Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

#235 James Schmachtenberger



James Schmachtenberger is CEO and Co-founder of Neurohacker Collective, a group of geniuses who seek to support the body’s natural abilities rather than override its regulatory systems. Along with his brother, Daniel, James is a fellow seeker that I’ve been tracking for quite some time. I really appreciate his story of growing up and the creative freedom he was allowed as a child. It’s what Tash and I are striving for with Bear man and Wolfie. Enjoy yall and as always please reach out to us any/everywhere.   PS My David Icke conversation go pushed to the end of the month so please keep the questions coming as well. Connect with James:   Website: Neurohacker Collective  Instagram: @jamesschmachtenberger  @neurohacker  Facebook: Neurohacker Collective  Twitter: @theneurohacker  YouTube: Neurohacker Collective  Podcast: Collective Insights  Sponsors:   Inside Tracker track your genetic datapoints and let these folks help you optimize your life at use code “KKP” f