Three engineers and a sandwich guy get together ~once a week or so and discuss some pressing topics of our day and age.If you enjoy listening to four cis white males sitting around a table attempting to communicate their ideas with random grunts and gestures, this podcast is for you. Follow us on Twitter for extra tidbits about us.


  • Naf Thoughts Ep. 3: The Home Invasion Persuasion

    Naf Thoughts Ep. 3: The Home Invasion Persuasion

    30/07/2016 Duración: 01h28min

    ~~THE EPISODE THAT WILL MOST LIKELY GET US BANNED FROM THE INTERNET.~~ The third official installment of the Naf Thoughts podcast! In this episode the Naf Thoughts crew discusses Pokemon Go, CB Radios, general survival in the event of a natural disaster,and the bouts of terrorism leaking into this great nation of ours, and what to do about them. We tried to make this episode a little shorter than the last because hey, a perfectly sane and lucid individual such as yourself can only handle so much background jabber at a time, right? Also, still getting working on the sound quality situation so at times we get a little excited and the mic clips... refer all hate mail to Mitch at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hosts for this podcast: Clark, Mitch, Eric, and Naf Special Guest: Garrett(Long time buddy and Iraq Veteran) Edited by: Clark Special thanks to: Favors (on SoundCloud) [] for the Intro and Outro music fo