EMI MUSIC FRANCE DJ / PRODUCERNRJ RADIO RESIDENT DJFIRST SINGLE COMING SOON..Growing up surrounded by Funk, Disco and Hip Hop has given Sarahina an individual and surprising bag of musical tricks, specialised in House and Nu-disco. After a year working in a record store in London, 18 year-old Sarahina went back to France with one goal in mind - become a DJ. A few chance meetings with key players - DJ Boudj from Sniper and DJ Hitch, a professor at the DMC school - were a major boost, allowing her to acquire her scratch and mix techniques next to the heavyweights. Meeting Cutee B would be a decisive moment too, inspiring her to produce her own sounds. At 25 she's hosting her own Sunday night show on national radio (NRJ EXTRAVADANCE) from midnight to 2 am. A fashion freak, Sarahina is always working her chic style. In music as well as fashion, she never fails to sniff out the newest and edgiest. Not content to simply sit back and enjoy the nightlife, this girl is out there on the front lines, making it happen!