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Welcome to Self Mastery Radio. (formerly known as NSOL Radio)Self Mastery Coach, Robbie Cornelius, is here to help you "Become the Life You Want to Experience." Instead of trying to follow the exact path of someone else, we are here to assist you in discovering and living your own unique path. Get ready to trade in your poor perception of reality for a brand new rich perception of unlimited possibilities. Release the mental, emotional, and spiritual baggage that has weighed you down.Learn to harness the power of your mind.Connect with the Essence of Life.Increase your sense of self-worth. Express yourself freely.Experience energetic healing take place as you make peace with yourself and the world around you.Please be sure to leave a positive review and let the world know what you love about this show.Support Self Mastery Radio by Purchasing Our Inspirational T-Shirts at http://www.SelfMasteryRadio.comFollow, Robbie, on instagram at


  • How Can I Love

    How Can I Love

    13/02/2014 Duración: 3377h00s

    When you ask profound questions, Life will give you profound answers. The answers to overcome your obstacles will always be delivered to you if you are open to receive. Life is truly on your side.Join your spiritual life coach as he dives deep into the essence of love. To find out how can you love, join us at NSOL Radio.Music provided by our great friends at &

  • Its Ok to Be Alone

    Its Ok to Be Alone

    06/02/2014 Duración: 2666h00s

    Spending some time alone to get to know who you truly are and to find out what you truly want, is one of the most amazing things you can give yourself. Join your spiritual life coach for another soul conversation that's outside the box and inside the heart. Peace and unlimited love. To see the wonderful art by Annie, please visit her website here. provided by our beautiful friends at Purple Plante also provided by

  • How to Feel the Way You Want to Feel

    How to Feel the Way You Want to Feel

    29/01/2014 Duración: 2308h00s

    When you decide to feel the way you want to feel, it will cause you to live the way you want to live.Join your spiritual life coach "Robbie Cornelius' for another soul conversation that's outside the box and inside the heart.

  • Developing A Positive Mental Attitude

    Developing A Positive Mental Attitude

    04/01/2014 Duración: 2214h00s

    Hello, Hello, Hello Great Soul!I hope you're ready to develop a Positive Mental Attitude! Are you ready to live a new way of life? If so, feel free to join your Spiritual Life coach "Robbie Cornelius" on NSOL Radio. Peace and love.

  • A Vision for Life

    A Vision for Life

    23/12/2013 Duración: 725h00s

    It is possible for us to create A New Way of Life on this planet while we are here? Is it possible for us to look beyond our differences and embrace the one true thing we have in common? Is it possible for us to recognize and honor the Life in one another? Is it possible for us to make peace with ourselves and heal the world? Robbie Cornelius believes so! Here is A Vision for Life.

  • Be Where You Want to Be

    Be Where You Want to Be

    19/12/2013 Duración: 2464h00s

    So, you say you want to change your Life experience for the better huh? Well this conversation is just for you. Spiritual Life Coach "Robbie Cornelius" shows you exactly how you can get to where you want to be. It's very simple and easy to understand. But don't let the simplicity fool you. Listen very carefully. Take the first step by joining the conversation. Welcome to another NSOL Radio. Music provided by

  • Whose Life Are You Living?

    Whose Life Are You Living?

    14/12/2013 Duración: 2431h00s

    Whose Life Are You Living? You can tell by the way you feel. When you feel what you feel, how does it feel? Are you happy inside; or are you unfulfilled? Feel free to sit down with me. And lets talk about. This is a soul conversation between you and I that's outside the box and inside the heart.Music brought to you by our good friends at:

  • The Battle for God

    The Battle for God

    01/12/2013 Duración: 2619h00s

    Robbie Cornelius embraces his title of being a New Age Spiritual Freethinker in this soul conversation called "The Battle for God." This conversation is for the open minded spiritual seeker.Everyone is playing a role. And the role we play is based on the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves. Some of us play heroic roles; some of us play the role of the victim. But nevertheless, we are all playing roles!"Not me," you say?" Yes, even you! For we are all individuated aspects of Life pretending to be human beings. We are all characters in a movie expressing characteristics in chunks called personalities. We're all faking it. But those of us who awaken realize it's a movie and decide what role they're going to play, while those who sleep often play roles given to them by those who reflected back to them who they were a some point in time. One who awakens realize this is all just a movie. While the one who sleeps think that it's real. They have fell asleep on the job. They think they are the roles they play, t

  • A Peaceful Mind

    A Peaceful Mind

    16/11/2013 Duración: 2380h00s

    A peaceful Life is experienced through a peaceful mind. In this conversation, "Robbie Cornelius" combines beautiful ambient sounds with his teachings to convey the art of having a peaceful mind. Production credit goes to Purple Planet @

  • Rise to Love by Robbie Cornelius

    Rise to Love by Robbie Cornelius

    14/11/2013 Duración: 183h00s

    Life is abundant to the one who allows his abundance to flow in. Robbie Cornelius combines ambient sounds with mystical teachings to convey the message of spiritual abundance in this peaceful message. Be sure to subscribe to spiritual teachings from Robbie Cornelius @ This beatiful music was compsed by Purple Planet @

  • The Art of Loving Yourself

    The Art of Loving Yourself

    04/11/2013 Duración: 3556h00s

    There is a lot from spiritual teachers about the idea of loving yourself. But how does one approach this idea?Join Spiritual Life Coach "Robbie Cornelius" for this weeks soul conversation as we converse about the art of loving yourself. This show is just for you!For more inspirational messages, please visit NSOL Publications @ Tonight's music is bought to you by Purple Planet @

  • When Your Life is Falling Apart

    When Your Life is Falling Apart

    23/10/2013 Duración: 4563h00s

    Thank you for joining Spiritual Life Coach "Robbie Cornelius" for another Soul Conversation that is Outside the Box and Inside the Heart. With all of the change happening in your Life, it is important for you to surround yourself around people, places and things that are going to bring the best out in you. This show is all about bringing your greatness to the front of your reality for you to create A New Way of Life.

  • The Power of Peace

    The Power of Peace

    22/10/2013 Duración: 3110h00s

    Join Spiritual Life Coach "Robbie Cornelius" for another soul conversation that's outside the box and inside the heart. In this episode Robbie speaks about the power of peace in a humorous, yet mystical way. Thank you for tuning in.

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