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Welcome to Fringe Talk Radio. A podcast about all fringe topics, from ufo's to life after death, from bigfoot to out of body experiences and far beyond.


  • Random News Events and Other Items of Interest

    02/07/2014 Duración: 01h04min

    FringeTalkRadio Show #5 I talk about items in the news from the strange but true category mostly. The bias and unprofessional operation of, the things that we use to poke fun at people years ago when they spouted conspiracy theory subject matter, only to have our worst nightmares confirmed today as being true. I talk about the guy that was let loose from Jail by a clerical error only to be killed a while later by a family member. I cover gun control and medication and the fluoride revelations from top labs and medical journals latest findings Some of the links for this show: Jury Let this guy loose by accident: Make your computer or device harder to hack and work around time limits at coffee shops: and Dracula’s real tomb??? Opt out of online ad

  • UFO's - The Passing of a Dear Friend and my Interview with Louisa Oakley Green.

    08/06/2014 Duración: 01h11min

    I have a short follow up on the happenings at Yellowstone park, a story about what my brother saw flying very slowly above his house in the U.K. I tell you about a new friend of mine with a huge chunk of his brain that is missing and I interview Louisa Oakley Green about her new book "Loitering at the gate to Eternity" - Memoirs of a psychic bystander. I also let you know why it has been so long, since my last show and plans moving forward.

  • UFO's - My Life Experiences, Out of Body Experiences and More

    02/05/2014 Duración: 36min

    I talk about how UFO's have made an appearance in my life, and other stories of high strangeness. Including out of body experiences, visions of entities in my peripheral vision and more. I find my pace a little more this show, but still feel as though I am talking a little too fast for many of you, so will endeavor to find the correct tempo and speed in which to deliver content. Thank you so much four listening! Please subscribe to the show :) Please Support & Subscribe: Website: iTunes: Subscribe to Audio version:

  • Yellowstone Park - Newsflash

    30/04/2014 Duración: 09min

    While clicking a link last night on Facebook, I discovered the Yellowstone park seismic sensors have now been turned off to stop further reporting of seismic activity! A constant build up of earthquake activity has been reported and logged all over the world in combination with the sun’s raised sun flare activity toward the earth. Thoughts are, that the sun flares have boosted the earthquakes here on earth and now it seems Yellowstone is acting up, way beneath the earth’s crust. The Fault runs completely around the U.S. which makes every part of the U.S. a possible target for some kind of effect if a full quake should happen on the surface. This was a very unscheduled show, but wanted to put this out there. Better safe than sorry I say.

  • Show 01 - An Intro to The Upcoming Shows on Fringe TalkRadio

    29/04/2014 Duración: 39min

    A long awaited explanation of the shows to come with a little about my background and my past experiences and why I love talking about this stuff. Thank you so much for listening. pPlease subscribe!

  • Fringe Talk Radio Intro

    13/02/2014 Duración: 01min

    Welcome to Fringe Talk Radio. A podcast about all fringe topics, from ufo's to life after death, from bigfoot to out of body experiences and far beyond. We will place a schedule online soon so you know when to tune in to our shows. This is just an intro so you have something to wrap your ears around for now.