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  • TKAM #987 Dead Friends #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    TKAM #987 Dead Friends #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    01/05/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    Today we are joined by an old member of the Bondfire Family. @Dyalekt from Brunch & Budget is here to talk about financial literacy, his new projects, and all the things happening. #AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show with TK being a repeater. Conscious and TK talk about wellness from Therapy Tuesday. Dyalekt is here to talk about the nonsense happening in the world right now and all the things being done to distract us from what matters. In #NewsYouCanUse: 45 introduces Mike Pence to the navy, calling for them to clap “Like they’re at a strip club.”Chase Bank faces backlash over its monday motivation tweet.Study reveals that people interested in losing weight should not follow fitness influencers because of the lack of facts and researchFacebook to launch Secret Crush, their new dating app.Research reveals that more dead than living will be present on Facebook in the next 50 years. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we dive into the world of air outs, from self-medicating, to school uniforms, to rent traps. We

  • TKAM #986 Ratchet Happy Birthday TK #MotivationMonday #podcast

    TKAM #986 Ratchet Happy Birthday TK #MotivationMonday #podcast

    01/05/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    It’s TK’s birthday, and we’re out here celebrating. Join us and if you wanna get her something, donte to our Paypal and Patreon below, you could help us make more content. #MotivationMonday #30h8menowWe start out the show by recapping a weekend of birthday celebrations and eating. Shoutout to Voodoo from First Hand Bids Itself for throwing his wife a surprise carnival party. TK also catches us up with a talk about gut health. And Conscious talks about his art collection growing. We also give you a synopsis on the Marvel films from Gemz so you’re ready for Endgame. In #NewsYouCanUse:Woman hospitalized for crying too much during Avengers Endgame.Rest in peace, John Singleton, legendary director who we lose at age 51.Mayor in Edinburg, TX arrested for electoral fraud.Sri Lanka bans veils following church attacks.New Zealand grants permanent residencies to Christchurch survivors. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we go into more discussions on what the world is. Remember that change starts with you, and don’t forget to

  • TKAM #985 King Luck  Pabu #AffirmationFriday

    TKAM #985 King Luck & Pabu #AffirmationFriday

    01/05/2019 Duración: 01h34min

    Today we are joined by our friend, the beatboxing champ, Kid Lucky, now King Luck (@KingLuck777), and his loyal ferret, Pabu. We’re here to talk the years, to talk the story, and lift all the spirit (And get spicy). #AffirmationFridayWe start out the show on Bondfire Radio affirmations as the 1000th episode of TK in the AM approaches. There’s also new shows coming in, and we also have to decide what we’ll do after the landmarks. King Lucky and Pabu joins us and we talk about the old years back when he met us at the old studio and when he first met Conscious. In #NewsYouCanUse: Elizabeth Warren has plan for improving hospital conditions for Black mothers. Joe Biden announces his 2020 run for president, but has stated that Obama will not endorse him. Joe Biden did not obtain any forgiveness from Anita Hill. Executives have been indicted for their role in the opioid crisis. Following #ChatroomCheckIn we stick around with King Lucky to talk about opiates and enduring for a long journey. We finally end the show in

  • TKAM #984 Pickles Aint Bread Fam. #AirOutWednesday

    TKAM #984 Pickles Ain't Bread Fam. #AirOutWednesday

    24/04/2019 Duración: 01h26min

    Hey, fam, what’s got you mad today? Come through, air it all out, and leave on a better note. The week is just half over, we’ll help you carry through the rest. #AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show with food, and how you can get all sorts of ethnic food anywhere in Queens. Conscious is getting ready to tell all the stories. TK gives a long air out on why she doesn’t want to be the who organizes her birthday party. In #NewsYouCanUse:Florida Senate approves bill to arm teachers. Elizabeth Warren is in the race for 2020 with a plan to improve higher education and undo student debt. Houston Principal implements a dress code for parents to follow. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we go into an air out debate about pickle sandwiches and then leave you on even more air outs about gardening and parents being terrible to their kids. 16 episodes left before 1,000. Stay here and join us to the end. #AirOutWednesday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein app. Same day replays 7pm EST also

  • TKAM #983 Earth Day 2019 #MondayMotivation #podcast #imblackandipod

    TKAM #983 Earth Day 2019 #MondayMotivation #podcast #imblackandipod

    22/04/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    Have a relationship with the world, with nature, and your inner self. It’s Monday, you got a whole week to start living a better life. #MotivationMondayWe start the show off on some Easter talk. Seriously, what are we doing with all of those eggs. Conscious and TK also remind us to read into a movie before you watching, because some things could just be BAD. It’s also Earth Day, but be good to the planet all day. In #NewsYouCanUse: It’s Earth Day and we go into details about the possible ways we could be eco friendly. Bananas are under threat of extinction due to Panama crop disease. Washington approves the use of human remains for composting as a new funerary practice. Gorillas pose for selfies with anti-poaching members in DR Congo. During #ChatroomCheckIn we get a quick lesson on what a banana republic means. We also take a whole moment to talk about motivations, from being the only you, to just shouting blessings. We got seventeen shows left, but we’re going to take you there with all our power. #Motivati

  • TKAM #982 Master of Some? #AffirmationFriday

    TKAM #982 Master of Some? #AffirmationFriday

    19/04/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    We end the week on a powerful mode so we can lift you and carry you through the weekend. Scream it to the sky, you’re strong and won’t be put down. #AffirmationFridayWe start out the show with some talk about unplugging as Conscious discusses how good it is to be off the grid now and then. TK talks about the panel #UnionizethisPod, advocating for the rights of audio workers. Go to her Twitter @TastyKeish to see the story. In #NewsYouCanUse:UPDATE: pulls slavery ad, check out episode 981 for previous comment on this. First Female astronaut candidate, Jerrie Cobb, dies at the age of 88. OLD (But TK Science): Man grows pea plant in lungs. Coachella money is traced back to rich right-winger who stands against LGBTQIA rights.Netflix is planning to expand and create production hubs into NYC. New York State Attorney dismisses marijuana possession warrantsFollowing #ChatroomCheckIn, we get to some talking about chasing what you want. Don’t be limited by the outside, it’s up to you to make your affirmatio

  • TKAM #981 Rise of the Cassowary #AirOutWednesday

    TKAM #981 Rise of the Cassowary #AirOutWednesday

    17/04/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    We encourage you to just let that anger go. Be kind to yourself, release the unkind things. #AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show on a big question, where's Spring? Conscious also introduces us to the Mandela effect... assuming we remember it correctly. In #NewsYouCanUse: The Church of Notre Dame caught on fire and there is criticism on the donations that it gathered.The approval ratings for New Zealand's prime minister go up after her push for stricter gun laws. High alert in Colorado after young woman obsessed with Columbine showed up armed.Florida man killed by Cassowary bird he kept as pet.Ivanka 45 has a standing trademark and plotted commercial deals lined despite closing them. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we get straight to some air outs happening. Don't stay mad, let go of that nonsense, it's not worth the extra time.#AirOutWednesday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein app. Sameday replays 7pm EST also available on Apple Podcasts, GooglePodcasts, Spreaker, and Sp

  • TKAM #980 Guava Island Livin #MondayMotivation

    TKAM #980 Guava Island Livin' #MondayMotivation

    15/04/2019 Duración: 01h26min

    Twenty shows left before 1,000 and we’re going strong. If you haven’t caught up, there’s no better day than today. #MotivationMondayWe start off the show with creating. Conscious talks about his weekend of art, TK discusses the entrepreneurship in yoga. And the pet sitting weekend continues. We also sit down and review Guava Island, starring Donald Glover and Rihanna, tune in to see how many flames we give it. In #NewsYouCanUse:Yemeni bodega owners boycott the New York Post following their misrepresentation of Representative Omar.Following a racist tweet from 45, Representative Omar has seen a rise of death threats.Morehouse to begin trans men in the next year. The school founded by LeBron James shows higher results than previously expected. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we begin the discussion on how to make mindful life decisions. If you don’t know what to do, we’ll give you some help, but the rest is up to you. Life is a process, just go with the flow. #MotivationMonday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130

  • TKAM #979 #CelebrationOfNipseyHussle #AffirmationFriday #podcast

    TKAM #979 #CelebrationOfNipseyHussle #AffirmationFriday #podcast

    12/04/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    Life is rough. Don’t be afraid to feel how you feel. And when you’re done; keep going. #AffirmationFridayWe start off the show with a recap of Nipsey Hussle’s homegoing. LA and the whole country was moved for him, reminding us to always do the work, we might not see it, but it makes a difference. In #NewsYouCanUse:Stormzy cancels his appearance at Austrian music festival after being racially profiled. Brandon Harris, formerly convict becomes leader in the PA board of pardons. Suspect caught in burning Black Churches in Louisiana is deputy’s son.Georgetown school votes on plans for reparations due to its history as slave sellers. Following #ChatroomCheckIn we have a discussion on language. It’s e-prime and the dangers of absolutes, and then it’s the dangers of toxic positivity. Come through, learn a few things with us, and join the conversation. #AffirmationFriday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein app. Sameday replays 7pm EST also available on Apple Podcasts, GooglePod

  • TKAM #978 Cashless Society. #AirOutWednesday

    TKAM #978 Cashless Society. #AirOutWednesday

    11/04/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    It’s Wednesday, come and tell us why you’re mad so you can get over it and live a better life!#AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show on food as TK talks about a new Caribbean joint she checked out, prompting the question: What do we do when a great place is also in a gentrified neighborhood?In #NewsYouCanUse: Woman under fire for the racial insensitivity of her “clean” Chinese restaurant. Three-year-old gets their dad’s iPad locked for 47 years. Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union took their 11 year old son to Pride event to show their support for him.Netflix faces backlash over footage of walruses falling to their death on “Our Planet.”Netflix to buy the historic Egyptian theater in Hollywood. Following #ChatroomCheckIn we dive into air outs and a conversation on the push for a cashless society. Is the future happening, and should we embrace it or be a little suss about it?#AirOutWednesday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein app. Sameday replays 7pm EST also available on Ap

  • TKAM #977 Pessimism Begets Pessimism. #MondayMotivation

    TKAM #977 Pessimism Begets Pessimism. #MondayMotivation

    09/04/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    We’re in the last quarter before episode 1000! Come thru, enjoy what was six years in the making. Just 23 episodes left!#MotivationMondayWe start out the show with bunnies. Conscious is now pet-sitting and planning his next book. TK got disappointed with the amount of calories that bike riding barely burns. We also talk about why you shouldn’t let the elders have all the lambi they want. In #NewsYouCanUse:Rhino Poacher killed by elephants and eaten by lions. The Amazon divorce between Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos has been settled. DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen resigned her position. Netflix to raise prices in the US to $13Nearly 12,000 children exposed to HIV and Hepatitis from improperly cleaned dental equipment. Following #ChatroomCheckIn we remind you about the consequences of pessimism and why it’s important to stay motivated, even when things are not going well. It’s literally good for your health to be hopeful. #MotivationMonday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein ap

  • TKAM #976 Chopped And Schooled #AffirmationFriday

    TKAM #976 Chopped And Schooled #AffirmationFriday

    08/04/2019 Duración: 01h14min

    What are you doing to live your best life? Eat well, do well, live well. #AffirmationFridayIn #NewsYouCanUse:Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer to be represented by the prosecutor from the OJ trial.Lori Lightfoot, first openly gay black woman to become mayor in Chicago, called out. She’s not a friend by reputation.Coroner’s research reveal that Hart family crashed vehicle deliberately.Prince Harry wants to ban Fortnite because of the addictions he claims it causes.Teenager sold his X-Box in order to buy his mom a car. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we get through some affirmations going to pick up the energy out here. We also enter the new Twilight Zone and give it the two thumbs up it deserve. And finally end the show shouting up the work we’re all putting in. Keep at it. #AffirmationFriday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein app. Sameday replays 7pm EST also available on Apple Podcasts, GooglePodcasts, Spreaker, and Spotify!If you really like us, leave a review on Apple Podc

  • TKAM 975 Twenty-Five To Go! AirOutWednesday

    TKAM 975 Twenty-Five To Go! AirOutWednesday

    03/04/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    Let’s just get the bad things out of the way. Wednesday is to carry you to Friday, so let’s air things out so you’re ready for affirmations. #AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show today on some food with TK’s ghetto (hot water powered) microwave. Conscious is fasting again and talking about knowing yourself. TK is also having some strange, Stephen King book dreams while she’s pet sitting. In #NewsYouCanUse:A suspect in Nipsey Hussle’s murder has been caught. School district in Georgia to implement arming the teachers. Chicago elects the first Black gay woman as mayor of the city. The prices of avocados could soar due to the border tensions from 45’s policy. Following #ChatroomCheckIn we take the show down a spicy road. It wouldn’t be Wednesday without your grievances, from job nonsense, to a waitress that’s facetiming, and even some real fires. Come thru, it’ll be good for you. #AirOutWednesday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein app. Sameday replays 7pm EST also availab

  • TKAM #974 Is This Us? #MondayMotivation

    TKAM #974 Is This Us? #MondayMotivation

    01/04/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    Rest In Power Nipsey Hussle. Pick up his cross. RUNDOWN0:00 #SONG: Kool And The Gang - Fresh 4:42 #Intro: IG live, Conscious is done with people9:45 #SONG: Nipsey Hussle - Dedication (feat. Kendrick Lamar)13:15 #NewsYouCanUse: RIP Nipsey Hussle; 30:27 #CLIP: Nipsey Hussle35:20 #MotivationMonday: the efficient grind36:17 #NewsYouCanUse: Body cam footage revealed; islamophobia prayer; Joe Biden59:09 #SONG: Boosie - Ball 61:45 #ChatroomCheckIn65:32 #Us Review ⅘84:00 #SONG Bury A Friend

  • TKAM #973 On Being Hopeful. #AffirmationFriday #podcast

    TKAM #973 On Being Hopeful. #AffirmationFriday #podcast

    01/04/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    If you’re tired by Friday, then we don’t know what to tell you. We’re here to affirm it today and carry it through the weekend. #AffirmationFridayWe start out the show with some mild air out energy after Conscious got a terrible burrito from a cashless place. TK talks about healing and investing her social capital in a way that matters for herself. Also, on an early affirmation, we affirm good music for everyone. In #NewsYouCanUse:Facebook is making plans to ban any white supremacist and white nationalist content after seeing the link with hate crimes. Ben Carson’s HUD charges Facebook for discriminatory ads. Judge in Kings County in Brooklyn rules against city, forcing the government to return seized property to their Black and Latino owners.State of Illinois proposes bills to withhold tax credits for any production company who works with Jussie Smollett.Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we take things straight to an affirmational tone by discussing the ways we can be more hopeful. Just remember, take the advice a

  • TKAM #972 Druggin  Robbin Ni**@s #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    TKAM #972 Druggin' & Robbin' Ni**@s #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    28/03/2019 Duración: 01h31min

    Who got an air out? Pop your necks, loosen up, it’s time to tell the world why you’re mad as hell. #AirOutWednesdayWe start out the show by being with the shits. Conscious talks about the relationship between the art and the patreon. TK airs out her immune system for still being sick. In #NewsYouCanUse: Betsy Devos grilled by congress for defunding the Special Olympics. 2020 Candidate, Kamala Harris proposes plan to increase teacher’s salary based on increasing inheritance taxes. Duke University charged for faking research in order to get millions in grants. Krispy Kreme owners donate money after learning of their Nazi ancestry. Jussie Smollett has been released, all charges dropped, record expunged. Finally, after a long turnt up talk, we finish off the show with #ChatroomCheckIn and some air outs. We can only go as far as the show, don’t forget to keep the flame going. #AirOutWednesday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1130am EST on and tunein app. Sameday replays 7pm EST also available on

  • TKAM #971 Too Much Screen Time. #MotivationMonday #podcast

    TKAM #971 Too Much Screen Time. #MotivationMonday #podcast

    27/03/2019 Duración: 01h29min

    It’s clearly spring time, it’s clearly time to just go out and do the things you must. If you’ve been asking for a good day, why not make it today?#MotivationMondayWe start off the show with some Billy Joel in Long Island. Conscious tells us the story about the people he’s met; taking free coloring pencils from the street with a guy names Sneaks, from a guy referred to as Heroin Dude. In #NewsYouCanUse: Dr. Dre deleted a post about Lori Loughlin after fans call him out for being a USC donator himself. Felicity Huffman hires the crisis PR firm that worked for the Trayvon Martin case. The Muller Report has been turned in to the DOJ, no 45-Russian collusion has been found, but he is not off the hook. Amid the need for shipping, the cardboard industry is opening up factories again. New reports show that human interaction is decreasing due to the rise of technology.TK and Conscious sit down and have a discussion on technology. Is human interaction going away? Are we stuck in a Black Mirror episode? Maybe, there’s

  • TKAM #970 Hangover Takeover #AffirmationFriday

    TKAM #970 Hangover Takeover #AffirmationFriday

    22/03/2019 Duración: 01h44min

    Today we are are joined by the hosts of The Hangover Takeover Show (@THTpodcastshow), Juju (@jujuthemod) and Standby Gypsy (@Standbygypsy). It’s the two hosts meet the other two host. You don’t wanna miss this. #AffirmationFridayWe start out the show with a throwback to the spiciness of episode 969. Conscious talks about the things in his dreams, and sitting yourself down to think. And the guest of The Hangover Takeover are here to take the show. In #NewsYouCanUse: Dapper Dan is Gucci releases new sneakers that are meant to look used. Cardi B trade marks her catchphrase “Okurrr.”Teachers in Indiana were shot with pellets during active shooter simulation. New York Black Politicians are blocking marijuana legalization until there’s ethical care for the community. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we go into everyone’s affirmations before sitting down with Juju and Gypsy. Together we talk about the human side of creating, being a female-male duo, and the things we have learned over the years. This is a talk so good, w

  • TKAM #969 Black People Said. #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    TKAM #969 Black People Said. #AirOutWednesday #podcast

    22/03/2019 Duración: 01h28min

    Don’t let the stress bring you down. If it wears you down, air it out. Come thru and say it loud. #AirOutWednesdayWe start out spicy today. TK and Conscious have a Michael Jackson debate now that Leaving Neverland has become a topic. TK is getting used to the full-time work grind. Conscious is learning. In #NewsYouCanUseFox News to hire former DNC member, Donna Brazile. Wendy Williams is back with revelation that she’s been at a sober house for cocaine. Rapper Daniel Caesar goes on drunk Instagram rant, stating that Black people are too sensitive. Jess Hilarious gets aired out by the internet over bigot behaviour on a plane. Kodak Black makes problematic comments towards Young MA and non-fem presenting lesbians. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we finish off the show with spicy air outs. Friendly TK in the AM reminder: We got to hold our own accountable for their nonsense, look for the leaders you want, and if you’re going on someone’s podcast, do your research. #AirOutWednesday@TKinTheAM is live every M-W-F 10-1

  • TKAM #968 Neutralize Hate #MotivationMonday #podcast

    TKAM #968 Neutralize Hate #MotivationMonday #podcast

    19/03/2019 Duración: 01h34min

    We all need a friend to walk us through things sometimes, but that friend might not have it together. That’s why it’s called support. Get it together by sticking together. #MotivationMondayTK is back from her new position! She lets usd know how she’s adding to her best life. Plus a double TKinTheAM Review of Turn Up Charlie on Netflix, and Shrill on Hulu. In #NewsYouCanUse: Yale Dean to rescind applications that were bribed into the school. Greta Thunber, activist teenager, inspires many student to protest for climate change control.8-year-old refugee boy from Nigeria becomes chess champion in New York. Students of ethnic backgrounds unite and do a school lock-in to protest the failure of administration to address racial problems. Mass shooter in New Zealand struck two Mosques in hate inspired crime. Australian boy who egged racist politician gets thousands of dollars in support for his protest. Following #ChatroomCheckIn, we go straight into how we can neutralize hate in this crazy world. And then, in the sp

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