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Ep. 25 (w/ Crash Thompson IRL!): Opeth's Burritos with Jack White's Guac



After weeks of tech delays, I present a truly momentous landmark in the history of dudes on YouTube who talk about bands. This was recorded in May during my trip to Indianapolisc to visit co-host Johnny & The Rock Critic's Crash Thompson. Strongly recommend watching this one on Spin It! Reviews on YouTube, but you can listen here & not miss too much. / / TIMESTAMPS: 4:35 Opeth/Gojira/Devin Townsend concert recap / 38:20 Cards Against Humanity/Music Geeks Vs. Everyone game // Our Twitters: @SpinItReviews @Viralrak, special guest @TehRockCritic // Leave a rating & review if you liked this, and thanks for listening!