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NEW SHOW! YOUR JUICY LOVE WITH UNA DRAKE! Co-hosting with Dr. Pat MonthlyHosting - Every 2nd Monday 12pm pt / 3pm etYour Juicy Love with Una Drake helps you find the dynamic, life-affirming love youve always wanted, but didnt know was really possible. Follow Una as she explores how to find juicy love, even under unique or challenging circumstances. Una Drake believes relationships are the perfect crucible for spiritual growth. She will explore how Sacred Union practices can transform all of your relationships, and bring Peace, Joy and Juicy Juicy Love to planet Earth! Una will cover such topics as relationships, dating, sacred union, boundaries, communication, conscious love and much more! A spiritual leader at heart, Una has a background in shamanic healing and metaphysical work, and her mission is to increase the peace, joy, and love on planet earth! Stay juicy!About Una - Una Drake believes dating is a powerful tool for personal growth. A spiritual healer at heart, Una helps men and women find love, even under unique or challenging circumstances.Entering the dating market as a newly-single mom in her mid-thirties, with a very specific set of relationship criteria, opened Unas eyes to the problems and potential of contemporary dating. She found the path to true love, as always, requires courage, integrity and perseverance, especially today, in a landscape dominated by dating apps, unsolicited unsavory photos and ghosting.Coming from a background in shamanic healing and metaphysical work, in 2012, Una began helping clients specifically with dating. She developed the Mini-Date Method to help clients simplify the dating process and find the love they are looking for. Today Una teaches courses and continues to coach clients in holistic dating, love and relationships.Unas eclectic background includes a BA in Chemistry, professional training in Expressive Arts Therapy, work as a professional psychic and energy healer, intensive shamanic training, as well as time spent as a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters. Una wrote the book, Space Clearing: A Practical Guide in 2013. She has been Organizer of the Seattle UFO Network since 2010, and has hosted over 100 UFO and paranormal-related events in the Seattle area, including a lecture series, a conference and an Experiencer Support Group.


  • Navigating The Ecology of Connection


    Relationships are all around us: friends, neighbors, co-workers, family and so on. Yet, our culture puts unhealthy pressure on a singular romantic relationship to fulfill an unrealistic number of roles: best friend, domestic partner, passionate lover, co-parent, and so on. Una will discuss how to nurture a rich and deep network of healthy relationships where you can find support in the many facets of life.

  • Find Love At Any Age!


    Dont give up! You CAN find a high quality relationship that feels good, and keeps getting better. In this episode Una coverssimple ways to meet like-minded singles, how to approach someone youre interested in, and how to de-code online dating.

  • Navigating Non-Traditional Relationships


    Relationships are not one-size-fits-all. If you've had trouble finding the right match, you may need to look outside the box! But going into uncharted territory can bring unseen dangers as well as rich rewards.

  • Wildcat: No-Limits Dating For Women Over 50!


    Listen in as Una talks with Suzanna Mathews, The Date Maven, about how dating is different for women over 50. Suzanna is a dating coach, matchmaker and author of the book, Revising Mrs. Robinson:Navigating Cougar-Cub Dating and Relationships.

  • The Mirror of Venus - Reflection, Projection and the Law of Attraction in Relationships


    Relationships are hard precisely because our own wounds and insecurities are reflected back to us within the relationship dynamic. Conversely, the more secure and healthy we are on an inner level, the better the relationships we tend to attract. If we are strong enough to look into the Mirror of Venus, it can show us what we can't see any other way.

  • Self-Love, Divine Love, and Healing the Human Heart


    Self-love comes from the Divine Higher Self, from beyond the ego, and self-love is the key to staying Juicy! But some souls suffer such inner torment, shame and self-loathing that it can feel impossible to genuinely love and care for themselves. Listen in as Una explores self-love, divine love and healing the human heart.

  • Using the Law of Attraction to Find Love


    You've heard of the Law of Attraction, but did you know you can use it to find love? Activate these powerful principles to pull your perfect partner to you! Listen in as Una and Dr. Pat cover what to do, and common mistakes to avoid, in your search for love.

  • Attachment Theory and Finding Lasting Love


    Attachment theory can predict who will find lasting love and who will struggle again and again with dashed hopes and recurring heartache. By understanding attachment styles, you can gain powerful insight into your own relationship patterns and learn what you need for a relationship that really works. Listen in as Una shares how attachment theory relates directly to the dating and relationships!

  • Creativity and Living a Juicy Life!


    Bring creative juice to your life! Creative expression is both healing and invigorating, perfect for anyone looking to bring more passion and zest to their life. Listen in to learn how to live a more creative, dynamic and JUICY life!Watch Una LIVE on Facebook - go to: www.facebook.com/transformationtalkradio

  • Male-Female Polarity in Relationships


    Listen in as Una discusses the male/female polarity model with two expert guests! Our discussion will range from how this model has been used in the past to how it is being called into question today. How "real" is male-female polarity? Is this traditional relationship model helpful, harmful...or just another tool for understanding human behavior?

  • Is Your Relationship Toxic or Just in a Rough Patch?


    With so much talk of toxic relationships these days, how do you really know if your relationship is toxic or just in a rough patch that you should stick out. No longterm relationship is perfect all the time, and we are all just human. So how do you know when it's time to cut your losses, or stay the course?Watch LIVE on Facebook! Go to: www.facebook.com/transformationtalkradio

  • The Younger Generation Speaks About Love and Relationships


    Listen in as Una talks with some special guests from the newer generationaboutgender identity, sexual orientation, relationships and love.

  • Love, Trust, and Vulnerability


    Love, trust and vulnerability are inseparable, but it can feel unbearably scary to risk being hurt again after heartbreak. It would be super convenient to never have to be vulnerable ever again, but seeking to control another person or a situation in order to avoid pain or shame, does not lead to love and connection. Trust is key to creative, juicy, alive love.Watch LIVE on Facebook! Go to: www.facebook.com/transformationtalkradio

  • Dating for Weirdos


    Want to find love, but feel like you are too "weird?" Looking for a partner, but you're convinced it's impossible to find your match? Listen in to find out where to start!Watch and Listen to Una and Dr. Pat LIVE on Facebook! Go to: www.facebook.com/transformationtalkradio

  • Creating A Juicy and Passionate Valentine's Day


    Una Drake and David Imiri discuss how to build closeness, intimacy and passion in relationships. Whether your relationship is brand new or decades old, intimacy and passion arevital parts of any Juicy Love! Listen in for tips on how to heat things up in your love life, just in time for Valentine's Day!

  • Juicy Date Ideas for Juicy Love and a Juicy Life


    How to get creative with dates, yes even if you have a spouse or partner, to make your life more juicy! Una and Dr. Pat offer lots of suggestions to have fun and benefit from making romance and connection a regular part of your life........and Juicy doesn't mean expensive!! Tune-in LIVE on Facebook! Go to: www.facebook.com/transformationtalkradio

  • Freedom Through Radical Forgiveness


    Radical Forgiveness allows you to let go of the past so you can move forward into the relationship you really want. Stop lugging the baggage from your past hurts and traumas around with you. Let it go! Brenda Reiss, Radical Forgiveness coach, tells us how.

  • The #1 Reason Relationships Fail… and How Listening From the Four Directions Can Reveal a Path Forward with Ben Goldman


    The #1 Reason Relationships Fail is Change. Its constant, and happening in all four directions: in ourselves, our partner, our relationship, and the context of our relationship. The solution? Listening. We need to become better at listening from these four directions

  • Triggers, Tantra and Sacred Union with David Imiri


    In this episode we explore how to deal with triggers in relationships. Triggers are those knee-jerk emotional reactions that stem from past trauma. Often times they can derail our most important relationships and even prevent us from reaching our goals in life. But David Imiri says that "the treasure is in the triggers!" How can that be? We'll talk to David about his unique approach to healing triggers,from a philosophy of Sacred Union and deep Tantric training.

  • Dating in the 21st Century


    Dating and finding a mate in the 21st century may seem strange and complicated, but thats because we have so much more freedom and choice than any of our ancestors ever did. As we have more choice we are forced to ask deeper questions and examine our own desires and motives at a deeper level. Tune in for some candid discussion around dating choices in the here and now with Una and Dr. Pat.

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