Pregnant Lust 24-pack : Books 1 - 24 (pregnancy Erotica Pregnant Sex Public Sex Age Gap Erotica Collection)

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Pregnant babes bursting with lust for the mature alpha-males in their lives feature in this 24-pack erotica bundle. Listen as their cravings get the best of them and they submit to their seasoned men in wild style, begging to be satisfied like never before.

Includes audiobooks 1 - 24 of the Pregnant Lust series : 'So Horny I'd Have Anyone - Even My Ex-Teacher!' 'Knocked Up & Begging,' 'Craving For My Boss's Length,' 'Hard Wood,' 'Pushing Back On My Boss' ’My Boss’s Big Hands on My Pregnant Belly,' ‘My Doctor’s Magical Ultrasound Gel,' ‘A Bun In My Oven While He Takes Me,' ‘Don’t Put That On, Mr. – Just Take Me,' ‘I Saw Him Sniffing My Panties,' ‘My Secret Formula For Him' ‘Boss’s Beach-Bang,' ‘Sharing My Body With Him And A Bed With His Wife,’ ‘My New Year’s Resolution Was To Claim My Older Friend,’ ‘My Nun Pregnancy Story Is True, I Swear!’ ‘Caught Pillow-Humping By Him,’ ‘Sneaking To The Restroom With My Landlord,’ ‘Driven Wild By His Music,’ ‘My Doctor Is My First Subscriber,’ ‘Photo-Shoot All Over My Face,’ ‘Stop Or I’ll Make You Shoot,’ ‘Going Down By The Riverside,’ ‘My Spa Day Facial’ and ‘His Tight Fit.’


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