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Wednesdays at 12pm pt 3pm etInspired Action Radio with Jennifer B. Mastering the Art of Dream Building in the Real World will inspire you to start painting the canvas of your life. Imagine the colors of the rainbow, the colors that are perfect for you. Imagine touching the rainbow with your hand wet with paint. Think now about how to find that right tool. That right plan. That right way. The pathway that will take you from where you are standing right now to where you want to go. This hit ra ...


  • How to Target and Embrace the Goal that will Change Your Life. Special Guest Michael Becker.


    How many times have you created a goal in your life and pursued it? How much valuable time and money have you dedicated to those goals? Now, looking back on it, are you taking full advantage of all your hard work or have you abandoned those dreams and jumped up on to another band wagon? Or...maybe you haven't pursued any goals since. So many of us spend our precious time pursuing goals that either are not authentically ours, or are at best our second choice, or are a result of momentary spontaneous emotions that got the better of us. Picking the right path and choosing the right authentic goal for you is a gift you deserve to give yourself. When we do this...We learn the meaning of long-term happiness, genuine passion, real day to day excitement, and tangible success. Join us for a powerful dialog about not wasting time and finally pursuing and embracing the right goal that can change our life.

  • Prosperity Consciousness...How To Make It Real Special Guest Michael Becker.


    We have all been told that Prosperity Consciousness is the key. What exactly is Prosperity Consciousness? And specifically, what does it mean to YOU? Inspired Action is all about taking what we've heard and think we know, and transforming it into actual living reality in our lives. We are going to talk about how we can stop grasping at straws and start creating real prosperity. You may even be surprised to learn that how you define prosperity can have a dramatic impact on how you experience your life. Join us for a practical and down-to-earth reality check and learn simple ways to attract real prosperity and realign your wealth mindset.

  • It's Never Too Late To Make a New Choice and Live a New Dream. Special Guest Mary Warner.


    Are you happy and fulfilled doing what you're doing? Do you think you're too old, too set in your ways or simply too vested in your current situation to change anything? Well, I urge you to think again. The reality is, even if you were only 10 days away from your final hour, it's never too late to make a different choice for your life. We often say the words, "it's never too late" and, "never give up." But are we really living our lives that way? My guest, Mary Warner, doesn't believe in giving up. She left her corporate career to begin again and do what she loves. She regularly conquers great challenges when she ventures out into the world of wild rivers, rugged mountains and pristine forests. And how, in her mid-fifties, she took on the Colorado River and piloted her own raft through the Grand Canyon, traversing rapids that would make most peoples' hearts stop Join us as she shares what drives, motivates and inspires her.

  • Why People Don't "Walk Their Talk". Special Guest Michael Becker.


    Intellectual Enlightenment vs. Actual Enlightenment or in layman's terms...Do you "walk your talk"? What does it really mean? Why is it so easy to recognize when someone else is saying one thing and doing another, but it's so hard to see when we're doing it ourselves? I was one of those individuals who loved hearing new enlightened ideas and joining workshops related to personal growth and success. I could "talk the talk" with the best of them. But...was I "walking my talk"? It takes a lot of courage to look at your own life from this viewpoint. What good is enlightened information if all you do is stay intellectually entertained by it? Is your life reflecting what you've learned? Are you better off...have you dramatically improved your chances of success...have you learned how to be happy or at peace in the face of darkness? How do you take what you've learned and actually apply it to your life? Attention applied to uncovering the reality of "Intellectual vs. Actual Enlightenment" may be the greate

  • Solving The Personality Puzzle. Special Guest Michael Becker


    How Understanding your unique Temperament and Personality can dramatically improve your success and happiness. We've all made choices and decisions in our lives that, with the benefit of hindsight, have left us wondering why we made them in the first place. The impact of some of those choices was relatively small...the impact of other choices were life changing Wouldn't it be a tremendous benefit to understand why we repeatedly choose certain people and situations over others...even though those choices don't always lead us to happiness and fulfillment? And why it's often very challenging to make different choices? Getting a foundational understanding of your Temperament Type - and by extension your basic personality - can go a long way toward explaining why we all have such strong and definite preferences about the people and situations we choose to experience. Join me as we look behind the curtain to discover the incredible power available to us when we understand the strengths and challenges inherent

  • Triple Your Success with the Law of Attraction. Special guest Michael Becker.


    A make-it-happen, checklist approach to achieving your goals using the incredible power of the Law of Attraction. Ahhh...the simplicity of it all. Manifest what you want, by forming and holding a clear image in your mind's eye. So, why does it sometimes feel like we're pulling teeth when we're trying to become balanced, healthy, and financially successful? Because the battle between what we want to believe and what we actually experience rages on. Join us for a down to earth exploration of how to start using the Law of Attraction as a practical everyday tool...rather than just a an intriguing spiritual-sounding idea. Along with our spirit and our hearts, we can actually engage all of our common sense and practical know-how to experience tangible results quickly and easily by following a simple Law of Attraction checklist. Get ready to celebrate your accomplishments.

  • Create The Life You Want...By Tapping Into The Genius Around You. Special Guest Michael Becker.


    We've all heard the saying, "two minds are better than one". But, that's only true when the minds are brought together in a dynamic way. If you learn to harness the power of Masterminding the right way, you can increase your chances of success by a 1000%. The real problem is that most people never attempt to learn the right way. With a committed and cohesive Mastermind group you can find answers to challenging questions that each of you would never have discovered on your own. People come together all the time...but, often leave that encounter without ever accessing the greatest power that was available to them...the Mastermind. Learn how to harness the incredible power of a Mastermind group and create genuine, real-life success...just for you.

  • Self Value...Seeing Yourself as Your Greatest Asset. Special Guest Michael Becker.


    If you were asked to make a list of your most important assets in life, would you be on the list? This viewpoint is what separates those who are successful in all areas of their lives and those who are not. The key to becoming the person you were always meant to be lies in re-covering a viewpoint that can serve to create a personal anchor in all that you do. To also compassionately look at your life as it is right now and honestly evaluate whether your beliefs are supporting or hindering your journey. When you improve the quality of your belief and your acceptance of Who You Are, What You Are, and How You Are...the world becomes your personal playground for easily creating extraordinary Health, Happiness, Creativity, and real Financial Security. Join us for an incredible look at how shifting your viewpoint can put your dreams on the fast-track.

  • Today can be the take your life back. Make your dreams a reality by taking action, one small step at a time, and begin painting the picture of your ideal life exactly as you have imagined it. Special g


    It's time to take charge of your life To experience the greatest gifts life has to offer Passion for what you do, intellectual, emotional and spiritual fulfillment, financial rewards, the freedom to focus on the things that excite and interest you. To fully experience these gifts you've got to stop doing what you've always done...because that will only give you the results you've always gotten. Taking even the smallest steps can unlock a new universe of possibilities for you. Join me and my special guest, Michael Becker, on a real-world, results-oriented journey of exploration and self-discovery...a voyage that can unlock the inspired action genius inside you. Let personal momentum become your most powerful ally, and acquire the tools and techniques that will make you a passionate and successful "Dream Builder". Join us for what's sure to be a memorable trip into the Art and Science of Dream the Real World. Not to be missed.

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