Rob Tissera & Friends



Rob Tissera teams with Sam Townend to delve deep into the history of dance music and beyond with special guest interviews featuring some of the biggest names from the House, Old School and Hard House music scenes.


  • Episode 001: Paul Taylor And Ian Bland

    06/04/2017 Duración: 01h36min

    Released ahead of the forthcoming 'Rob Tissera & Friends ' event on Bank Holiday Sunday 28th May 2017 at the Warehouse Leeds, Rob & Sam are joined by RETRO's front man Paul Taylor and Ian Bland (Dream Frequency / Dancing Divaz) to talk about making anthems, crying in the studio and drinking sweat from the roofs of clubs. For more information on the 28th May event in Leeds check out: download Rob Tissera's '25 Years Of Dance Music' podcast check out: