911 and asks operator how to kill her boyfriend. Man killed by shark after surfing in banned area. Florida governor signs bill to arm teachers.CVS is closing stores nationwide despite its profits. Following the news, we get deeper with Rashid about Lost Art BK, the world of music, and the importance of pushing your own work. Creating is essential, seeing the project is a must. Save the date and place, MoCADA in downtown Brooklyn, May 30th, 2019 at 7PM. Live show for episode 1000. See you then, we got 9 left to go. #AffirmationFriday@TK

  • TKAM #990 From New York To Oakland #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    TKAM #990 From New York To Oakland #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    13/05/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    Today we are joined by friend and family, MC K-Swift (@MCKswift) who is visiting from the Bay Area. Together we’re out here talking about music, comedy, and all the things that should be talked. #AirOutWednesdayTK is still out of the studio, so Gemz is on the mic again. K-Swift joins us as we talk about his trip back to the northeast. Gemz airs out his friends for talking during a reading. Conscious retells a story about being in trouble in Christian school. In #NewsYouCanUse: Denver votes down the opportunity to legalize recreational mushrooms. Dave Chappelle awarded the Mark Twain Prize by the Kennedy Foundation.Secretary of Education aired out for saying teachers should protest during “adult time.”Around the time for #ChatroomCheckIn, we sit down and talk with K-Swift about the music festival, Oakhella and his music ( We also give another shout out to From Brownsville to South Africa, which you can support ( Help them because opening the world opens

  • TKAM #989 The Power of Reading #MotivationMonday

    TKAM #989 The Power of Reading #MotivationMonday

    06/05/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    Look for knowledge, look for better things, and appreciate the people you have in your life. Mondays are a day for reflection and aspiration. The week is starting, let’s do this. #MotivationMondayTK is out of the studio, so Gemz is filling in for her again. We start out the show on some art this weekend, movies, and why movie theaters should give good food. In #NewsYouCanUse: The royal baby, son of Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has been born. Kenyan Marathon runner is trying to break the two hour barrier. Streets throughout the United States have been named after Barack Obama and the Wutang Clan.5 students were injured in the state of Washington after bouncy house was picked up by a gust of wind. Burger King introduces Unhappy Meal as a marketing tactic to promote mental health awareness. During #ChatroomCheckIn we gave a shout out to all our listeners and promoted From Brownsville to South Africa, the project by listener Eric Jordan. Help expand young minds and support their GoFundMe below. And fina

  • TKAM #988 Reverse Juicing. #AffirmationFirday #podcast

    TKAM #988 Reverse Juicing. #AffirmationFirday #podcast

    05/05/2019 Duración: 01h27min

    Make today count. As yourself: Am I doing the best to live my better life? If the answer is no, then maybe today is when things start to take a new direction. #AffirmationFridayWe start out the show on some music and science. Conscious saw Steve Buscemi at a jazz joint. We also reflect on the old music scene left in New York. TK and our Bondfire Family member, Charlotte Michelle, went to a community lab and saw more about genetics and what makes us, us. In #NewsYouCanUse:Taylor Swift criticized for copying Beyonce’s presentation during Billboard Awards.The Olympics committee decided that Caster Semenya must lower her natural levels of testosterone in order to competeIt’s a day of discussion. We got feelings, we got thoughts, and it’s about time we kept the news away from poli-tricks. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we open the space to talk about working on yourself, decompressing, and treating every day as the best one. Affirmations all around, come thru. #AffirmationFridaySave the date and place, MoCADA in down

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