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  • Yarn Audio Podcast #15 – Ikpathua (2019)

    27/10/2019 Duración: 44min

    Yarn Audio’s 15th podcast was mixed by Ikpathua (@ikpathua), a London based producer and DJ who previously released on Noorden (@noorden)and just recently released a limited edition tape on Cong Burn (@cong-burn) together with Anxiety Support Group. Ikpathua has been active as a DJ and record-collector for over 20 years, but didn’t start making music until about 8 years ago when his brother moved to Panama and left him all of his studio equipment, including a couple of gems (MC-202, and an Echopet Delay). Make sure to have a listen at his recent Cong Burn tape, which features a 30 minute stream of unreleased Ikpathua gems. Tracklist: ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ – Input OL – Wet Paint (Gost Zvuk) Gohan – Onlookers Murmur (Peur Bleue) Babe Roots – Jah Nuh Dead (Forest Drive West Remix) (EchoChord) Shedbug – Siren (Flux) Livio Improta – Vient (Kapvt Mvndi) Flaty – Init Ignit(Soda Gong) Neuroshima – Scanner (All Caps) Ikpathua – Galactic Boogie (unreleased) Perko – Rounded (Numbers) Junes – Balancing Act (Dote) Forest Drive Wes

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #14 – Coral Side (2018)

    14/12/2018 Duración: 48min

    @coralside 01. Money Morning - Untitled A3 [Acting Press] 02. Transit - Enhanced [21/22 Corporation] 03. Globex - Untitled A [Acting Press] 04. Bigeneric - Edrene [Childhood Intelligence] 05. Bergsonist - Bomb Silicone [Self-Released] 06. LNS & DJ Sotofett - Blot 1 [Wania] 07. Obscene Mannequin - Pyramidine 1 [Steel City Records] 08. Duplex - Martian Lakes [Clone] 09. Si Begg - Another Place [Drought Records] 10. Lanngman - 80017A [Plaza] 11. Pollon - Lost Souls [Scopex] 12. Ellijah - Hidden Halls [Terry Planet] 13. (CN)₂ - Untitled [Bright Sounds] 13. Claude Young - Dear 1 [Djax-Up Beats]

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #13 – Bedim (2018)

    18/02/2018 Duración: 50min

    @bedim Bedim is a DJ from Vilnius, Lithuania and was a part of the Despotin Beat Club radio-show / movement (@despotin). > The thing radio taught me is that the most surprising music often is found on the B-side. The stuff that you usually skip in search for a banger or a track that would be DJ friendly, easy to mix. With this installment I try to explore Folk / Ambient / Classical music, which happens to be mostly Japanese, and create an interesting and quirky sonic piece that I would enjoy listening to. Tracklist: 01. 如月小春 – Paraffin [King Records] 02. Lamin Fofana – The Dithering [Allergy Season] 03. Masami Tsuchiya – Never Mind [CBS/Sony] 04. Σαβίνα Γιαννάτου – Πεθαίνοντας [Lyra] 05. J.G. Biberkopf – The Illusion Of Solidity (feat. Aisha Devi) [Danse Noire] 06. Pulse Emitter – Titan [Immune] 07. Jimmy Murakawa – Beauty [B&M] 08. Swing Slow – Western Boléro [Mercury] 09. Yoshio Ojima – Boy in Vision [Fukusei Gijutsu Kohboh] 10. Hiroshi Yoshimura – Tokyo Bay Area [Fukusei Gijutsu Kohboh] 11. death’s dyna

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #12 – Dylan M Howe (2017)

    26/11/2017 Duración: 45min

    @dylanmhowe / @portlandcompressor / @c_plus_plus Dylan M Howe is a musician based out of Portland, Oregon. He has released music and performed under the name C Plus Plus from 2014 to 2017 and is one half of the duos Portland Compressor and Action Sports with long-time collaborator Matthew Pepitone (aka Karmelloz). Most recently, the duo released the album «Action Sports» on Barcelona based label Angoisse (@angoisse). The album mixes moody ambient techno with leftfield ambient constructions, all with a heavy dose of dub. The duo also recently released the second volume of their Portland Compressor series, which mixes melodic electronica with post-rock tendencies. This mix was recorded on Pioneer CDJ-1000s with tracks that were largely compiled from CDs from Dylan’s recently totaled 1998 Subaru, alongside a few unreleased solo tracks and a forthcoming Action Sports track. The mix moves between glitchy soundscapes, industrial electronics, downtempo beats and ambient bits of techno. Tracklist: 01. Ian Bodd

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #11 – Watching Airplanes (2016)

    03/08/2016 Duración: 53min

    @watching-airplanes / @resodanceraindance For Yarn Audio’s 11th podcast we have an uptempo mix by Watching Airplanes – a London based duo consisting of Driven by Attraction (@drivenbyattraction) and ??? (@aquatic0). Together they run «Resodance/Raindance» (@resodanceraindance), a label with focus on fast music under «Resodance» along more melodic ethereal music under «Raindance» (imagine raving under the rain). Together with Tadan they also run the OneTwentySeven (@area127) nights in London. Tracklist: 01. Ceephax – Dreamer [Rephlex] 02. Driven by Attraction – Make em Move [Resodance/Raindance] 03. Robbert Mononom – Untitled [Mononom] 04. The Cause Of Spite – Untitled [Audio Illusion Recordings] 05. Konrad Black – Scorched Earth (dBridge Interpretation) [Meander] 05. Urban Tribe – Tangent [Rephlex] 06. Raw Mechanics – Mercury Molder [Black Montanas] 07. ??? – Head Scratch [Resodance/Raindance] 08. Shit and Shine – Working on My Fitness [Editions Mego] 09. Mrav – M.Ravitz [L.I.E.S] 10. Unknown 11. Deputy

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #10 – Teenage Tasteless (2016)

    21/06/2016 Duración: 01h04min

    Berlin based Dj and producer Teenage Tasteless (@teenage-tasteless) delivers an eclectic mix for our 10th podcast layering vinyl, digital audio files and tapes. >In the nineties I was a rave kid but all my friends where goths and now I can’t tell the difference anymore. I always listened to hip hop but felt secretly embarrassed for the German kids wearing baggypants in school. Musically I started as a DJ and moved on to produce tracks to incorporate them in my sets. Later I started a band and disbanded it again because the music I had in mind was way to complicated to play for just three humans with such humble skills as ours. Now I still use the guitar as a sound source as much as the synths and editing techniques I’ve accumulated over the years. *Some of his favourite records in no particular order:* - Zoviet France – Loh Land - Aphex Twin – I Care Because You Do - Digable Planets – Blowout Comb - Sonic Youth – Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star - Squarepusher – Feed Me Weird Things - Bauhaus – M

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #09 – Tobs (2016)

    18/01/2016 Duración: 01h03min

    @tobs1312 For Yarn Audio’s 9th podcast we have an energetic mix from Tobs – a producer and DJ from Bremen / Germany – whose remix of Joy Orbison’s «Hypth Mngo» you might have heard on our latest free EP «Bootlegs I». Tobs got in touch with electronic music – especially Techno and Jungle – at the young age of 12. When some years later the symbiosis of broken and straight styles started to blend and Dubstep and Techno began to move closer together he started to buy records and had his first gigs at the Zucker Club in Bremen. In 2014 Tobs founded the record label Drowned Records together with four friends. Their fifth release is currently in the making. Make sure to check out Tobs’ latest release on Drowned! Tracklist: 01 Special Request - Capsules (Lee Gamble Mix) @itsaspecialrequest 02 Asusu - Trephine @asusu 03 Pev & Hodge - What Your Heart Knows @peverelist @hodgebristol 04 Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo (Tobs Bootleg)@joy-orbison @tobs1312 05 Chicago Flotation Device - Higher @chicago-flotation-device 06 1800H

  • Yarn Audio Sessions #1 – Powder

    27/11/2015 Duración: 51min

    @powder First edition of «Yarn Audio Sessions» – a mix series by the Yarn Audio team. 1. Marcos Cabral – Mind Of Minolta [L.I.E.S.] @l-i-e-s 2. M.E.S.H. – Scythians (Logos Remix) [PAN] @m-e-s-h @pan_hq 3. Diana Fire – Mi Amor Es Una Jaula [Rare Nnudes] @diana-fire @rare-nnudes 4. Lars Warn – Menial Reality [Youngbloods] @lars-warn @youngbloods 5. Untold – The Curse [None] @untold 6. Daze – Untitled [Lobster Theremin] @daze111 @lobster-theremin 7. Skee Mask – Junt [Ilian Tape] @ilian-tape 8. Privacy – Against Us [Klasse Wrecks] @privacyprivacy @klasserecordings 9. Rrose – Vellum [Eaux] http://eaux.ro 10. Randomer – Residents [L.I.E.S.] @randomer @l-i-e-s 11. Dario Zenker – WM2 [The Trilogy Tapes] @dario-zenker @the-trilogy-tapes 12. Terron – No 33.1 The Game's Ouverture [Whities] @terron @whities 13. Blue Dream – Hexeosis [Dream Park Records] @dprecordings

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #08 – George McVicar (2014)

    09/09/2014 Duración: 01h02min

    EN: Yarn Audio’s 8th podcast has been mixed by George McVicar (@georgemcvicar), a 22 year old producer and DJ living in London / UK. George is also part of the «Stray Landings» (@stray-landings) collective, a blog and label which has become more and more established in recent times. Along with fellow Stray Landings editor Stavrogin (@theodm), George has furthermore began producing experimental industrial music under the name Aa3_Tzt.[RN500] (@aa3_tzt-rn500) – with their debut release on the horizon. «This mix was partly inspired by a couple of shows I had played in the past with the Stray Landings collective. It's all on vinyl and although this means the sound is a bit dusty and the mixes less slick, I think this is a pretty good representation of what a live set from me would sound like.» DE: Yarn Audio’s achter Podcast wurde von George McVicar (@georgemcvicar) gemixt, einem 22-jährigem Produzenten und DJ aus London. George ist Teil des »Stray Landings« (@stray-landings)Kollektivs, welches ein Blog und

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #07 – Simon/off (2014)

    21/04/2014 Duración: 01h01min

    Yarn Audio presents another unique mix. The man behind the decks is SUB.FM resident and former netlabel-activist Simon/off (@simon-off). He has released his fusion of melodic house, banging garage and percussive bass on labels like Phuture Shock (@phutureshockmusik), B.YRSLF Division (@byrslf_division), Syncopathic (@sub) and disko404 (@disko404) since 2005 and was already remixed by hardware enthusiast Bass Clef. Simon/off is not only a versatile musician, but also an experienced party maker. So it’s no surprise, that his installment of Yarn’s podcast series is one of the most banging and personal mixtapes in the label’s history. UK vibes encounter broken house beats, dodgy breaks and dreamy melodies. Does it make sense to put Simon/off’s wonderful selection into words? Just give it a listen and swing away… Here are some of his former free netaudio-releases: As Winterstrand (together with his brothers): https://archive.org/download/kpu079/kpu079_vbr_mp3.zip https://archive.org/download/USR-011/USR-011_vbr_

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #06 – Turning Torso (2013)

    23/12/2013 Duración: 33min

    Yarn Audio's 6th podcast was mixed by @tutorso, an artist from Querétaro, Mexico, who was responsible for the last release »Jacaranda« on Yarn Audio in October as well. Coming from a more experimental background, he now gets more and more into Bass Music. In the mix you will hear some genre-shaping classics like Addison Groove’s »Minutes of Funk«, Objekt’s »The Goose that Got Away« as well as some new stuff. Enjoy! Tracklist: Ainnome - Laurel Halo Springs - Daphni Southern Comfort - Burial Brunk - Randomer Minutes of Funk - Addison Groove The Goose that Got Away - Objekt Pyramid Lake - Airhead Manabadman (Instrumental) - Mark Pritchard Beat of the Drum (Throwing Snow Remix) - Happa I Stumble - Bored Lord Jupiter Ascent - Ital Tek Untitled (Obey City Remix) - JAW JAM Dont 1 2 Lose U - Machinedrum

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #05 – DJ MFK of Urban Mutations (2013)

    05/11/2013 Duración: 59min

    The 5th Yarn Audio podcast is mixed by @shrednock, aka Koen Nutters; a Dutch, Berlin based DJ and musician who, together with his Urban Mutations crew, runs two monthly nights at »Paloma Bar« and at Neukölln's favorite bar »O Tannenbaum«. They play an engaging mix of multi-stylistic club music, pushing structural boundaries without losing focus on the dancefloor, and keeping the night as varied as possible. This mix lays its focus on bass heavy Bristol tunes along with some Grime 2.0, some Club Constructions and a little Fade to Mind R&B. Bookheaded by two cuts from one recent and one upcoming PAN release. All with a lot of space and a lot of creative arrangement and tight but organic mixing by MFK. Next to DJ-ing, KN is also part of several experimental music groups such as @t-h-e-p-i-t-c-h, Konzert Minimal and The New Silence. Check out their upcoming event at Chesters! www.urbanmutations.com www.thepitch.tk www.konzert-minimal-berlin.tk Upcoming events in Berlin: https://www.facebook.com/events/52501171

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #04 – Mokujin (2013)

    02/05/2013 Duración: 01h18min

    Yarn Audio does it again! The 4th podcast is mixed by DJ and producer https://soundcloud.com/uk-garage-mokujin (Blaq Recordings, L2S Records), who presents his idea of “Phantom Rave”. UK-garage is the framework for his audible trip, but Mokujin also explores the past and future of experimental electronic music, delivering a unique and playful selection of underground tunes by him and his friends. The London-raised and Berlin-based Mokujin is in the game since 1988 and released on labels like Future Grooves and Blaq Records. Not only the development of Bass Music, also video games, street art and anime inspire the mysterious musician with the mask. Forget about the genre-hype, get your ears wide open and enjoy some real underground bangers! 01 - TMRW - Memories Of The Future 02 - Mokujin - I Can't Take It (You Can Bounce To It Version) 03 - Pledge -Alright 04 - Clueless - Binge and Purge 05 - Indra - Sweeter Than Honey 06 - IYVES - Luxury 07 - PromKnights - Sensation 08 - Mokujin - Confessions (London

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #03 – Tommy Harrison (2013)

    22/03/2013 Duración: 01h15min

    Yarn Audio strikes back with another fabulous mix. Guest of honour is Tommy Harrison, delivering a playful selection of cutting-edge bass music and genre-shaping classics. Influenced by the likes of Mark Pritchard, Mosca, Boddika, Hessle Audio, Joy O, Floating Points, Zed Bias, Roska, Julio Bashmore and Digital Soundboy....but also bumping J Dilla non-stop. To say Harrison is versatile is not only an understatement, but somehow insulting to him as a DJ. Not only is he journeying over various genres of music, his record selections and performances involve music that has depth, soul and hits you in all those places you want it to...just when you want it to!

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #02 – Gregor Friedrich (2012)

    18/11/2012 Duración: 01h24min

    Second episode of our mix series by Berlin based DJ Gregor Friedrich Tracklist: Big Boss Theme - South London Ordnance More Than Seven [Instrumental] - FCL More Than Me - Eliphino Nobody - Baby Prince feat. Lonely C Body [Jimmy Edgar Remix] - Darling Farah My Intention Is War (Fig II) - Disclosure Cameo - Mak Quartz - Manaré I Still Love Tric Trac - Eats Everything & Worthy vs. Switch Rolling 84's - Chaos In The CBD Aaangel [Lando Kal Remix] - Darling Farah Sonic Swamp - Clouds Chimaera - John Roman Aradia - Indigo Aversion - Jon Convex Akola - Presk Fingers - Skudge Pyramid - Four Tet Somewhere - Breach & Midland You - Bicep & Ejeca Wildest Moments [Zed Bias Remix] - Jessie Ware Thinkin' of You - Pasteman Textures - Guy Andrews Watermark - Djrum

  • Yarn Audio Podcast #01 – Sirmo (2012)

    07/07/2012 Duración: 58min

    First episode of our mix series by @sirmo aka. Andras Szirmai. He has been a permanent fixture of the Pécs (Hungary)-underground massive since 1998. Starting off with his own show on Radio Publikum, (later to be known as G-FM), he became soon acquinted a taste of sub-genres new to him at the time, such as Hip-Hop, Funk, Afro, Broken Beats, Breaks, which all helped to form his own style. Sirmo loves his Breakbeat bangers, play’s deep and tippin’ House as well as Garage grooves...He organises parties in his hometown, and djing as well. He had gigs in Pécs, Budapest, Novi Sad, Istanbul, Munchen, Wien, and many places... Tracklist: 01 Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (Tony Quattro Refix) 02 JRap - Souls Groove 03 Voltron - Play It (Bambounou Remix) [Discobelle] 04 Zimbra Sound - 2 Turntables [Yarn Audio] 05 Teeth - Percolator Meme [Sound Pellegrino] 06 Lost Generation - Slow Time (CDBL Remix) [Diamante Label] 07 Last Magpie - No More Stories [Losing Suki] 08 Bandshell - Rise Em [Hessle Audio] 09 Goldfinch - Model [Audio