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  • DHI Sessions 35 - 7 Years Edition

    12/06/2021 Duración: 01h36min

    7 years of Deep House Infections mixes, if you are new here, this mix sums up how far we have come.A selection of my New and old of my favourite tracks1. Mthero De Beat - Intro2. Ivan Garci - Sunset Melodies 3. Tim Green - Moss [All Day I Dream]4. Miraval - Violet Cloud (Original Mix) [Hoomidaas]5. uMngomezulu - iKhambi The Cure 6. Rashid Ajami - You Don’t know Me (Madraas Remix) [Tale & Tone]7. Âme - Engoli [Sonar Kollektiv]8. BNinjas - Evidence (Original Mix) [Deep House Cats SA]9. Deepscript - My Presence Does Not Matter (Original Mix) [DeepWit Records]10. Ian Sage - I’ll Be Waiting (Original Mix) [Deep House Cats SA]11. Artyom Kozlov - Saunter [MixCult]12. Microlot - Outlier [Seven Villas Music]13. Nicolas Barnes - Elona [MixCul Records]14. Mielafon - Chicago [MixCult Records]15. Sepp - De Pe Drum [LOK Records]16. Taxi - People Come Runnin’ (Needs Remix) [INFRAcom!]

  • DHI Sessions 34 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    24/03/2021 Duración: 01h10min

    In Melodic House we feel.... Artist - Title [Record Label]1. Mthero De Beat - Intro2. Anderholm - Sunflower (Original Mix) [This Never Happened]3. Jody Wisternoff & James Grant - Nightwhisper (Original Mix) [Anjunadeep]4. Gorje Hewek - Vecher (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]5. Pablo Bolivar - Cunna (Powel Remix) [Seven Villas Music]6. Seraphine - Another Boring Love Song (Alvaro Hylander Remix) [Deepwit Recordings]7. SGVO - Indestructible (Original Mix) [Deep House Cats SA]8. Ou, Basko - Pollen (Original Mix) [Deep House Cats SA]9. Heavenchord - Inner Waves (Original Mix) [GreyScale]10. Contours - Returning (K15 Remix) [ANMA]11. Delano Smith - Ancestors (Deep Mix) [Kolour Recordings]12. Reference - The best day in Detroit (Original Mix) [Planet E Communication]13. Double Touch ft. Reigan - Greatest Day (Lost Desert Remix) [All Day I Dream]14. Reagan Ruler - Back 4 More [Soulstar Records]

  • DHI Sessions 33 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    02/01/2021 Duración: 01h08min

    Happy New Year to all, Something diffrent for this episode. Condolences for those who have lost loved ones in this pandemic, Remember to stay safe wash your hands and keep it deep.Artist - Title 1. Melquíades - Avlemonas (Original Mix)2. Lazy Luke - Misunderstood3. Flieder - Blubberblase4. Helly Larson & Miss Disk - One Day (Original Mix)5. Mr Luu - Sweet (Original)6. Arnaud D, Heidi Vogel - I Wanna Take You There Feat. Heidi vogel7. Anette Party, Anita Coke - Moreno8. Cathy Battistessa & Scott Diaz - You & I (Original Mix)9. Tidy Daps - Annihilating Rhythym (Original Mix)10. Vertigini - The Shrimps (Original Mix)11. Quart - Inspiration (Richard Earnshaw's Inner Spirit Extended Mix)12. Gorje Hewek & Richards Davis - They Love you (original Mix)13. Silver City - Bogotà (Original Version)

  • DHI Sessions 32 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    28/11/2020 Duración: 01h04min

    Artist - Title [Record Label]1. Mthero De Beat - Intro2. Deepofomin - Epochal First [MixCult Records]3. Alexander Bogdanov - Mercury In Retrograde [Spclch]4. Ezeo - Taught To Hate (BioHazard People's Soul2Soul Remix) [Deepwit Records]5. Alexander Bogdanov - Dark Cornflower Blue [Spclch]6. Luu97deep - Zebra (Original Mix) [Deep House Cats SA]7. Demuja - Peggy [Demuja]8. DJ Aakmael - Smoothie (Norm Telly Remix) [Release sustain]9. LYP - Looking for Something (Original Mix) [Deepwit Records]10. Miki, Soulfreqtion - Feedom (Luu97deep Remix) [Deep House Cats SA]11. Tim Green - Sea Paradise (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]12. Jody Wistermoff - Morning U (Izhevski Ruvenzori Extended Mix) [Ajunadeep]To wrap up the year 2020, Enjoy.

  • DHI Sessions 30 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    03/09/2020 Duración: 01h24min

    DHI Sessions 30 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat1. Mthero De beat - Intro 2. Hobie - j'Accuse3. Heavenchord - Sleepwalker4. Caddar - False (Alvaro Hylander remix)5. Nicholas Baasi - Out of my Head (Original Mix) 6. Mundos Suitis - Charator 7. Du Beats - Buckets (Original Mix)8. Peme - Dark Baltic9. Dj Ndo-C - Lost Images (Original Mix)10. Paul2Paul - Back Light (Original Mix)11. Schulz Audio, Heavenchord - Fata Morgana (Heavenchord redub)12. DP-6 - Urban Silence13. Jelly for the Babies - Pepleuaria (Original Mix)

  • DHI Sessions 29 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat [After hours]

    11/06/2020 Duración: 01h20min

    DHI Sessions 29 - Mixed By Mthero De Beat After Hours 1. Mthero De Beat - Intro 2. Wolo - Be Greatful (Original Mix) 3. Vian Pelez - Backward Glance (Original Mix) 4. Sebbe - Radio 2000 (Pat Lezizmo Remix) 5. Narcotic 303 feat. Seian J. - I don't know why 6. DJ Ndo-C - It's In The South (Frederick Alonso Remix) 7. Diz, Iz - Mouth (Brad Peep's Remix For Friends) 8. Thorne Miller - All Of You (Nuno Estevez Remix) 9. Miro Pajic - Demon Kiss (Duky's Condemned Remix) 10. Heavenchord - World Of Echo (Original mix) 11. Faserklang - Theta Waves 12. Kirill Matveev - Nanny in Leningrad (R.Hz Remix) 13. Thabang Baloyi - Separation (Original Mix) 14. Modd - Soulful a Flight (Original Mix)

  • DHI Sessions 28 - Guest Mix by Goizen [Vinyl Only]

    01/04/2020 Duración: 01h10min

    An Exclusive Vinyl mix by Goizen on DHI Sessions. Artist - Title [Record Label] 1. Neuronphase - Sawdust [Deep Inspiration Show Records] 2. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes - Empty Paradise [Atjazz Record Company] 3. Detroit Swindle - Wado Baya [AUS Music] 4. &Me - After The Dark [Keinemusik] 5. Bodox003 - Love [Bobby Donny] 6. Dennis Ferrer - Love Can Damage Your Health [Objektivity] 7. Lee Burridge 'n Lost Desert - Aim [All Day I Dream] 8. Savvas - A Rush Of Feelings [Kilk Records] 9. Andrey Pushkarev - Piceo Abies [Circus Company] 10. Vandal - Let them try [POMF] 11. Unknown - A1. Ligai [Unknown] Follow Goizen on Facebook:

  • DHI Sessions 27 - Kya Sands Edition [Vinyl Only]

    22/03/2020 Duración: 01h05min

    Due to the COVID - 19 and social distancing, I have prepared my one hour slot I played in Kya Sands, Johannesburg. Moko's Kitchen meets Vinylifestyle pop-up Vinyl Sessions #004 Sat 14 March 2020 Line Up 2-3pm - UMngomezulu 3-4pm - Mthero Dé Beat 4-6pm - Vuyolwethu Ntshinga & Bizah 6-7pm - NX - Khul 7-8pm - Mokgalabone Snow 8-9pm - Mandla Xakaza #Mr Nervous 9-10pm - Mr Blanket DJ 10-12:00 - Back2Back Kya Sands Sports Bar Randburg, Johannesburg

  • DHI Sessions 25 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    10/12/2019 Duración: 01h17min

    DHI Sessions 25 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat The Separation Edition Artist - Title [Record Label] 1. Mthero De Beat - Intro 2. Gable & Grant - The Stop [The Lauren Bacall] 3. Faserklang - Alpha Waves [Deeptakt Records] 4. Gable, Grant, Harlow - Tableau [The Lauren Bacall] 5. Zgomot - Celestial Beings (Echoton Remix) [spclnch] 6. Magik Deep Ft. Tinnie T - Mechanics of Intonation [AfroMove] 7. Synth-O-Ven - Beautiful Struggle (Original Mix) [Deep House Cats SA] 8. Nodo feat. Mule (ARG) - Viento [Canopy Sounds] 9. Kruglenko - Crisp [MixCult Records] 10. Lisandro - Lands Cape [Seven Villas] 11. UMngomezulu - Clouds Of Loneliness [Vinylifestyle] 12. Azteca - Close Embrace [MixCult Records] 13. Maclab - Outside [spclnch] 14. Mastra, Beda – SVC - 350 [MixCult Records] 15. Volen Sentir - C.a.m. (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream] Enjoy.

  • DHI Sessions 24 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    08/11/2019 Duración: 01h16min

    DHI Session 24 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat The Sad edition Artist - Title [Record Label] 1. Mthero De Beat - Intro 2. Ivan Garci - Funny [Vlosfer Records] 3. UMngomezulu - Reflective Nostalgia [Vinylifestyle] 4. Jayden Klight - Come Clean [Seven Villas] 5. Liem, Johan Kaseta, DJ Assam - Kord Dreyer (Original Mix) [LEHULT] 6. Brickman - Zero Gravity [Lucidflow] 7. Helly Larson - Haven (Original Mix) [Plastic City] 8. Maclab - No Change [spclnch] 9. Upwellings - Illusory Fog (Kooscha Remix) [spclnch] 10. Brickman, Kirill Matveev - Once Pegasus Lost the Lightning (Kirill's Retouch) [MixCult] 11. Frederick Alonso - Ona (Original Mix) [DeepWit Recordings] 12. Dwson, SGVO - Late Nights (Original Mix) [Stay True Sounds] 13. Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak - I Miss The Things (Slotta Remix) [Deeper Shades Recordings]

  • DHI Sessions 23 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    31/08/2019 Duración: 01h19min

    DHI Sessions 23 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat Artist - Title [Record Label] 1. Mthero De Beat - Intro 2. JVXTA - Suzuki Dreams [HardMatter] 3. Rony Breaker, Shyam P - Get My Mind Right (Crackazet Remix) [Sub_Urban] 4. Anton Lansky - Goodchild [Seven Villa Music] 5. Kooscha - Deep Koamaru [splchn] 6. Francisco Aguado - Sea of Clouds [Seven Villa Music] 7. Ercos Blanka - 36h [Seven Villa Music] 8. Dmitry Stelmakhov - Road to Sunset [MixCult] 9. D’Joseph, Fred - Martini (Shaf Huse Remix) [Cr2 Records] 10. Kamosoul - Calm Storm (Original Mix) [Afro Move] 11. Mayssam, Martin Aquino - Gibran [MixCult] 12. Mintz - Over The Past Year [Seven Villa Music] 13. K15 - Communion (Original Mix) [WotNot Music] 14. Brickman - Meditation [MixCult] 15. Nacho Valera, Cruz Vittor, Nauel - Underworld (Volen Sentir Remix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]

  • DHI Sessions 22 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    10/08/2019 Duración: 01h10min

    DHi Sessions 22 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat Deeper Mentalist sounds Artist - Title [Record Label] 1. Mthero De Beat - Intro 2. Loure - Vue [Noire & Blanche] 3. Brickman - Seashore (Original Mix) [MixCult Records] 4. SGVO - Dwellings (Original Dub) [Deep Clicks] 5. Heavenchord - Eventide (Original Mix) [Ubertrend Records] 6. Kirill Torno - Stretch Time [Hello Strange] 7. Helly Larson - City Park (Original Mix) [Tronic Soundz] 8. Thabo Getsome - Third Culture [Get Physical Music] 9. Sensual Physics - Garden of Apples [Seven Villas Music] 10. Kirill Matveev - Nanny In Leningrad (Original Mix) [MixCult Records] 11. Heavenchord - After Midnight [Ubertrend Records] 12. Ossaim - Trickster [Get Physical Music] 13. J Black & Alex Winter - Everlast (Original Mix) [DeepWit Records] 14. Cornucopia - The Day You Got Older and Stronger (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]

  • DHI Sessions 21 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    02/07/2019 Duración: 01h41min

    DHI Sessions 21 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat Dub in my Shoes Artist - Title [Record Label] 1. Mthero De Beat - Intro 2. JVXTA - My Love [A-Z Records] 3. Adam Strömstedt - Redfern [KANN] 4. SGVO - Dreaming In The Dark (Original mix) [Deep House Cats SA] 5. Radic The Myth - 44 Velvet Hats [Laboria Park] 6. R.Hz - Dusk [spclnch] 7. Moodymann - Got Me Coming Back Rite Now [Moodyman] 8. Helly Larson - The Way Of The Deep [Lucidflow] 9. Francisco Fuentes - Pale Carmine [spclnch] 10. Khutšo Chuma - Spiritual Rumble 11. Radic The Myth - Tommy Machines (Lost In Virgo Mix) [Laboria Park] 12. Dj Rou - 4Phenia (Original Mix) [Bosconi Extra Virgin] 13. M-Voice - Sleepless Nightflow [Im-Moral] 14. LELANGA - Flight 122 (Thorne Miller Remix) [Just Move Records] 15. Brickman - Illusions (Original Mix) [Lucidflow] 16. Ezeo - Dopamine (Frederick Alonso Remix) [DeepWit Recordings] 17. Modd, Hosini - Swallow's Nest (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep] 18. Gorje Hewek, Izhevski & Lost Desert - Yurta (Original Mix) [Shanti Radio Moscow]

  • DHI Sessions 20 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    31/05/2019 Duración: 01h17min

    In Deep we Believe. ######## Warning Deep House Content ######### Artist - Title [Record Label] 1. Mthero Dé Beat - Intro 2. Space Ghost - Farewell Fade [Tartelet Records] 3. Kerem Akdag - Isolated (Original Mix) [Dimensions Recordings] 4. UMngomezulu - Drawn Out Of Deep Waters (Original Mix)[Vinylifestyle] 5. DJ Assam - Rachael [KANN] 6. Helmut Ebritsch - Flamingo Park (Helly Larson Remix) [Sofa Sessions] 7. Anton Kubikov - North - South [Seven Villas] 8. Kooscha - Self Aware [spclnch] 9. Shaf Huse - Plastique (Original Mix) [Innocent Music] 10. Black Light Smoke - City Life (Original Mix) [Scissor & Thread] 11. Helly Larson - Lighthouse (Original Mix) [Plastic City] 12. Rings Around Saturn - The Edgelands [Voyage] 13. Kooscha - Distant [spclnch] 14. dreamAwaken - Devenir feat. Migova [Seven Villas] 15. Anton Kubikov - Echoma [Seven Villas] 16. Amonita - Orchid (Original Mix) [Akbal Music]

  • DHI Sessions 19 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    10/05/2019 Duración: 01h36min

    We're in too Deep ... Track List Unavailable

  • DHI Sessions 18 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    30/04/2019 Duración: 01h15min

    DHI Sessions 18 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat Track list unavailable

  • DHI Sessions 17 - Guest Mix Mr. Blanket (Vinylifestyle, JHB) [Vinyl Only]

    18/03/2019 Duración: 01h02min

    DHI Sessions 17 - Guest Mix Mr. Blanket (Vinylifestyle, JHB. SA) [Vinyl Only] In 2019 we have an exclusive Guest mix from Mr. Blanket, Mr. Blanket has grown to be a good friend of mine our 1st encounter was back 8 years ago in Melville, Johannesburg South Africa where he was the last DJ for the Night, how that Club was brought to a standstill with his musical selection was impeccable. Mr. Blanket is not only known for as a DJ and being a Club rocker he's an ambiance director & music pastor who can blend and infuse Soulful House with Afro beats, his sounds varies from Soul, Nu-Disco all the way to Tech House, He’s also been a Resident DJ from Adfab Sport bar in 2005.. Divine Lounge in 2006, Cappelo in Gandhi Square in 2009, 12 Decade Hotel Rooftop Bar 2012 and many years after till Date in Kitchener’s in Johannesburg. Mr Blanket has also been loving, teaching & sharing music from Phezulu Records, Vinyl Joint, Naked Grooves and now is one of the Co-Owners of Vinylifestyle Rooftop in Johannesburg CBD. Viny

  • DHI Sessions 16 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    19/10/2018 Duración: 01h04min

    DHI Sessions 16 Stage 4 Infections of Deep Mixed: Mthero De Beat Artist - Title [Record Label] 1. Pépé Bradock - Deep Burnt (GlitzNoize Vocal Edit) [N/A] 2. Langenberg - Groove 26 [Dessous Recordings] 3. Inno Sacred - Extraction (Original sin) [Sacred Grounds] 4. Scherbe – Big Dipperz [O*RS 1900] 5. Lars Behenroth - Ice on the Sun [Freerange Records] 6. MOODYMANN - Nuttn But Magic [Mahogani-music] 7. Deep Mayer - Alone in Russia [Just Move Records] 8. Takuya Matsumoto - Be [Meda Fury] 9. Anthony Fade - Creepin [Shall Not Fade] 10.Pierre Johnson - Movin'on [Just Move Records] 11.Tazzmo Olifant - Don't Know What To Do (Original Mix) [Heart N Soul Records] 12.Ivan Garci - Sunset Melodies [Vlosfer Records]

  • DHI Sessions 15 - Guest Mix uMngomezulu (Vinylifestyle, JHB. SA)

    12/09/2018 Duración: 01h02min

    DHI Sessions 15 - Guest Mix uMngomezulu uMngomezulu was also known as DeepLand has blessed us with his exclusive Guest Mix for DHI Sessions, uMngomezulu's music experience started before i meet him, this is more than 15 years now, a friend of mine that we grew up listening to the finest in Deep House. He has done remixes for major recording labels which you can catch on Traxsource He went and released an album in 2010 which had fantastic tunes, the album entitled Deepland - Presents Deep Inside, of which i featured in my mixes in the year 2011, Mixtape entitled "Soulistic Session 3" for the album, check out the link below. Now in 2018 he's a Co-Owner of Vinylifesyle Rooftop that Sells Dj Merchandise in Johannesburg, South Africa. One of the most successful underground growing movements in our lifetime. Vinylifestyle has had the most biggest and respected Producers and Djs from Intern

  • DHI Sessions 14 - Mixed by Mthero De Beat

    06/07/2018 Duración: 01h11min

    DHI Sessions 14 Mixed by Mthero De Beat BPM 118 For the Love of Deep House 1. Marco Nega - Intromental (Original Mix) 2. Nuno Estevez - Waves (Original Mix) 3. Lars Behrenroth - The Tryout 4. Sasha Virus, Richie Smiles - Feel the Rhythm (Scott Diaz Remix) 5. Black Loops - French Affair 6. Christophe Salin - Dreams Sometimes Come True 7. Trepid - To Somewhere 8. Hustache - Wrong 9. Mohig - Searching For Barong (Till von Sein Remix) 10. Donna Allen - He Is The Joy (Rocco Undergroud Mix) 11. Daniele Dovico - All I Need (Scott Diaz Grand Plans Mix) 12. Christerk - Ancient (Original Mix) 13. Christophe Salin - Can You Pay My Bills Enjoy.