Matters of culture should matter to usbecause they matter to God. Hosted by Adam Griffin and Adam Hawkins, the Culture Matters podcast explores the intersection of faith and culture. Looking at everything from politics, art and entertainment to issues such as racial reconciliation and the sanctity of human life, we discuss what it looks like to live faithfully on missionin the world but not of the world.


  • #79 - A Woke Church?


    This episode takes a deep dive into the topic of race. We talk with Eric Mason about his new book, Woke Church, and Amy Julia Becker about her new book, White Picket Fences.

  • #78 - Immigration, Social Media Mobs and Toxic Masculinity


    The first episode of 2019 talks about current cultural topics, from immigration and the government shutdown to  social media mobs to the Gillette ad and “toxic masculinity.”

  • #77 - Truth, Goodness and Beauty in 2018


    We round out the year by talking about the best pop culture of 2018. The crew shares their favorite TV shows, movies, music and more.

  • #76 - To Online Date or Not to Online Date


    The world of online dating can be complicated to navigate—especially as a Christian. So should we even do it? And if so, how do we rightly use these apps and sites?

  • #75 - NextDoor, LeBron and Election Results


    We talk about how Christians should engage with their neighbors on the NextDoor app, what we can take away from the midterm elections, and loyalty versus individuality in the world of sports.

  • #74 - Human Dignity & Midterm Elections


    The Adams talk about human dignity with Vice President of the ERLC, Daniel Darling. They end the episode discussing how it should inform the way we approach politics and even the upcoming midterm elections.

  • #73 - Weird Science, Hacking Wars and Gospel Issues


    On episode 73, we talk about the Ig Nobel Prize awards, Russian hacking and the digital Cold War and what makes something a gospel issue.

  • #72 - Recovering the Lost Art of Reading


    The Adams discuss the lost art of reading and why and how we, as Christians, need to recover it. As a part of that, we also talk to Karen Swallow Prior and a few of our listeners.

  • #71 - Disruptive Witness


    On episode 71, we talk with Alan Noble, editor-in-chief of and author of “Disruptive Witness” about two major challenges facing Christians today: technology and secularism.

  • #70 - Scams, Blackkklansman and the Family Unit


    On episode 70, we talk phone and email scams, Spike Lee’s new movie “Blackklansman,” and why fewer people are having kids and what the Church should do about it.

  • #69 - Neighboring with Mr. Rogers


    We discuss the life and legacy of Fred Rogers with Morgan Neville, the director of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor, as well as what we can learn from Mr. Rogers’ hospitality both on and off the screen.

  • #68 - Juneteenth and Systemic Racism


    In light of Juneteenth, we discuss systemic racism and why the Church today should care. We’re also joined by Charlie Dates, senior pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in Chicago.

  • #67 - Our Culture Right Now


    We break from our scheduled guests to discuss three major topics affecting our culture right now—the legalization of gambling, abuse and the SBC, and Childish Gambino’s “This is America” music video.

  • #66 - Christians Can Laugh?


    What is satire and does it have a role in the Christian life? Kyle Mann, editor-in-chief for the Babylon Bee, joins us to talk about how our faith influences how we interact with comedy. We also discuss how far is too far when it comes to crassness and profanity labeled as comedy.

  • #65 - The Dehumanizing Effects of Technology With Andy Crouch


    Andy Crouch, author of The Tech-Wise Family, joins us to talk about how technology, masked as autonomy, is dehumanizing us and why it’s proper place is critical for our flourishing in the imago dei.

  • #64 - 50 Years Later – Martin Luther King Jr. and Racial Harmony Today


    We reflect on the influence of Martin Luther King Jr. and talk about racial harmony at The Village, discussing our latest single, “Walk With You.”

  • #63 - Creating and Engaging Culture as Citizens of God’s Kingdom


    Joined by our friends from the Knowing Faith podcast, we discuss the what, why and how of the kingdom of God and its implications for today’s culture.

  • #62 - Finding Courage in a World of Fear


    On this episode, we’re joined by Matt Chandler and David Roark to discuss their new book, Take Heart: Christian courage in the age unbelief, and how Christians can live in hope and courage in an increasingly hostile world.

  • #61 - Abuse of Power, Sexual Misconduct and #MeToo


    We’re back with a new season of Culture Matters. We discuss abuse of power, sexual misconduct, #MeToo and how the Church can lead the way in making a difference.

  • #60 - Movies, Movies, Movies and TV


    We wrap up the year with talk of Star Wars and how the series has influenced our view of the world. We also share our top five movies and TV shows of 2017.

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