My Kick-ass Dream Life



My Kick-Ass Dream Life is a live talk show about claiming, creating and owning a life that feels 100% authentic and kick-ass. During each show we get down to the nitty-gritty of breaking free from your pre-packaged life to create a life full of meaning, success and juicy goodness.During each show we discuss our personal journeys to living a kick-ass life, andshare tips and insights that we have learned along the way.


  • Freak Flag Profile- Erika Lyremark- The Daily Whip

    15/11/2011 Duración: 33min

    Can you be your freaky, bad-ass-self in your biz and still bring home the bacon?Hell Yhea!!! Erika Lyremark  is a fine example of someone who flies her freak flag high and proud while she rakes in the cash. Erika started her own entrepreneurial track while working as an exotic dancer. After the pole, she went on to co-create a multi-million dollar commercial real estate company and launch Daily Whip, her coaching consultancy. She’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine, Twin Cities Business Magazine, Metro Magazine, KSTP Channel 5 News, Twin Cities Live, The Michelle Tafoya show on WCCO radio and she even cracked the whip on a promotional video for Oprah’s Have Your Own Show! Erika’s also author of the action guide “Revenue, Results & Red Carpet Dreams.” And forthcoming book “Think Like A Stripper: How To Hustle Your Business Like You Mean It!” Erika Lyremark (LEAR-a-mark) coaches and inspires smart businesswomen all over the world to empower themselves with her

  • You Can’t Afford to Stay Invisible!

    31/10/2011 Duración: 01h02min

    You Can’t Afford to Stay Invisibleand have a Kick-Ass Biz Are you hiding out in your business? Keeping that ‘freak flag’ in the closet so other’s won’t get their panties in a bunch ? Have you even tried to ‘dumb down’ or ‘quash’ some of the very qualities and characteristics that would make you more marketable and more memorable.You know…playing it safe so you can ‘fit in.’   Or maybe you have had to ‘settle’ for working in a way that feels awkward because some coach or marketer told you that you should go down a certain path to be successful. If you are feeling these things I have two words –STOP IT! You owe it to yourself and those you are supposed to serve to get your big, bold, shiny self out there in a way that serves you, attracts the cool people  you are destined to work with, and makes for a business you love. And that’s why I’m interviewing my coach – Therese Skelly who’s gonna bust some myths and shake things up with her “Inner Marketing” concepts. I’ve been working with Therese for the last 5 mont

  • Ignite your Spark and Set your Soul on Fire

    27/07/2011 Duración: 01h03min

    Do you know what sets your soul on fire? Imagine igniting that spark and fanning the flames of that fire till you were radiating your full brilliance for the world to see? It sounds pretty Kick-Ass to me!During today's show we've brought together a panel of woman who are experts in feeding that fire. They will share some tips on how they, through their expertise and wisdom, help many others set their souls on fire and live a life that feels Kick Ass. Come  listen to what and how a visionary drummer, a wisewoman, a movement teacher, yoga teacher, OB/GYN, a Kick-Ass Life Coach, a spiritual visionary and a sexpert extraordinaire each in their own unique way set the stage for women (and men) to ignite their spark and come into being more of who they are with no apologies! Along with Leah and I, the panel of women joining us are: Sheri Winston, Lissa Rankin, Oceana LeBlanc, Hannah McGuire, Kelle Sparta, Laney Goodman and Janet Farnsworth~ I can feel the heat from here! We also have a cool announcement to share so

  • Weird, Spiritual and Totally Booked

    11/07/2011 Duración: 01h19s

    3 Simple and Time Effective Facebook Strategies to Attract More Clients to Your Out of the Box Business When you have an out of the box business, it’s not always easy to know how to attract plenty of clients. And one of the best ways to torture spiritual people like you is to give you the ability to transform people’s lives and prevent you from doing it very often.  Paul will show you TIME EFFECTIVE and proven strategies to use social media sites like Facebook to attract enough clients to your business so that you’re booked weeks in advance. He’ll cover how to: • Talk about what you do – no matter how weird or different you think it is – in a way that people immediately “get it”. • Engage people on Facebook and other sites so they can’t help but tell their friends about your work – even if they’ve never been clients themselves. • Let go of the “what the heck do I say on Facebook?” fears and let your wisdom guidance system help you attract clients with more ease than you thought possible. Paul and I are really

  • Coming to Our Senses

    20/06/2011 Duración: 59min

    Coming to Our Senses;Listening to What our Bodies are Saying We all know the five basic senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. These are the necessary building blocks for constructing the framework of how we perceive our world, but they are just the beginning of the story. Our senses are a major part of our non-verbal communication, providing clues and information to us as we explore our day to day routines and interact with others. Our senses often combine to work together, forming complex systems that we use to filter our experiences. It is through the senses that the rest of the world “talks” to us. When we are fully present to this information, we become more connected to our surroundings, to the world, and ultimately to the Divine presence that is within all beings.  During this episode we will explore and rediscover our sensual selves to reconnect to the voices of our senses, and how sensory awareness impacts all areas of our lives: our relationships, spirituality, especially our intuition. We