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Authentic You, a podcast brought to you by the women of Jesus Culture. This show focuses on what it means to live an authentic lifestyle, and gives women a space to fully be who God created them to be.


  • Authentic You #54: Overcoming Disappointment


    Disappointment is hard and we all face it! Join SeaJay Liebscher and Erika Myburgh as they unpack what we should do when we think we deserve more, and we feel unseen or undervalued. Where we go to get courage and how we handle disappointment is important as we learn how to move forward in trusting God.

  • Authentic You #53: Goodbye Becky!


    SeaJay and Erika bid our fan favorite host, Becky Johnson, farewell, as they announce some exciting changes around our Jesus Culture Sacramento Church that involve her!

  • Authentic You #52: Lyndsee Rentfrow


    SeaJay and Erika are joined by Lyndsee Rentfrow, our Jesus Culture Sacramento Life on Life Pastor, to share about having a baby during quarantine, and her expectations of motherhood verses reality.

  • Authentic You #51: Deborah Giles


    Personal relationship with Jesus means that we can hear and know the voice of God in our lives, but it must be stewarded. You can’t know someone that you don’t talk to. Deborah Giles joins SeaJay and Erika to talk about the different ways we can hear God.

  • (REPLAY) Authentic You #14: When Our Dreams Come True


    This week on Authentic You, the ladies talk to special guest Co-Host, Katie Torwalt, on what it look likes when our dreams come true! Sometimes the reality of getting what we have been praying for, fighting for and waiting for is a lot different than we expect. This month’s discussion is raw and vulnerable, as we openly talk about the life shift that things like new babies bring, the up’s and down’s of success, and the real-life journey we are all on as we pursue what God has promised us. We hope you find encouragement and find yourself as you tune in!

  • Authentic You #50: Dealing with Anxiety


    We’ve all heard SeaJay share some of her anxious thoughts, and a bit of her story with anxiety. In this episode, SeaJay and Erika are joined by Allie Fantozzi, our newest member of the AY team, to talk about SeaJay’s journey through anxiety and how she deals with it.

  • Authentic You #49: Caitlin Zick


    Becky is joined by Caitlin Zick, Director of Moral Revolution, to discuss all things motherhood, friendship, career building, and of course, sex. Busyness does not make us significant, and giving yourself grace to be and do all the things is necessary. For more resources from Caitlin, visit her Instagram @caitlinzick or @moralrevolution

  • Authentic You #48: Holly Byrd


    Balancing life as a missionary, mother, and follower of Jesus is busy! Join the ladies as they chat with Holly Byrd about her journey through adopting kids, raising a family, obeying Jesus, and helping lead a global initiative.

  • (REPLAY) Authentic You #30: Forgiveness


    In case you missed it, enjoy this REPLAY episode of Authentic You! Jesus made it clear that forgiveness is an essential part of our spiritual life. But how do we practically walk in it day to day? Join the ladies as they dive into this topic sharing some beautiful examples that we hope adds peace to your relationships and ultimately your soul.

  • Authentic You #47: Guarding Your Heart


    Does guarding our hearts look like shutting people out or carefully stewarding who and what you let into your heart? In this episode, the ladies discuss how to balance boundaries, communication, and healthy relationships even in the face of disagreements. 

  • Authentic You #46: How We Trust In The Lord


    Putting our trust is the Lord is vital but not always easy. The AY team describe their own practices to recenter their trust on the Lord. We hope this episode encourages your own journey with trusting God more completely.

  • Authentic You #45: Managing Expectations


    Happy New Year!! In this first episode of the 2021, the ladies discuss their different ways of managing expectations. As you look ahead and dream about the coming year, we hope this episode helps you think through your own expectations and how to ultimately give them to the Lord.

  • Authentic You #44: Dealing With Disappointment


    In this episode, the ladies talk about disappointment and how to deal with life when it doesn’t go our way. We’ve all faced these moments before and have had to deal with feelings of anger, sadness, and grief. How do we do it in a Christ-centered way?

  • Authentic You #43: Character Before Gifts?


    The girls discuss the importance of developing character. It often means taking the long road and doing the simple things with excellence. It creates a strong foundation that the gifts of God can be built on top of.

  • Authentic You #42: Where We’ve Been; Life Updates


    Coronavirus, pregnancy and working out. The ladies give an update on where they’ve been the last few weeks and how things are going.

  • Authentic You #41: Listener Questions


    The ladies take time to answer your questions!

  • Authentic You #40: Conversations - Travel Stories


    Enjoy these hilarious stories about the craziness of traveling with children and living to tell about it!

  • Authentic You #39: Walking In Love


    In a time where our culture is navigating huge divisions, how do we continue to walk in love? Mask or no mask, we hope you enjoy!

  • Authentic You #38: When We Grow Up


    The ladies sit down to talk about their dreams and aspirations from younger days. Answering that age old question, what do you want to be when you grow up?

  • Authentic You #37: Leaning In To Hear God


    The ladies discuss the importance of paying attention to the little details of God speaking. Let’s not underestimate the power of sharing an encouraging word with someone the Lord puts on our hearts.

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