Peter And Wendy

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“Peter Pan and Wendy” is the most famous work of J. M. Barrie, which was published in the form of play in 1904 and then of fiction in 1911. Both versions tell the story of Peter Pan, a boy fairy with the ability to fly and his adventures on the Neverland (Finding Neverland), along with her friend Wendy and her brothers, the Lost Boys and the fairy Tinkerbell, the Indian Princess Tiger Lily and finally the pirata Capitan hook (James Hook). Although the character of Peter Pan had already appeared earlier in 1902 white bird's tale, the story is told here is substantially different and also concerns a different Peter Pan, preadolescent and that he can fly. Peter eavesdropping, through the open window, fairy tales that Mrs. Mary Darling tells the children to put them to sleep; one night, however, Peter, as they attempt to escape without being noticed, he loses his shadow.Come home Darling to retrieve it, it fails to prevent the awakening of the eldest daughter, Wendy: the little girl helps so Peter to re-attach screens the shadow ...