David Scotland



Thought-provoking, intelligent, inspiring, and entertaining -- that's the David Scotland podcast. Learn how to mind your own business successfully so you can create the life you want.HERE'S WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU:> How to STOP getting sucked into the false narratives, broken promises, ra-ra motivational crap of the establishment bullshit being marketed and sold in the corrupt motivational speaking industry, the internet marketing industry, the self-help industry, the training industry, etc., and START getting on a reality-based path that requires the execution of real-world plans, not empty stupid bullshit THEORY that can't be implemented. > Get ANSWERS, SOLUTIONS, TOOLS, TIPS, ACTION STEPS and MORE based on field-tested, REAL WORLD knowledge, experience, and PRODUCTIVE & PROFITABLE results> DUMP what's not working, EMBRACE what works better> Take advantage of EFFECTIVE sales-generating, business-building STRATEGIES you can bank on but only if you START USING THEM and CONTINUE to use them effectively> Learn how to stop using PERSONAL EMOTIONAL CHAOS as the default "system" for running your business and start using IMPERSONAL RATIONAL ORDER, and watch profits rise!> Learn how to improve and increase BRAND RECOGNITION, ENGAGEMENT, LOYALTY, SUSTAINABILITY, SCALABILITY> BLAST THROUGH your blindspots, resistance, apathy, obstacles, other problems, and dead-ends so you can ADVANCE with POSITIVE FORWARD-MOVING ENERGY> IDENTIFY which systems result in SABOTAGE or SUCCESS> ... and, as always, MUCH MUCH MORE -- because there's ALWAYS more to learn, more to be, more to do, and more to explore, achieve, and enjoy!Please visit www.DavidScotland.com for more...