Each week, host Eric Dwinnells chats with a different guest cohost about the unexplained, paranormal, mysterious, occult...anything that could be described as spooky! Some topics are heavy, some are light, but all are spooky.


  • 178 Spooky Lockdown Movies 1

    178 Spooky Lockdown Movies 1

    19/05/2020 Duración: 49min

    Tonight Eric welcomes movie reviewer Kristofer Jenson to discuss some Spooky Lockdown Movies! No, these aren't movies about lockdowns! They are movies that we recommend for you to enjoy during this lockdown! Ain't living through historic moments fun??? Yes, most of us are stuck inside with time on our hands. So why not catch up on some spooky movies? In part one, we'll discuss The Exorcist, The Haunting, Event Horizon, and Alien! We'll discuss the power of evil, gender politics, and mental health for starters. Be sure to tune in next week for part two! Music by Occultic Overtones

  • ReMix: Disneys Haunted Mansion

    ReMix: Disney's Haunted Mansion

    22/04/2020 Duración: 54min

    Eric is back with guest cohost Arron Cohen to talk about their favorite Disney ride, The Haunted Mansion! Learn the history of the ride and numerous fun facts on this remix episode from 2016. Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 177 Fighting the Zombie Hoard (End of the world pt 2)

    177 Fighting the Zombie Hoard (End of the world pt 2)

    13/04/2020 Duración: 48min

    Tonight Eric and Susan Barrett continue their discussion about the end of the world but more specifically, they discuss the USA's Plan to Fight The Zombie Hoard!! What if the US was suddenly overrun with zombies? The US military has thought about this and come up with a response. It includes plans for how to deal with viral zombies, magic zombies and...alien zombies! Learn the governments plan and what you can do to help on this week's Spooky A S! Music by Occultic Overtones and Brian Toney

  • 176 End of the World

    176 End of the World

    03/04/2020 Duración: 51min

    Tonight Eric and True-Blue Spookaroo Susan Barrett discuss The End of the World! Is it happening now? Has it happened before? What did Nostradamus say about it? Find out tonight plus a side bar about Tiger King on this week's Spooky A S! Music by Occultic Overtones

  • Remix Ghosts of John Stones Public House

    Remix Ghosts of John Stone's Public House

    24/03/2020 Duración: 46min

    Ok, it's a repeat of a repeat, but boy is it a good one! Learn all about Stone's Public House (aka John Stone's Inn), one of the most haunted restaurants in Massachusetts located in Eric's hometown, Ashland! Eric and special guest Jennifer Lecesse (aka Jennie Blades) discuss the true history as well as the legend on tonight's Spooky A S! Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 175 Beer Wolf

    175 Beer Wolf

    16/03/2020 Duración: 43min

    Eric welcomes back Tom Cole to discuss the history of the Coors Light Beer Wolf! In the early 1980's Coors was brand new to the beer biz. They thought they could boost sales by tying in their beer with a holiday...HALLOWEEN! Soon enough, their original Halloween mascot was born: The Coors Light Beer Wolf! He had a few seasons in the sun, but this tale ends in a bit of tragedy for Beer Wolf was not long for this world. Why? Find out on this week's Spooky A S! Music by Occultic Overtones

  • Re: Shadow People

    Re: Shadow People

    09/03/2020 Duración: 53min

    This week we revisit the very first full-length episode of Spooky A S and the subject is Shadow People! Eric tells his guest Tom Cole all about the time he encountered a shadow person and gives some explanation of just what these shadowy figures might be. Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 174 Werewolf of Germany: Peter Stumpp

    174 Werewolf of Germany: Peter Stumpp

    02/03/2020 Duración: 51min

    Eric welcomes back our on-call history teacher, Jeff Bergeron to discuss the strange case of The Werewolf of Germany, Peter Stumpp aka Peter Stubbe! Sometime in the late 16th century, wealthy farmer Peter Stumpp confessed to being a werewolf. He claimed that as a child, the devil had given him a magical belt which gave him the power to transform into a wow and back to a human at will. He confessed to the murders of at least 13 people and so he was tortured and executed...but how much of the story is true??? Music by Ocultic Overtones

  • Remix: What is Spooky A S???

    Remix: What is Spooky A S???

    25/02/2020 Duración: 23min

    We're going all the way back to the very beginning in this deluxe directors cut edition of the very first episode of Spooky A S entitled What is Spooky A S? Eric opens the show with new insights about the shows origins in general and this episode in particular. If you're a long-time listener, you'll hear some interesting tidbits about the creation of the show and if you're a new listener, you'll have a great foundation to truly understand what the heck we're trying to do here! Plus we'll talk about stand-up comedy, Santa, wrestling and of course, Unsolved Mysteries. Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 173 Wood Devils

    173 Wood Devils

    18/02/2020 Duración: 34min

    Tonight, Eric takes a look at the legend of Coos County's Wood Devils (aka Woods Devils). These bigfoot-like creatures have said to have roamed the New England forrest for centuries, but what could be the truth behind these fearsome fur-covered fiends? Eric discusses that plus the differences between Bigfoot, Hidebehind, and black bears on tonight's Spooky A S! Stay tuned til the end to hear a major announcement about the future of the show! Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 172 Uncaught Serial Killers pt 1

    172 Uncaught Serial Killers pt 1

    03/02/2020 Duración: 38min

    Eric asked you you voted for an episode about Uncaught Serial Killers! Tonight Eric runs down some of the most mysterious serial killers of the past 50 years. This may not be cases that grabbed headlines around the world, but they are unnerving and worthy of attention just the same. Tonight we'll discuss: 1) The Doodler, a killer known for sketching his victims before killing them 2) The I-70 Killer who would shoot women he found working alone 3) Charlie Chop-Off who made a habit of cutting off his victims...well, you'll figure it out. 4) The New Bedford Highway Killer with a list of colorful suspects who all seem pretty plausable Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 171 The Black Flash

    171 The Black Flash

    23/01/2020 Duración: 34min

    Provincetown, or PTown, on Cape Cod is known as THE vacation destination of choice for the LGTBQ+ of the east coast. It's thriving arts scene and quaint charms make it feel like the last place you'd expect to see a monster, but in the late 1930's, locals started reporting seeing a dark shadowy giant that would leap out to give them a fright. This demon of the dunes came to be known as The Black Flash! Sharing a very similar M.O. to the previously-covered Spring-Heeled Jack of England, The black Flash was known for being more of a prankster than a truly sinister presence, but some locals swore that it was able to perform superhuman feats and disappear "as quick as a flash". So what is Th Black Flash? A Demon? A Cryptid? A Shadow Person? A hoax? Let's talk about it tonight on Spooky A S! Music by Occultic Overtones, Patti Page, and Bernard Herrmann  

  • 170 Most Haunted House in England

    170 Most Haunted House in England

    12/01/2020 Duración: 51min

    Eric welcomes back Brian Toney to discuss The Most Haunted House in England: Borley Rectory! According to legend, the history of the place goes back to some murders that took place between 1300's-1600's. Murderous monks, wayward nuns, headless gardners and phantom coaches have all been said to haunt the property since then. From the 1920's through the 1940's the site was investigated by a self-proclaimed paranormal investigator by the name of Harry Price. Price claimed to have made communication with various spirits lurking in the house, but is Mr. Price legit or just another woo-woo hoaxer looking for fame and a payday? Sources for this episode include the book Strange Stories Amazing  Facts and the website Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 169 Convention Advice

    169 Convention Advice

    03/01/2020 Duración: 01h36s

    To ring i the new year, Eric and his guest co-host Fatima Elmi reflect on their past experiences to give you their Top 10 Tips for Attending A Horror Con (or any kind of con really)! They'll cover everything from buying early admission tickets to dealing with celebrities. You'll hear tell about some of their most memorable celebrity encounters (yes, including brief mentions of the infamous Rowdy Roddy Piper and Linda Blair stories) and learn which celebrity Eric confessed his love to and which one caught Fatima's eye! You'll also learn why you should beware "the line guy" and "The Curse of C3Po" Music by Occultic Overtones  

  • 168 Christmas Ghost Story : The Tell Tale Heart

    168 Christmas Ghost Story : The Tell Tale Heart


    Eric is back with another remix episode. This time he's retelling Poe's The Tell Tale Heart to give you a proper chill this Christmas. Oky, maybe it's not exactly a ghost story, but we trust it will get the job done good as any. Bsides, the holidays are a wonderful time for madness, are they not? Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 167 Ciguapa

    167 Ciguapa

    19/12/2019 Duración: 36min

    Back from vacation and a ton of technical difficulties, Eric is here to tell you all about what he learned on his recent trip to The Dominican Republic. Tonight you'll learn all about The Ciguapa! The ciguapa are beautiful but deadly wild women who are said to live in remote areas of the DR. If you are not careful, they could lure you into their cave and eat you! Or they could just braid your horse's tail. You never know with those wacky ciguaps. Eric will also talk about similar creatures from European folklore and what such similar descriptions may tell us about ourselves. Plus he'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about his trip and recent dance contest victory. Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 166 Hamburger of Horror: The Joe Metheny Story

    166 Hamburger of Horror: The Joe Metheny Story

    22/11/2019 Duración: 36min

    Tonight Eric tells the tale of alleged serial killer Joseph Metheny. Metheny was convicted of two murders and a third attempted murder, but the wilder aspects of his story didn't come to light until many years after his arrest. In a confession supposedly written by Metheny, he claims to have killed at least 7 people. Some, he claimed, we butchered and served as hamburgers at his roadside sandwich stand. These claims have never been verified, and Eric has his doubts about their factualness, does make for one hell of a story! All this plus Eric discusses one thing he is truly afraid of: vacation! Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 165 The Guillotine (and Halloween 2019)

    165 The Guillotine (and Halloween 2019)

    18/11/2019 Duración: 42min

    Tonight Eric is going over the history of what just may be the most famous means of execution: The Guillotine! Despite its gruesome reputation, the guillotine was actually invented as a more humane form of capital punishment. In fact, the man who it's named after, Dr. Guillotine, was against the idea of capital punishment and was not very pleased that the devise became so closely linked to his name. The French first made use of the guillotine in the 1790's and used it right up until 1977! In all that time, one question remained: was the guillotine actually any more humane than other forms of execution? All this plus Eric discusses his Halloween season and describes the differences between Sleepy Hollow and Salem...again. All this and more on tonight's Spooky A S. Music by Occultic Overtones

  • 164 Trick or Treating Memories

    164 Trick or Treating Memories

    31/10/2019 Duración: 51min

    Tonight Eric Dwinnells brings Emily Ferguson to the neighborhood he grew up to retrace his old trick-or-treating route as they share some Trick-or-Treat Memories! They'll discuss who gave out the best candies, neighbors who tried to scare kids, neighbors who scared kids without trying, favorite costumes and the last time they went trick-or-treating. And since Eric is a classic over-sharer, you'll also get to hear gossip about some of the kids he grew up with, more about the scary stories he's brother used to tell him, and why it was important to get the spot near the sewer drain at the bus stop. Music by Occultic Overtones  

  • 163 Teen Witch 1989

    163 Teen Witch 1989

    25/10/2019 Duración: 49min

    I'm going to be honest with you: this episode is ok, but it would have been better if I'd had a guest cohost. Lord knows I tried, but although many people told me how much they love 1989's Teen Witch, nobody was willing to come on and talk about it with me! Is it such a guilty pleasure??? With a special intro from the film's star, Robyn Lively, tonight I'm rewatching Teen Witch for the first time in at least a decade. Does it hold up as the cult classic it's said to be? Why don't more people go crazy over little brother Richie's performance (it's masterful)? Was I Like Boys legit supposed to be a cheer? Who will be the most popular girl? And of course, did they ever top that? All this and more on tonight's Spooky A S! Original Music by Occultic Overtones

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