Listen to the talks from Merton Vineyard Church


  • Spiritual Gifts  Grace

    Spiritual Gifts & Grace

    05/10/2014 Duración: 27min

    We often get confused between the grace that God gives us and the gifts we can cultivate.

  • Spiritual Disciplines - Solitude

    Spiritual Disciplines - Solitude

    02/10/2014 Duración: 25min
  • Spiritual Disciplines - Studying

    Spiritual Disciplines - Studying

    18/09/2014 Duración: 17min
  • Community in Church

    Community in Church

    07/09/2014 Duración: 26min

    Our Church should not be a place where we fear judgement, its a place where we need help!

  • Gods Guidance

    Gods Guidance

    10/08/2014 Duración: 32min

    When we ask for guidance, does God show a way, or does he teach how to be the type of person who can choose the right way?

  • Tough Love

    Tough Love

    13/07/2014 Duración: 24min

    Sometimes its the only way we learn.

  • Wriggling Sacrifices

    Wriggling Sacrifices

    03/07/2014 Duración: 30min

    Rom 12:1 – Offer yourself as a living sacrifice. We might offer ourselves, but we often try wriggle out of the heat.

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