Venice Church Of Christ



Hear the Word preached by Ethan Longhenry, Evangelist for the Venice church of Christ, disciples making disciples on the Westside of Los Angeles.


  • The Parable of the Persistent Widow


    Jesus knew that difficult days lay ahead for His disciples. They might well grow weary and lose spirit in praying for justice to come in the Lord’s Kingdom. And so He proclaimed the parable of the persistent widow (or parable … Continued

  • The Rich Man and Lazarus


    The Pharisees loved money, trusted in their standing before God, and considered themselves holy. Jesus proclaimed to them the grand reversal in the story of the rich man and Lazarus. We do well to also heed His message. The Rich … Continued

  • The Day of YHWH


    Days of YHWH have come before; they are dark days, full of judgment and wrath. They come from disasters natural and artificial, from internal and external threats. They were not the end of the world; but they were the end … Continued

  • Humility


    The world has never really thought much of humility, yet it remains the essential posture for the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who humble themselves like Jesus will be exalted with Him; those who exalt themselves will be … Continued

  • Seeking Autonomy


    The New Testament indicates local churches were autonomous relative to one another. What does that mean? Why does it matter? How should it influence the work of the local church? Seeking Autonomy

  • Defining Our Spiritual Association


    Christians are to jointly participate in the faith. But what are the limits of that association? On what basis, and to what end? Defining Our Spiritual Association

  • Seeking Biblical Unity


    Jesus prayed for all believers to be one with one another as Jesus is with the Father (John 17:20-23). Those who belong to Jesus will share in that unity. But why is the world of Christendom so divided? How can … Continued

  • We Are the Ones For Whom We Have Been Waiting


    It’s not just a great political slogan. It’s the Gospel truth. We are the ones for whom we have been waiting to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and serve actively in His Kingdom! We Are the Ones For … Continued

  • God’s Love


    Paul summed up all he was saying in Romans 8:1-39: in Christ God is for us. No other created thing can separate us from His love. We may encounter difficulty and distress; God remains for us, and there is no … Continued

  • Righteousness


    Righteousness: is it only about lists of things to do or not to do? Is it an insurance policy for prosperity? Is righteousness the particular provenance of a specific group? We do well to explore the textures inherent in understanding … Continued