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Hobbes, Bruces beloved side-kick, has made history in his short seven years. Rescued by Bruce from a horrible domestic violence situation in 2009, our feisty canine staff-member has helped over 1,000 animals find homes, working with the Addison County Humane Society.


  • Bruce & Hobbes Podcast: Wendell Morse, All American Dachshund Rescue

    13/03/2018 Duración: 17min

    This month, Bruce & Hobbes are joined by Wendell Morse, Vice President, All American Dachshund Rescue. All American Dachshund Rescue is a Tennessee-based 501(C)(3) rescue group, whose mission is to protect the welfare of dachshunds, promote their humane treatment, and well-being. Wendell and his organization have seen it all - from the lows of the cruelty, abuse & neglect, to the soaring highs of placing an animal in a loving home, with a forever family. Wendell has done it all – including the actual transports themselves, so the term “Hands-on Rescuer” fits him well! During his visit with Bruce & Hobbes, Wendell discusses: All American Dachshund Rescue’s History & Mission The areas of the country AADR covers What a dachshund is like as a companion, and the type of person a dachshund would be a good fit for The types of dogs they are able to help Where the dogs come from, and some of the situations The transports Foster families, and how to adopt Home visits & donations AADR and the partnership with Bru

  • Bruce & Hobbes Podcast: Jamie & Jonny Toschi & Nibbles, Inspirational Youth

    23/06/2017 Duración: 23min

    This week, Bruce & Hobbes are joined by: Jamie & Jonny (Toschi) & Nibbles - Inspirational Youth, (his Mom) & his “best buddy” Nibbles In the Spring of 2013, Jonny & his family met “Daisy,” a female Rouen duckling. An instant friendship was created, and he took her almost everywhere. For the most part, where Jonny went, Daisy went too. When Daisy was about 4 weeks old, she started having seizures, and the family thought Daisy wouldn’t live. Jonny was heartbroken, but eventually, she recovered and the two friends became even closer. Daisy became a part of the family, and although she continued to have seizures, they slowed down, and became less frequent as she grew. Daisy had fun, and lots of love. Jonny’s family didn’t know if Daisy would have ducklings, but one day, Daisy met Daffy, a Rouen drake – and it was LOVE at first sight! Jonny & his family were hopeful, and Daisy laid 10 eggs, which they incubated. Out of the 10 eggs, seven hatched – and Nibbles was the last egg Daisy laid apart from the ot

  • Bruce & Hobbes Podcast: Amanda Rutter, Burlington Emergency & Veterinary Specialists

    17/05/2017 Duración: 20min

    This week, Bruce & Hobbes are joined by: Amanda Rutter - DVM, Emergency Medical Director - Burlington Emergency & Veterinary Specialists No matter how hard people try to protect the animals in their lives, accidents & emergencies happen. While those situations are frightening, it’s a fact that being prepared, and having a plan, can save an animal’s life. How does one prepare, and what type of plan should a pet parent have? Bruce & Hobbes reached out to an expert in veterinary medicine, to get answers. Dr. Amanda Rutter is the Emergency Medical Director at Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists in Williston, Vermont, and since 1999, the hospital has been using cutting edge technology to help animals, and save lives. Widely regarded as one of the best hospitals in New England, the facility provides state-of-the art medical care to companion animals, including 24 hour emergency & critical care. During her visit, Dr. Rutter discusses: The capabilities of Burlington Emergency & Veterinary Speciali

  • Bruce & Hobbes Podcast: Kristine Steiner, Because You Care, Inc.

    02/05/2017 Duración: 27min

    This week, Bruce & Hobbes are joined by: Kristine Steiner - Executive Director, Because You Care, Inc. “Because You Care,” Inc. is a volunteer-driven, non-profit, no-kill animal rescue group founded in 1981, in northwestern Pennsylvania. Their incoming cats & dogs initially reside in foster homes with volunteer families. There, the animals receive any needed vet care, including vaccinations, testing, & spaying or neutering, as well as socialization. Once they are deemed healthy, and ready for adoption, the pets move to the Adoption Center, where potential adopters can visit with them. In the Cat Center, feline residents range freely through a home-like setting, complete with comfortable furniture and a view of bird feeders. In the Dog Center, each dog has a spacious kennel with access to an outdoor run, as well as access to one of three large exercise yards.  “Because You Care” also has an indoor playroom where the dogs can play & socialize in inclement weather. “Because You Care” is concerned with compan

  • Bruce & Hobbes Podcast: Siobhan Brenda Johnson, GetALong Dachshund Rescue

    18/04/2017 Duración: 22min

    This week, Bruce & Hobbes are joined by: Siobhan Brenda Johnson, Co-Founder, Vice-President - GetALong Dachshund Rescue. GetALong Dachshund Rescue (GADR) is a Dachshund rescue helping animals in over 20 states. The organization steps up for senior dachshunds, and those with severe medical needs. GADR also rescues young dachshunds. GADR’s main purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dachshunds in forever homes, where they can live their lives in safe, loving environments. GADR even sometimes finds itself providing loving arms, and safe foster homes, for the severely ill to live out their last days, being loved and cherished. Many of the dachshunds they work with are abandoned in shelters because they can no longer provide their “owners” with healthy puppies to be sold. The other reason is they have gotten old, and are in need of medical attention that the “owners” don’t want to pay for. Sadly, in many instances, the only medical care these dogs have ever had, was their first shots as puppies. GA

  • Bruce & Hobbes Podcast: Matthew LaValley, Wag-On-Inn

    04/04/2017 Duración: 24min

    This week, Bruce & Hobbes are joined by: Matthew LaValley - Owner, Wag-On-Inn, LLC. - PET GROOMING Grooming is a big part of a companion animals’ overall well-being, but finding the RIGHT groomer for your animals takes some looking into. The are many factors that go into selecting THE RIGHT groomer, and many reasons a pet parent may, or may not, select someone. Widely regarded as an expert on dog grooming, Matt joins the boys to discuss some of the factors, and answer some common questions that come up in the process of selecting the right groomer for your animals. On this week’s show, Matt discusses: Why grooming is important. What grooming involves. Which breeds of dogs need to be groomed. How often your pet needs to be groomed. The breeds of dogs that may not need to be groomed. If the time of year matters, when considering grooming options. How to pick a groomer. The questions someone should ask a potential groomer. What to do with anxious, or special needs animals. How long a grooming session sho

  • Bruce & Hobbes Podcast: Denise Gareau, Eskies Online

    28/02/2017 Duración: 24min

    This week, Bruce & Hobbes are joined by Denise Gareau - Founder, Eskies Online. Eskies Online is a 501(c)(3) Multi-breed rescue group that serves unwanted American Eskimos and other dogs in need. Their group of volunteer foster homes spans the Northeast, and their adoption territory extends from Maine to eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of northern Maryland. Over the Christmas Holiday, Denise, and her organization, were involved with the dramatic rescue of Zoey Jean, a dachshund Chihuahua mix, abandoned and left for dead inside an abandoned building in Brooklyn, New York. Bruce was alerted to Zoey’s plight, and launched a nationwide rescue mission to save her. It was a dramatic, roller coaster rescue, with twists and turns almost impossible to believe. T he search and rescue was followed by almost 80,000 people around the world. Initially, Zoey was near death, and many people did not think she would survive. After an exhaustive search and rescue mission, Zoey Jean made her way to Eskies Online