Matters of culture should matter to usbecause they matter to God. Hosted by Adam Griffin and Adam Hawkins, the Culture Matters podcast explores the intersection of faith and culture. Looking at everything from politics, art and entertainment to issues such as racial reconciliation and the sanctity of human life, we discuss what it looks like to live faithfully on missionin the world but not of the world.


  • #59 - Hip-Hop and Artistic Insight With Jackie Hill Perry


    Hip-hop artist and writer Jackie Hill Perry joins us and shares the role of art in her story of gospel transformation. She and guest Jahmaol Clark discuss the relationship between hip-hop and the Church.

  • #58 - Christians and Politics


    We host U.S. Senator James Lankford and discuss his role in the political arena, the current political landscape, as well as how Christians can remain faithful.

  • #57 - Gaming for the Glory of God


    We talk with Richard Clark about video games, looking at their value and cultural influence, as well as how Christians should engage with and even play video games in a way that glorifies God.

  • #56 - How to (Not) Make Sense of Natural Disasters


    We talk about a Christian response, both theologically and practically, to natural disasters and hear a story from a Houston pastor whose church is walking through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

  • #55 - The Sin of Racism


    In light of Charlottesville and the racial divide in our country, we look at how the sin of racism is both personal and systemic. We also discuss the need to move from belief to action.

  • #54 - The Transgender Debate


    We’re joined by author Andrew Walker to discuss what the Bible says about gender identity and how to faithfully enter into the transgender debate.  

  • #53 - Real News, Fake News and the Good News


    We’re joined by a journalist and a journalist turned pastor to discuss how Christians should think think about news and media.

  • #52 - Home School, Private School or Public School?


    Education tends to be a divisive issue, but we share ways that Christians can be faithful whether they choose home, private or public education.

  • #51 - Life in the Spirit in a Time of Terrorism and Political Chaos


    Chatting with Mark Sayers, we reflect on the upheaval of the 21st century, from terrorist attacks to political confusion, and discuss a Christian view and response.

  • #50 - Celebrating and Passing the Torch


    We celebrate our 50th episode by chatting with Matt Chandler and Josh Patterson about transitioning the podcast. We also discuss the “why” behind Culture Matters.

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