The Earth Breathed Fire

A postmaster recorded the birth of this volcano in Japan.

The Chore Chain

Everyone in Maddie's neighborhood gets a chance to do a favorite chore--for someone else!

The True Reward

Bold's request is granted because he puts others' needs first.

Exploding Stars Turn Red

Astronomers observe the formation of a red nova which occurs when two stars merge and explode.

Wild Man

After sitting on the sidelines all season Gabe gets his big chance in the championship soccer game.

Making a Splash

Blindness hasn't prevented record-breaking swimmer Kate Pavlacka from attaining her goals.

Storking Molecules

Is it possible to see "friction" under a microscope?

These Pumpkins Sure Can Kick!

This article features the Pumpkins, Namibia's first ever soccer team for girls 12 and under. These brave girls competed against boys and women much older than them. Their courage...

When My Pigs Saved the Day

Jennifer thought she knew all about pigs until the night coyotes tried to snatch kittens and puppies from the farm.

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