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Ep. 21: Send My Grief (To Your New Grammy)



ACriticNamedKevin & I revisit our Grammy picks & predictions, and promptly spend half an hour bitching about how wrong we were in most of the categories that matter. Other topics include seeing a screening of The Room, overlong 2017 hip hop records (novelty or otherwise), and my restless quest to make my friends fans of Japandroids. // TIMESTAMPS: 2:25 Going to a screening of The Room / 11:05 Grammy recap & pick/prediction update / 41:40 What Have You Been Listening to Lately (Japandroids, Beach Boys, Pink Guy, The XX) // For links to songs played during the episode, go to the YouTube upload on Spin It! Reviews. // My Twitter: @SpinItReviews /  Today's guest: @ACriticNamedKev