Falling For A Movie Star

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Tanja Walters seems hopelessly in love with her longtime square dance partner Micky Hasloff. The truth is Micky hides his feelings behind banter and war of words.

Then the square dancers are hired for a Western. The Spanish actor Manolo Rioja plays the leading role; the star was Tanja’s teenage idol. Now she’s making eyes at him, certain she is as attractive as the groupies he usually surrounds himself with.

Micky Hasloff watches with growing anger how she throws herself at Rioja. Eventually he sabotages the shooting. If he gets Tanja away from Rioja this way, he doesn't care that the movie contract could be canceled.

Then Micky meets Rioja's heavily pregnant wife and learns that the girls at his side are just paid models. Now he understands the star, for his part, is not interested in Tanja at all.

But does that help him? Can Micky overcome his fear of rejection and reveal his feelings to Tanja?

Love story in the series “Quick, quick, slow – Lietzensee Dance Club”.

Each novel in the series can be read as a stand-alone.