Matters of culture should matter to usbecause they matter to God. Hosted by Adam Griffin and Adam Hawkins, the Culture Matters podcast explores the intersection of faith and culture. Looking at everything from politics, art and entertainment to issues such as racial reconciliation and the sanctity of human life, we discuss what it looks like to live faithfully on missionin the world but not of the world.


  • #99 - Things We Didn’t Get to Talk About


    The crew rounds out the spring season by talking about their favorite episodes and discussing topics they weren't able to cover this season. They cover everything from Christian freedom to public shaming to an analysis of culture through the lenses urban, suburban and rural.

  • #98 - Lord’s Gym: Faith, Health and Fitness


    The Adams are joined by Jamin Roller and Aina Carruth to talk about fitness and how Christians can steward their bodies in a way that is faithful yet distinct from the rest of the world.

  • #97 - Love Refugees as Yourself


    The Adams dive into things like how refugees are different than migrants, how this all relates to God’s heart for the vulnerable and what our role is as the people of God.

  • #96 - “The Second Mountain” with David Brooks


    Adam Griffin and Adam Hawkins have a conversation with author David Brooks about his new book “The Second Mountain,” which covers everything from faith and politics to vocation and character.

  • #95 - The Metanarrative of Marvel


    David Roark and Timothy Thomas join the Adams for an exciting conversation about the world of Marvel on episode 95 of Culture Matters.

  • #94 - Human Dignity and the Unborn


    Elizabeth Woodson and Rachael Rosser join the crew this week to talk about one of the most prevalent issues in our culture today—abortion. Episode 94 is a hard look at current political conversations and how Christians can take a stand for human dignity and the unborn.

  • #93 - The Evil Empire of Pornography


    On episode 93, the Adams are joined by Aszia Pearson of Pure Hope Ministries to discuss pornography and the sexual brokenness involved. What can the Church do to be a light in the darkness on this issue?

  • #92 - Is Christian Music Lame?


    The crew is joined by Isaac Wimberley (Wimberley) and Daniel Clay (South of Royal) to talk about Christian music.  

  • #91 - Theology of Culture: Restoration (Part 4)


    Adam Griffin, Adam Hawkins and David Roark are joined by Elizabeth Woodson for part four of the “Theology of Culture” series. This episode focuses on the biblical idea of restoration and how we see that play out in culture.

  • #90 - Jordan Peele, Nipsey Hussle & Hamilton


    Episode 90 is another cultural roundup—this time, the Adam Hawkins, Adam Griffin and David Roark are joined by guest Timothy Thomas to talk about Jordan Peele and his new move “Us,” Nipsey Hussle and Hamilton.

  • #89 - Sam Allberry on Myths about Singleness


    On this episode, David Roark and special guest Ryane Williamson chat with Sam Allberry about his book 7 Myths about Singleness.

  • #88 - Easter, Baseball and Minimalism


    On this episode, we do a cultural roundup and hit on some current topics and events, like Easter, Major League Baseball and minimalism.

  • #87 - Theology of Culture: Redemption (Part 3)


    In the third episode of the “Theology of Culture” series, the Adams are joined by Elizabeth Woodson to talk about redemption.

  • #86 - The Gift and Witness of Marriage


    This episode does a deep dive into the topic of marriage—particularly, Christian marriage and how it is both a gift and witness to the world. Adam Griffin and Adam Hawkins are joined by author, speaker and life coach BJ Thompson, as well as Ryan and Selena Frederick who run Fierce Marriage—a ministry aiming to help couples build Christ-centered marriages.

  • #85 - The Opioid Crisis


    This episode looks at the topic of addiction through the lens of the current opioid crisis affecting our culture today.

  • #84 - Theology of Culture: Fall (Part 2)


    Part two of the “Theology of Culture” series focuses on the fall. Adam Griffin, Adam Hawkins, David Roark and Elizabeth Woodson discuss how the realities of sin and evil have shaped culture throughout history and continue to do so today.

  • #83 - Theology of Culture: Creation (Part 1)


    This episode kicks off an ongoing series that will come and go throughout the year and will focus on a theology of culture. Episode 83 looks specifically at creation.  

  • #82 - Lenting and a Culture of Death


    On this cultural roundup episode, we talk about Lent and ways that culture can help us participate in this season well, as well as ways that our culture can make this hard. We also discuss our current culture of death—specifically as it relates to abortion.

  • #81 - The Discipleship of Disney


    This episode explores the magical world of Disney—the good, the bad and why this even matters for Christians.

  • #80 - God the Foodie


    Is God a foodie? This episode talks about the biblical significance of food and our cultural obsession with it.

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