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A confused feed hosting 2 podcasts at the moment. Mad Sounds, abiweekly music-talk/review show hosted by Mark Berman (Fully Involved) & Johnny Goens (Viralrak/Charlemagne's Menagerie), went on hiatus in early 2018. Currently, the focus is on the much more niche Honky Chat, where Mark & co-host Steffi Moreno listen through & comment on Elton John's entire discography... most of which came out long before they were born.


  • HONKY CHAT Ep. 2: Tumbleweed Connection

    02/09/2018 Duración: 01h35min

    Wecome to the yee yee club bitch, it's time for us to talk about Elton's acclaimed 3rd album. One southern-fried concept, zero singles (except in New Zealand) and a lot of loaded war imagery. Enjoy our track-by-track deep dive that takes way longer than either of us intended. You can follow us on Twitter @MarkMadSounds & @SteffiMishell. Special thanks to Hannah Langford (@infinityxhannah) for the awesome new podcast artwork!

  • HONKY CHAT Ep. 1: Empty Sky / Elton John

    15/08/2018 Duración: 01h29min

    Taking you to the pilot of a brand new series, going track-by-track through every Elton John album.. This time, we look at his humble beginnings; all the half-baked narratives, baffling Bob Dylan impressions & literal recaps of the album we'd just heard. All of which he had to go through to become the icon we know today. This is Honky Chat. Desperately looking for feedback on this one, so please leave any thoughts you might have on iTunes, YouTube (via the MadSounds channel) or on Twitter! Speaking of, you can also follow us @MarkMadSounds & @SteffiMishell. Thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 35: An Oral History of VIP Records (INTERVIEW SPECIAL)

    08/08/2018 Duración: 01h36min

    In which I appropriate a college journalism assignment from April for comeback fodder. Huge thanks to VIP owner Kelvin Anderson, rapper Quictamac & producer Keith Thompson (aka DJ Slice) for giving me so much to work with. These guys give nearly 40 years of fascinating first-hand music history, from the ins & out of early hip-hop sampling, to the effect one Snoop Dogg video can have on a local record store, to the fate of their famous sign. SONGS USED: Snoop Dogg - "What's My Name?" Quictamac feat. Crooked I, Tripploc & Westcoast Stone - "It's a Long Beach Thang" GQ Steve & DJ Slice - "Movin'" Follow me on Twitter @MarkMadSounds, stay tuned next week for the pilot of Honky Chat, and thanks for listening!

  • I'M BACK...KINDA... okay, lemme explain...

    06/08/2018 Duración: 05min

    I got 2 podcasts coming here soon. Neither are what you've come to expect, but if you like what Johnny & I have done earlier, I guarantee you'll get something out of it.. If you have kept this in your feed these past 6 months, I'm eternally grateful, & hope this return won't let you down.(This audio was mostly made for the YouTube channel, but it works just as well here. I'll probably delete this once both of these episodes are up.)

  • Ep. 34: This List Has What Your Ex Lacks (Obscure Year End Lists 2017)

    04/01/2018 Duración: 01h46min

    In which we hold our annual tradition of counting down things like Best EP's & Songs That Should've Been Hits... before we devolve into insanity trying to explain why Eminem's Revival is so UNIQUELY awful. Enjoy! Mad Sound of the Week: What Is This - "I'll Be Around" NEW OCML STUFF: OCML Team's Best Albums of 2017 - Bad Reception interview - Dead Poet Society interview - CHECK OUT MODERN COLOR: Follow us on Twitter @MarkMadSounds & @ViralRak, and thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 33: The Allegations & AOTY Lists Are Raging Inside Me

    18/12/2017 Duración: 01h34min

    ...Okay, that title's a lie. We weren't into Science Fiction. BUT should that (or certain other things) stop people from giving Brand New a spot on their lists? Let's talk about that. Also picks & predictions for the 2018 Grammys (full chart posted on Twitter on Wednesday), and an inspiring message of hope from The Boogie Boys to start it all off. TIMESTAMPS: Intro – New interviews & podcast on OCML (links below) 3:25 Mad Sound of the Week: The Boogie Boys – “Dealin’ with Life” 12:00 Brand New & 2017 year-end lists (+ thoughts on Science Fiction) 40:45 Grammys 2018 picks & predictions OCML STUFF PLUGGED: OCML Podcast Ep. 60 - on iTunes now CVLTVRE Interview -  In Urgency Interview - Follow us on Twitter @MarkMadSounds & @ViralRak, and thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 32: Paramore, Underrated 90's Albums & Our Best Bit Ever

    07/12/2017 Duración: 02h02min

    In which we go through another gauntlet of albums in the 2017 backlog, do a slightly more contentious Hook Reports on Soul Coughing & Fastball, and take a look at the 70's dad-rock ode 2 tha h8rz we didn't know we didn't want. ALBUMS COVERED IN ORDER: Soul Coughing – Ruby Vroom, Fastball – All the Pain Money Can Buy, Paramore – After Laughter, Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good at This, Depeche Mode – Spirit, Godflesh – Post Self, Nickelback – Feed the Machine, Talib Kweli – Radio Silence, New Politics – Lost in Translation, Scala & Kolacny Brothers – It All Leads to This, Stick to Your Guns – True View, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – Patriots Day OST / Check out my new article on about that '68 show, you can NOW follow me on Twitter @MarkMadSounds,. or Johnny @ViralRak, and thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 31: How I Moshed to Rock Lobster (w/ Crash Thompson)

    13/11/2017 Duración: 01h54min

    In which special guest Crash Thompson (The Rock Critic) & I react to Owl City's latest stab at bro-country, bring back Hook Reports to honor a late Canadian legend my dumb SoCal a** was far too ignorant about, and give a first-hand account of just what happened to The Regrettes at Growlers Six last month. // TIMESTAMPS: 2:40 Oh god this new Owl City song… / HOOK REPORTS: Canadian Edition - 14:45 Tragically Hip – Fully Completely & Music @ Work / 49:20 Japandroids – Near to the Wild Heart of Life / 59:25 More on duos + future “How to Get Into” videos / GROWLERS SIX FESTIVAL RECAP - 1:12:45 Intro & Modest Mouse / 1:19:00 Girl Talk / 1:21:00 Julian Casablancas + the Voidz / 1:24:30 The B-52’s / 1:29:40 The Regrettes / 1:41:25 Ex Stains / 1:42:55 Danny Brown / 1:44:30 Alice Glass / 1:47:55 Dan Auerbach // Check out Crash's video on The Tragically Hip we talked about here on his channel The Rock Critic! His Twitter @TehRockCritic, my Twitter @SpinItReviews. Thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 30: I Swear _____ Was Good in 2013...

    23/10/2017 Duración: 02h05min

    In which I grossly overcompensate for staying in my comfort zone the last few weeks. Two of my personal picks are not in English. Otherwise just another rundown of new & old releases, with a focus on acts from the Music Tastes Good festival. Stick around for a special convo with members of Orange County Music League about what makes a local scene special. // TIMESTAMPS: 2:50 Eminem Trump stuff / 10:00 Record Store Day Black Friday 2017 // ALBUMS DISCUSSED - 15:35 Foo Fighters / 26:05 The Killers / 33:10 Macklemore / 47:30 JOHNNY’S NEW EP!!! / 48:25 Chelsea Wolfe / 50:30 Alvvays / 54:00 Action Bronson / 56:20 Heaven 17 / 1:01:05 Blanck Mass / 1:03:30 Juana Molina / 1:14:25 Big Sean / 1:19:40 Jean-Michel Jarre / 1:25:20 36 Crazyfists / 1:28:20 Imagine Dragons // BONUS SEGMENT: 1:45:55 Convo w/ OCML // Check out the Mad Sounds YouTube channel for more stuff & links to all songs played. Follow us on Twitter @SpinItReviews & @ViralRak. Thanks for listening!'

  • Ep. 29: Tom Petty's 40 Years of Rock Excellence

    09/10/2017 Duración: 01h08min

    In which we go over the long career & legacy of one of my all-time favorite artists, the late Tom Petty. As the everyman's rock star, between the Heartbreakers, the Wilburys, Mudcrutch & solo work, he's left behind one of the most solid & timeless discographies in rock. However, for a guy that's never cared for flashy videos or reinventing himself for the times, this may have ended up a double-edged sword. Find out why I (along with more casual fan Johnny) believe that in this special retrospective episode. // SONGS PLAYED IN ORDER: Saving Grace (Highway Companion, 2006), I Should Have Known It (Mojo, 2010), Make It Better (Southern Accents, 1985), Asshole (Songs & Music from "She's the One", 1996), Hungry No More (Mudcrutch 2, 2016), Joe (The Last DJ, 2002), Echo, (Echo, 1999), We Stand a Chance (Long After Dark, 1982), Anything That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll (self-titled, 1976). // Check out more on the Mad Sounds YouTube channel, and follow us on Twitter! // Mark @SpinItReviews, Johnny @Viralrak

  • Ep. 28: Two Hours, Sixteen New Albums & One Box of Yeaties

    25/09/2017 Duración: 01h55min

    In which we make up for lost time & test a new format w/ some rapid-fire reviews but not really rapid-fire reviews because I rambled too long about '68. Good to be back! #SP7forStreamies.  // Albums covered w/ timecodes: 14:35 LCD Soundsystem / 25:50 Death from Above / 35:40 Lorde / 43:45 Kesha / 52:15 Queens of the Stone Age / 1:01:05 Neck Deep / 1:08:10 Dalek / 1:10:35 Bleachers / 1:14:00 Royal Blood / 1:17:00 ’68 / 1:24:10 – Elder / 1:27:15 Alice Cooper / 1:33:55 Joyner Lucas / 1:38:35 Amine / 1:42:50 Rex Orange County / 1:46:15 Emma Blackery // Check out the Mad Sounds YouTube channel (formerly Spin It! Reviews) for an update on how things are gonna be over there. // Follow us on Twitter @SpinItReviews @ViralRak. Thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 27: Chester Bennington & When Posthumous Praise Becomes Disrespectful

    05/08/2017 Duración: 41min

    In this shorter episode, Johnny & I discuss the tragic death of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. Topics include their impact, mental health, & why it's perfectly fine to still have the thoughts you do about One More Light. I also announce my upcoming album "Learned Helplessness", which can be pre-ordered at Kinda unfortunate timing to plug, but this was the only chance I had to promote on here before the album came out. Twitters: @SpinItReviews @Viralrak. Thanks for listening.

  • Ep. 26: (w/ Daybreaker) Meatier Meteor Sounds

    19/07/2017 Duración: 01h01min

    WE IN ARTIST INTERVIEW MODE AGAIN. This time with my friend & Daybreaker guitarist/bandleader Cristian Marsella. We talk about the approach to instrumental alt-rock found on their EP "Stop Talking", songs inspired by satellites with feelings, and why The Room is SO much better than Sharknado. // Daybreaker: // Cristian solo: // My Twitter: // Please leave any thoughts you have on this style of podcast I'm doing here, and thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 25 (w/ Crash Thompson IRL!): Opeth's Burritos with Jack White's Guac

    05/07/2017 Duración: 01h12min

    After weeks of tech delays, I present a truly momentous landmark in the history of dudes on YouTube who talk about bands. This was recorded in May during my trip to Indianapolisc to visit co-host Johnny & The Rock Critic's Crash Thompson. Strongly recommend watching this one on Spin It! Reviews on YouTube, but you can listen here & not miss too much. / / TIMESTAMPS: 4:35 Opeth/Gojira/Devin Townsend concert recap / 38:20 Cards Against Humanity/Music Geeks Vs. Everyone game // Our Twitters: @SpinItReviews @Viralrak, special guest @TehRockCritic // Leave a rating & review if you liked this, and thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 24: The Insane in Train Falls Mainly Monahan

    20/04/2017 Duración: 01h09s

    Part 2 of last week's convo, in which I spend an hour explaining the latest Train album "a girl a bottle a boat" to Johnny. This man needs help. DISCLAIMER: I didn't know "working girl" was also a slang term for a prostitute. This changes everything... // Also briefly discussed: being followed on Twitter by Gavin Rossdale from Bush & what to do with that. // Follow us on Twitter (@SpinItReviews @Viralrak), and subscribe to Spin It! Reviews on YouTube. Thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 23: SpongeBob's Indie Cred & Literal Soapbox Preachers

    13/04/2017 Duración: 01h05min

    The first in a pair of episodes where Mad Sounds really lives up to its name, including but not limited to: Elton John's long-forgotten disco phase, a song parody from the 60's about laundry elitism, and a spoken word compilation of a soapmaker advocating Spaceship Earth acquired on a bagel delivery. // TIMESTAMPS: 2:55 3 Weird Record Stories (Elton, Detergents, Bronner) / 37:50 Q&A CONVO: Favorite soundtracks / 55:20 WHYBLTL (Gorillaz, Lupe Fiasco) // Songs played: Elton John - Johnny B. Goode, The Detergents - Leader of the Laundromat, Gorillaz feat. DRAM - Andromeda // STAY TUNED FOR THE THRILLING CONCLUSION NEXT WEEK // Follow us on Twitter (@SpinItReviews @Viralrak), and subscribe to Spin It! Reviews on YouTube. Thanks for listening!

  • Ep. 22: The Return of Johnny

    02/03/2017 Duración: 02h05min

    Finally this show makes sense again, as we welcome back previous co-host Viralrak to introduce new segments, review some of each other's favorite metal & punk albums of last year, recap 2AM industrial hip-hip shows, and announce something pretty major that'll happen in the coming months. // TIMESTAMPS: 6:25 Johnny's reintroduction & AOTY overlaps w/ other channels / 26:55 Clipping show misadventure / "What Have You Been Listening to Lately?”: 42:25 A buncha new singles for better or worse, 1:01:10 Flaming Lips / New segment: "HOOK REPORTS": 1:22:15 Jeff Rosenstock, 1:30:40 Gojira // For a list of & links to all songs we played clips of over the course of this episode, in addition to Johnny's top 50 list for 2016, check the description of the YouTube upload on Spin It! Reviews. // Follow us on Twitter: @SpinItReviews @Viralrak

  • Ep. 21: Send My Grief (To Your New Grammy)

    18/02/2017 Duración: 01h08min

    ACriticNamedKevin & I revisit our Grammy picks & predictions, and promptly spend half an hour bitching about how wrong we were in most of the categories that matter. Other topics include seeing a screening of The Room, overlong 2017 hip hop records (novelty or otherwise), and my restless quest to make my friends fans of Japandroids. // TIMESTAMPS: 2:25 Going to a screening of The Room / 11:05 Grammy recap & pick/prediction update / 41:40 What Have You Been Listening to Lately (Japandroids, Beach Boys, Pink Guy, The XX) // For links to songs played during the episode, go to the YouTube upload on Spin It! Reviews. // My Twitter: @SpinItReviews /  Today's guest: @ACriticNamedKev

  • Ep. 20: I Get Electronic Music Now

    03/02/2017 Duración: 01h19min

    In my talk with electronic music reviewer The Wonky Angle, we talk about the niche his channel fills on YouTube, his new DOUBLE album under the 256 Pi moniker, and songs from Calvin Harris & David Guetta that are actually pretty good. // Links to songs played are in the description of the YouTube upload on Spin It! Reviews. // My Twitter: @SpinItReviews // Today's guest: @256Pi // Pick up the new 256 Pi album "Spiral Out of Control," available now on Bandcamp & iTunes!

  • Ep. 19: Obscure Year-End Lists 2016

    19/01/2017 Duración: 01h59min

    Music vlogger Liz Rogers joins me as we go down year-end lists with topics you're less likely to see. The best features, the albums that overstayed their welcome, the songs that would've made 2016 decent for pop music, etc. For links to all songs mentioned & played, go to the YouTube upload over on Spin It! Reviews. //  TIMESTAMPS: 4:30 Biggest Dropoffs / 34:15 Albums That Were Way Too Damn Long / 53:15 Best Song Collaborations / 1:23:35 Songs That Should've Been Hits //  My Twitter: @SpinItReviews /  Today's guest: @Zbethian

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