Eclectica is a very bellydance-inspired, diverse music podcast. Here youll find -all kinds- of music and unusual new forms of audio entertainment; designed to move the spirit, mind & body alike! From Rock to Reggae, Pop to Goth/Industrial, Trance to New Wave, Happy Hardcore to Jazz, R&B, Folk, Country, Middle Eastern, Indian + beyond- Eclectica has it all! So sit back & relax (or get up and shimmy) & come with me on a journey to explore music from all over the map!


  • An Extra Special Holiday Gift From Eclectica


    As a last little holiday gift from Eclectica to all of you out there, here's one final episode for 2013.  With the hopes of brightening up the season for dancers and non-dancers alike, I've compiled a selection of holiday music both chill and boisterous, traditional and unique that I hope you'll love. ^_^Thanks to Ariel Publicity & Podsafe Music Network for the vast majority of music here, and special thanks to Kiva and Jonah Knight, who gave their kind permission for me to play their music for you here.  Thank you all, so much.  Without you and resources like you, I would have nothing to spin for the good listeners out there, so thank you, thank you and thank you for your help in making this podcast possible. ♥♥ If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element. Click here to play in a new tab, or right click "Save As" to download the full show- for free!Band Names = Links to each band's official web site, where available).Song Names = Links to

  • Squee! Eclectica's Got a New Mic!


    Guess what..?  Thanks to a HUGELY generous holiday gift, Eclectica's sound quality has just been elevated to the next level of awesome! XD  I've just gotten a Blue brand, Silver Edition "Yeti" condenser microphone (which in levels of quality is out of this WORLD compared to the mic I was originally using), and  I am SO EXCITED to share the news with you! XD ..So what does that mean for the show, exactly..?  Well, it means that whenever you hear my voice on-air, the quality of the sound in the voiceovers will be much, much improved. XD  Woohoo!  *does a happy dance*  Below you'll find a super-quick recording to give you guys an idea of what's to come (not much mixing, leveling, etc.), but I hope you'll agree that the quality of Eclectica's production from here on out has just been improved by leaps & bounds. ^_^I hope you all had a marvelous New Year and holiday season, and that you come back soon and often to hear what's in store for Eclectica in the year to come! :

  • Hooray! Eclectica's Moved- Coast to Coast!


    Even though I've been sick, I wanted to put a show out for y'all, in honor of my successful move across the country, my utilities, internet and cable all being active & in working order (at last! XD), and in celebration of the great new place in which I find myself (with its marvelous bellydance community! :D).  With the move and everything going on -before- it, it's just been FAR too long since we've had a new show, so.. now that I finally can, I thought I'd whip up a joyous, up-tempo new ep of Eclectica. ^_^   (With plans of doing lots more on a far more regular basis in the coming months. ^_^)Featuring music from, Ioda PormoNet and, whether you dance in the office, on the way to work, in a classroom, on stage or just in your livingroom, this show is sure to inspire a shimmy or two- even if you're not a regular dancer. ^_^  Full of happiness, excitement for today, gratitude for yesterday and hope for the future yet to come, this show is FULL of lively, e

  • An Eclectican Holiday


    If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element Click here to play in a new tab, or right click Save As" to download the full show- for free!Good news! Eclectica's got its first holiday episode up and out! I've just put the 'cast together so I'll be getting you all the song list and every appropriate link after I coback from visiting with my family over the holiday. :) (Now sitting below! :D:D) For now, here's a new show to keep you entertained over the next few (hopefully wonderful) days!I hope you have a wondrous and joyous winter season; filled with warmth, laughter, fond memories to last a lifetime, & an over-abundance of love!Brightest of Blessings,DJ SelchieTrack List1. Anna Wilson - Yule Swing2. Jonathan Coulton - Podsafe Christmas Song3. Must be Tuesday - Merry Nondenominational Holiday4. The Nadas - Here Comes Christmas5. Jim Murphy - Carol of the Bells6. Tommy Harden - Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella7. Inner Splendor Celtic Christmas M

  • Eclectica v2, Ep.2! It Liiiiives!!! XD


    This episode is dedicated to the great Mr. Owain Phyfe, who has inspired me in so many ways since discovering his work now many, many moons ago.  The picture below is exactly how I remember him; the day I first plowed dreamy-eyed but determinedly through the VA Renaissance fair, to find out where that -enchanting- music was coming from.  And ever since, I have been positively captivated by his incredible voice, his passionate, unique creations, and his lyrical style.  To my knowledge, Mr. Phyfe was a self-taught musician, ancient & medieval linguist and surely, a scholar, and for that, he blows me away even more.Sadly, he passed this year due to pancreatic cancer, but his memory, through his artistry and pure, captivating music, will live on.  Thank you for your song, Mr. Phyfe.  You were the first and only real bard I think I've ever met, and you inspire me to this day.  ♥♥♥On a brighter note, I'd also like to give a shout-out to Madlenka,

  • An Eclectican Mother's Day; 2010


    Happy Mother's Day, Everyone!!!  An Eclectican Mother's Day, 2010Welcome one and all! There's little preamble needed for this episode, other than that I hope you enjoy this little musical tribute to mothers of all shapes, types, sorts & sizes (and hopefully that you do so with your mother. :)) There is some blues and a mother-daughter song put in here to send a "hello" out to my own mother, but there are also songs about Mother Earth and other types of mothers, as every mama is special. ^_^ May all of you have a splendid Mother's Day, and a big "thank you" to all the mothers out there, as well as all the fantastic people (male & female) who've done their own shares (if not moreso) of mothering in my life. :)I Love you, Mom.Yours Forever in Song,DJ Selchie♥Track ListPaul and Storm - Mother's Day SongMean Gene Kelton and the Die Hards - Sweet Mother BluesLance Larson - Happy Mother's DayKevin Reeves - MotherEzra Thomas - Momma's Song (or the Mother's Day Song)Roscoe Chenier - A Mother's Love



    Ladies and gentlemen, beautiful bois and grrls, I am INSANELY pleased to announce that THE FIRST NEW EPISODE OF ECLECTICA IS NOW OFFICIALLY ALIVE AND KICKING!!! ^_^In this first, brand new episode, the show is ALL about bellydance!  In fact, this show is dedicated to all the amazing dancers in my life, as well as every single amazing dancer out there; male or female, big or small, young, old, able-bodied or otherwise, who is moved and inspired by this incredible, empowering artform. ^_^  To every single one of you; you guys ROCK.  This is for you. ♥♥♥ ^_^-And in honor of that artform (which has basically, blessedly, eaten my brains ;)) I've structured this first show a little like a bellydance class- or a multi-faceted Middle Eastern Dance show. :D  So.. without further ado- here goes!  On with the show! ^_^ If you cannot see the audio controls, your browser does not support the audio element (Click here to play in a new tab, or right click "Save As" to download the full show

  • Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig Oraibh - A CeltiSode!


    CeltiSode 2010!Happy (Belated) St. Patrick's Day, Everyone!!First off, let me please humbly apologize for the HUGE delay that this episode has weathered. Thank you so much for your patience! I truly hope you find the show well worth the wait. :):) Whether you hear this on St. Paddy's itself or tune in during any other time of the year, I hope this day brings nothing but joy to you and yours, and that you enjoy this slightly super-sized episode as much as I do. (And that's after listening to it a million times during its arrangement, so that's saying something! ;D)This show is chock-full of fantastic music, made by some unbelievably skilled & gifted musicians! Some of this is work I've collected over many, many years (through places like myriad renaissance festivals, Thistle & Shamrock shows, and a good few Celtic festivals), while other pieces were acquired more recently; explicitly for play on this show. Celtic music has been a part of my heart for as long as I can remember, and I hope its soulf

  • The Magic of the Harvest Season


    Eclectica's Faerie HarvestHappy harvest season, everybody!In honor of so much faerie-influence being present in my life, I've centered the next few shows on the world of Faerie, and I really hope you enjoy the music featured! It's a delight for me to share this music with you, and I hope you find just as much magic in it as I do. :)Whether you're into celebrating Hallowe'en, or prefer to just sit around the table with your family and friends for a good old Thanksgiving dinner, I hope this latest episode of Eclectica finds you well! For "many longs" as my grandmother would say, I've had the next few episodes in the works; so instead of blabbing all over the place here, I'll simply let the next (and long-time coming) episode of Eclectica speak for itself! Here's to a marvelous Turkey Day, more things to be thankful for than you could ever possibly count, and an All Hallows Eve that's nothing but pure magic!Track Listing:1. Caprice - Enter Laoris2. Elvendrums - Walking in the Woods3. The Gypsy Nomads - The

  • Giving Props Where Props are Due


    I've been wondering about what happened to a favorite local DJ whom I no longer hear on the radio anymore, so tonight I decided to go research what was up. Un/Fortunately I found a site that discussed the problem; a station-wide "transition" from one format to another, and it inspired me to write this in response...It also reminded me of why Eclectica exists, thus I thought it only right to mention that here, and give proper credit where credit is due. :)Download Eclectica Props Here* * * * * * * * *

  • Eclectica's Got a New E-Mail, Plus a New Companion Page!


    Download the blurb about E's new info here. :)From now on, if you'd like to contact Eclectica's hostess & resident creatrix (the wondrously bizarre miss DJ Selchie), you can do so via a brand new e-mail address! was just too long, complex n' hard to spell, so in order to facilitate greater hostess-listener interaction, a new gmail account has been created!!The new e-mail account is already live (up & working), and the old one will be for at least a few weeks, just in case. But from here on out, if you want to get in touch w/Eclectica's host, you can reach her w/your ideas, comments, constructive critiques, tips and other information (such as music submissions) at! ... Woot!Plus, since Google gives every new e-mail account a BlogSpot account to boot (aren't they nice?), you can also find Eclectica's new companion site @!"What's there" you ask? Easy! That's where you'll find a little bit about your hostess, a

  • A Sickly Apology for the Saint Paddy's Day Show's Delay


    A Sickly Apology for the St. Pat's Show's DelayGreetings everyone! Unfortunately I'm sick as crud atm, and that's delayed the production on the Celtic/St. Paddy's Day show. :( Please forgive me for this delay, but know that as soon as I no longer sound as if I've been gargling gravel and can finish a sentence w/o coughing, I'll get back to recording my voiceover portions of the podcast; so it will be live and active and ready to go! I have a HUGE show planned for you, chock -full- of great music and stupendous musicians that I truly hope you'll agree to be worth the wait. ^_^ (Plus, they'll have less talking than has been heard in previous eps, so you can just get right to the music!)Until then, please enjoy this one silly selection from Brobdingnagian Bardsman Marc Gunn, as well as this snippet's lovely background music by Poitin! (Whose name I was not even about to try mangling on air. ;)) Both are graciously made available by Marc and the many wonderful bands at, and I can't wait to p

  • Episode 7: Audible Anomalies


    Eclectica Episode 7: Audible AnomaliesI've been sitting on this episode for a bit; trying to decide whether or not to publish it as-it was when I first "finished" it, on the night of its creation. Since my microphone woes have not quiiite yet been resolved (though a remedy is fast approaching on the horizon- with the help of UPS ;)), it occurred to me to try something new for a change, and put a little twist in the mix. What exactly? Well, I thought I might let my screen reader speak for me this time, as our temporary show announcer! ^_^ I thought it'd be something neat, new and unique, you know?But in the end, I decided to go with the advice of a more seasoned podcaster. Therefore, in lieu of letting Jorgan the Electronic Voice Announcer speak up for me (to save you all from having to bear with my cruddy microphone), I chose to re-produce it, w/my own (hopefully pleasing & endearingly oddball) voice. :)As for the rest of the show's content; a couple of weeks ago I got a "bee in my bonnet" to sudden