Mad Sounds / Honky Chat

Ep. 22: The Return of Johnny



Finally this show makes sense again, as we welcome back previous co-host Viralrak to introduce new segments, review some of each other's favorite metal & punk albums of last year, recap 2AM industrial hip-hip shows, and announce something pretty major that'll happen in the coming months. // TIMESTAMPS: 6:25 Johnny's reintroduction & AOTY overlaps w/ other channels / 26:55 Clipping show misadventure / "What Have You Been Listening to Lately?”: 42:25 A buncha new singles for better or worse, 1:01:10 Flaming Lips / New segment: "HOOK REPORTS": 1:22:15 Jeff Rosenstock, 1:30:40 Gojira // For a list of & links to all songs we played clips of over the course of this episode, in addition to Johnny's top 50 list for 2016, check the description of the YouTube upload on Spin It! Reviews. // Follow us on Twitter: @SpinItReviews @Viralrak