We, the Nilbog 5, put movies on trial. Our two prosecutors and two defense councils argue before the judge to convince him or her to rule in their favor. The judge hasn't seen the movie, so it's anyone's game. Will the judge rule in favor of the movie? Or will the judge dismiss the movie? Find out on Movies on Trial!


  • If Looks Could Kill Recap

    If Looks Could Kill Recap

  • If Looks Could Kill On Trial

    If Looks Could Kill On Trial


    This week the honorable Judge Jonathan deliberates on the 1991 Richard Grieco spy/comedy classic If Looks Could Kill.  Join us as Dr. Bealer and Jason defend this movie, positing (possibly) that it is a fine satire on both the movie genre and capitalism; while Brian and John contend (maybe) it is low-brow garbage at its worst. […]

  • Jingle All the way Recap

    Jingle All the way Recap


    The gang debriefs on Jingle All the Way.

  • Jingle All the Way On Trial

    Jingle All the Way On Trial


    This time the gang puts the Christmas classic/catastrophe "Jingle All the Way" on trial. Will Dr. Bealer talk about her woman's lit tramp stamp? Will Jonathan defend the film as Turboman? Will the new and improved sound make Jason's slurring any more coherent? All of these questions will be answered in this episode of "Movies on Trial."

  • Heaven’s Gate Recap

    Heaven’s Gate Recap


    On this epic recap, find out the answers to all of your unanswered questions: Did judge John Rice enjoy Heaven's Gate? Did Jonathan make the live recording of this recap? What would Christopher Walken sound like playing Hitler? All these questions and more are just a click a way.

  • Heaven’s Gate On Trial

    Heaven’s Gate On Trial


    This month the gang puts their legal expertise to the test in deciding if Michael Cimino’s three hour and forty-minute western, Heaven’s Gate, is an artistic piece of Americana or an indulgent piece of chicanery. Joined by special key witness Ann Podracky, and visited by the ghost of Reverend Applewhite, the honorable judge John Rice must decide the fate of this movie and if it gets the vaunted Movies On Trial recommendation.

  • The Hudson Hawk Recap

    The Hudson Hawk Recap


    Finally, the long awaited follow-up to the Hudson Hawk Trial. Will Judge Brian regret his decision to endorse this movie for watching? Will Dr. Bealer continue her insistence that the Hawk is anti-capitalist propaganda? Will the awkwardly edited parts with Jonathan be as awkward as promised? All these questions and more will be answered on […]

  • Hudson Hawk on Trial

    Hudson Hawk on Trial


    On our premier episode Dr. Bealer and Jason mount a defense for the infamous Bruce Willis flop, Hudson Hawk, while John and Jonathan point out its many flaws. Will judge Brian rule to recommend catching the hawk, or leave this film swinging on a star?