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A stunning legal thriller, Rough Justice, by Edgar Award winner Lisa Scottoline, breaks new ground in fiction's hottest genre and launches a riveting series featuring the adventures of an all-woman law firm.

As Rough Justice opens, criminal lawyer Marta Richter is only hours away from winning an acquittal on a murder charge leveled against her client, millionaire businessman Elliot Steere. But as the jury begins to deliberate, Steere lets it slip that he sold Marta a bogus self-defense claim and that he in fact murdered the homeless man he claimed tried to carjack him. Infuriated, Marta sets out to find the evidence that will convict Steere before the jury returns with its verdict.

During the worst blizzard Philadelphia has ever seen, Marta drafts help in the form of two able-bodied young lawyers -- Mary DiNunzio and Judy Carrier -- from the all-female firm Rosato & Associates. Enter Benedetta-Bennie? Rosato, managing partner of Rosato & Associates. When she realizes that Marta is determined to convict her own client -- and ruin the law firm in the process -- Bennie acts to thwart Marta's plans and bring Steere to justice in her own way. But even from his jail cell, the businessman has the cunning and connections to kill again. The lawyers have finally met their match in Elliot Steere. Or have they?