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Wrongfully accused, Spar has been condemned to suffer the brutality of the guards and the conditions on Devil’s Island. But they haven’t broken his will, and now, escaping, he has one mission in life: revenge. Spar’s out to kill the man who put him into the devil’s hands. But he’ll have to take on a gallery of rogues who are as treacherous as the waters of the Caribbean.
Pressure is rising and a storm is brewing. But even in the face of a natural disaster, Spar discovers that nothing is more volatile than human nature—as temptation and danger are about to collide with Hurricane force.
“Hurricane will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end as it unfolds.” —Mommy’s Favorite Things
Here’s your ticket for a cruise to the Caribbean—with danger at every turn—as the audio version of Hurricane sweeps you away.
*International Book Awards finalist for Best Group Performance 2012


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