No Exit Quickreads

Homeless street kids find refuge in the most unusual place. It's great to have food and a bed- but is it worth their freedom?

The Eye of the Hurricane Quickreads

Laina, Bobby, and Cesar are trapped in a flooding house with three small children during a terrible hurricane.

Read My Lips Quickreads

As if being deaf weren't challenge enough, Lupe encounters rampant sexism while working on assignment with the police department. She's almost ready to throw in the towel! Then...

Fat Boy Quickreads

At Carmichael High, the bullies always get their way. Would it be a different story if their victims joined forces?

Breaking Point Quickreads

The boys claim that they were only kidding. But their harassment pushes one girl right to the edge.

The Ritual Quickreads

An ambitious young reporter vows to uncover the truth about the football team's secret initiation ceremony.

The Dark Lady Quickreads

An anonymous e-mail threatens to steal a priceless violin called The Dark Lady. When the culprit is finally revealed, the manager of the symphony orchestra is amazed. It's the...

Blood and Basketball Quickreads

Dale has a chance to "go pro" right out of high school. Will he make the grade? In spite of his youth, his skills are superb. Only his trouble-making brother stands between Dale...

Tough Girl Quickreads

To Wesley Chan, Zoe is beautiful in spite of her messy hair, ragtag clothes and smart mouth. His parents disapprove of their relationship.

The Plot Quickreads

If Tara's wrong, she'll feel like a fool- and maybe even get sued. But if she's right, a whole roomful of students could get gunned down.

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