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  • Thats my milkshake, dammit!

    That's my milkshake, dammit!


    Episode 92. Making it work with what we have. We want a medal for making beer, 3rd place is ok too. Metro will no longer investigate non-injury accidents. Not enough officers to handle the burden. The flood gates will be opened to a whole new world of getting away with accidents. Titus is riding the bus for more votes. She really cares about the bus stops and all the animals in the Vegas valley. Deric wants Vin to run for office. They almost make it impossible if youre not a lawyer. Pet shop fire pups get more media attention by the story than the suspects. The male suspect is a 27 year old boxer-no not a dog. The three bears of parenting too much, too little, just right. Where do you draw the line for over-parenting? How to get people to actually notice they have children they need to attend to. People that come up to you and rub your pregnant belly, the people that go up to your little baby and touch him. New parents that thrust their brand new baby into your unwilling arms. Channel 8s pot section in their

  • Damn near a tweaker

    Damn near a tweaker


    Episode 91, Holy Crap! The rumors are not true, Danger D is not dead. We give you some reasons for why we arent that much different than tweakers. Where do we start? The big games big halftime show. Vin turns in his mancard, 30 seconds later Deric turns in his mancard. Review of the new Tonight Show. The different late show hosts, whos good whos not? How the show (and Vinny) almost died. Reflecting on the shows beginnings. Were back to the studio where it all began. Whos the better Manning? Deric has become a Las Vegas Wranglers fan. Reasons why the hockey team is the best one to follow. Deric has got the inside info on the new Wranglers Stadium. The latest shooting by law enforcement, oh boy! Crap cops have to deal with on a daily basis. Yes, they have it worse than you. Congratulations to Sheriff Douglas Gillespie for Sheriff of the year. Dont you dare use a recent event to gain political traction you piece of crap Dina Titus! Puppy boutique incident. The craziest mother youd ever want to meet. Ill buy ever

  • 3 Parenthesis of Drinking

    3 Parenthesis of Drinking


    Episode 90. Partying 20s style. The boring New Years for most parents. The three parenthesis of drinking. CES show in Vegas, some of the cool stuff to expect in the future. The good old Sega channel. Which city wont allow medical marijuana dispensaries? Northtown woes. Catholic and Mormon duke out the differences. Gay friendly workplaces. Judging people right off the bat. Sales difference between Xbox One and Playstation 4. What the hell is wrong with Nintendo? Combining different gaming platforms online would be sweet. Guess where Nevada stands on education this time? Can you blame the lazy parents? You dont have to say the Pledge of Allegiance anymore? Give us a review/subscribe on iTunes. Become a registered fan on Visit for all the ways to contact us.

  • Ill be your my Cub

    I'll be your my Cub


    Merry Christmas. Here's the new show! Give us a review/subscribe on iTunes. Become a registered fan on Visit for all the ways to contact us.

  • The Hotel California Prison System

    The Hotel California Prison System


    Episode 88. Give us a review/subscribe on iTunes. Become a registered fan on Visit for all the ways to contact us.

  • I watch sports at the Whorehouse

    I watch sports at the Whorehouse


    Episode 87. Lets start out with some beer, what do you say? Hanging out at SNAFU. Knowing the ghetto. Feeling like you can play a harpsichord. Bringing nuclear waste to Nevada. Say what? Said who? Why is the media reporting on shipping nuclear waste across the country? Shouldnt this be a secret? Decomposing electronics in Russia could prove to be more deadly than the Middle East. Chinese government bragging they could strike U.S. with bombs to their people. Why is the fascination of post-apocalyptic zombie filled world sound like a good place to be in? Going to Sherries Ranch in Pahrump. Didnt realize how popular it was until Deric said he was there once! Going from the military to a whorehouse for a career move. Warding off the evil strippers. Do people in the U.K. have their GPS units with American accents? Slower accents make you sound not as smart. Justifying buying a new gaming council. Give us a review/subscribe on iTunes. Become a registered fan on Visit for a

  • Did a white guy die here?

    Did a white guy die here?


    Episode 86. Halloween drinking down the street. The lazy trick or treaters mom. Why Obamacare is funny. The guilt free way of speeding down the highway. How to find out if someone died in your house. How Ron Ruden and Danger D are related. The things you arent supposed to know when you buy a house. You actually dont have to read to buy lunch from McDonalds. The illiteracy issue in lower income areas. Shamed into donation. Workers rights and unions, cant have one without the other? A little behind-the-podcast. Beerfests are getting popular now. Damn kids and their butt chugging. Crocodile drug, the new zombie maker. Addiction is probably not looked at like it should be by a lot of us. Making fun of our presidents. Has patriotism changed since the 50s? Give us a review/subscribe on iTunes. Become a registered fan on Visit for all the ways to contact us.

  • Drinking shine makes you fine

    Drinking shine makes you fine


    Episode 85. Guess whos back, back again? Mr. Beer is back tell your friends. The perfect amount of time to wait for the best beer or wine experience. The possibly award winning Barley wine? Lets hope so. Vote for Strange Vegas Barley Wine! If you would like to meet up with SNAFU (Southern Nevada Ale Fomenters Union) 2nd Friday of every month at the Aces and Ales on Nellis. Making beer at someones facility. Letting them do the waiting for you. Steve would be the worst AA guest speaker! Yet another take on the three tier system. Distilling may not be illegal on the state level, but remember kiddies Uncle Sam still says no. Taking a tour at the Las Vega Distillery and beating the system. Why Las Vegas is lacking in the local craft beer department. What is in store for Vegas soon in that regard. Trying to get your wife to brew beer with you. Steves minions coming up in the world with good beer on tap for Vegas. What Obamacare means to a small business owner. It seems to us like it means underemployment and unempl

  • Whores are good.

    Whores are good.


    Episode 84. The government is shutdown, but were still rolling. Speaking about shutdowns, why are we paying taxes if the government is shutdown? Another notch in the belt for the worst congress in American history. Oh, and by the way, round two with the debt ceiling will commence shortly. Derics lovely experience with the ER. Never mind your anal hemorrhage were going to air out all your ailments right here in the waiting area. People that work in a hospital are a different breed. The Overly-Cautious America. We need to stop worrying if someones feelings are going to get hurt. Programming our children to be in the perfect society will prove to be a disaster. Hopefully the Safe on Red law doesnt get anyone killed. The Biker gang that deserved to get ran over. Who wouldnt do what that guy did to protect his family? Dont you dare say youre better than receiving money from a local show because its topless. The fatherless wild kid in the store. Letting your kids run all over the store when you go out. Derics Dont-

  • No advice from a D-Bag!

    No advice from a D-Bag!


    Episode 83. You know its going to be a good show when Deric isnt wearing sweats. How sad it is to be a Ravens fans after the first game of the season. The Big Game puts on a panty liner. The Syrian intervention, I dont need advice from a douchbag! Nobody talks bad about our president but us Jack! Why Edward Snowden is and is not a criminal. What is freedom? Are we free if we dont have freedom of information? Gay pride celebration/first Friday Deric had a gay old time. Good times come to a screeching halt when he owes a ticket to City of Las Vegas paid to somewhere in Los Angeles. More taxes from the people so we can farm out ticket processing doesnt sound right. Apple seems like they just cant please the critics or the masses. More money for less product never really goes over well. Reasons why we feel like we dont need to upgrade our phones. Best products to transfer over from Apple to an Android device. The debate on getting $13 tattoos for Friday the 13th. Get ready for a new area code in the Las Vegas are

  • Lose control when you hold it!

    Lose control when you hold it!


    Episode 82. Flood waters are taking a toll on our streets. It is rather nice to have this much rain. Using the rain instead of getting a car wash. Can you be held responsible for texting someone that you know is driving? The blame game for every pimple on our society. Deric has 100% focus when he is texting and driving. If you cant control yourself should we control you? The many addictions that are hard to control in 2013. Nevada Energy wants to raise your rates again! When can they give us a chance catch up to their rates? You cant be 100% off the power grid in Nevada-its illegal! Deric has a man-crush on Nikola Tesla. A brief history on power distribution. Our webmaster is slacking, got to light a fire under his ass. The Good Wifes Guide from housekeeping monthly 1955. Does a househusband do a better job than a housewife? Lets take a step back into 1992 for a list of the top 20 songs from that year. Vin talks himself out of seeing B.B. King live. The federal government will not get involved in the states d

  • The Liberal G-bang

    The Liberal G-bang


    Episode 81. Please dont forget to first turn then cough. Being married to Deric is a guarantee that you will never be bored. Telling your wife her clothes look like hell. Having a cool hobby and douchy friends that pick on you. Episodes of COPS arent doing them any justice. You need to know your rights if youre going to deal with cops. Placing video/audio recording devices on a cops uniform reduces complaints..hmmmm imagine that. Al Jazeera is coming to America. Is that a bad thing to have a different point of view? The sad ending to John Fredericks. Why is it Vinny hates Kim Wagner again? Reason to beat your wife 16, 54, and 73. Are Yucca mtn jobs worth it? A Rod gets hit by pitch on purpose and the crowd goes wild. New Jersey is the armpit of the nation? Randy gives tips and tricks of predicting weather. Give us a review/subscribe on iTunes. Become a registered fan on Visit for all the ways to contact us.

  • You seem to be the problem officer

    You seem to be the problem officer


    Episode 80. You just cant bring us down. Deric and Vinny are probably the happiest two gentlemen in Vegas. Beer cozy science. Ladies, does your man have to park the car for you? Getting in an argument with your significant other in the car is never fun. Not being a jerk while in a parking lot or neighborhood in your car. Dumb DirecTv commercials may have identified Reason to beat your wife #34. The young kid Vin tried to give advice to at the liquor store. Whats up with all the Homeland Security cops lately? Drinking downtown rules and regulations. Why not just make your hair look like a tomato? Its the latest fashion. Fantasy football woes. Local Vegas bars love to host fantasy football draft parties. Most are free and the deals are great! The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team in the world. A list of the top 10 most valuable sports teams. You know you suck at teaching when your student is begging you for to at least try to teach. Better pay attention to how you react, you just may end up being record

  • Damn, thats long!

    Damn, that's long!


    Episode 79. Why cant we move past the eyeliner thing? They wont give up until Vinny puts it on and takes a picture. Leaving decisions up to the professionals. Drinking ghetto beer never gets old when you have one. Why is PBR so popular? The problem and solution to all problems and solutions. Is there less fighting in bars/clubs where drinks are more expensive? Does affordability designate clientele? Wonderful TV technology and remembering when you couldn't miss anything. The death of the black box. The sweet spot in the movie theater according to Deric. Nevada Energy is getting called out for refunding its customers. Maybe Warren Buffett buying Nevada Energy wasn't a good thing. What happened to bringing light to monopoly cases. Making board games shorter. The diet that may have killed Jobs. Threatening your back with not growing hair. Deric is getting old. You know youre old when you have to take a special trip to the store for heartburn medicine. The one thing that does stay in Vegas that everyone knows abo

  • Let them be freaky

    Let them be freaky


    Episode 78. Riding a motorcycle at 3:30 AM is never fun. Trendy motorcycle douchy attire. Moped use is on the rise. Hipsters are slowly taking over every bar in the downtown area. Downtown area belongs to the hipsters, gays, and lawyers. Renovating the gay club Crave in Neonopolis will soon resume. The cross-dresser that shouldnt. The famous tranny from Ms. Universe is very easy on the eyes. Attention investors Boulevard Mall is for sale! Is Maryland parkway the next on the renovation list? SWAT team bust that didnt even net an arrest. All those beakers were used for making oatmeal?!?! Getting repossessed by accident while you take your family on vacation. Drew Brees getting slammed for not leaving a large enough tip for Chinese takeout. Takeout and fast food are not venues for tipping. Get over yourself people. Dont forget that you have to tip the person working the register when you hit big at the gas station. Feeling bad when you keep hitting on the machine and your friend wipes out quick. Its about fanta

  • Not porn facial you scumbag!

    Not porn facial you scumbag!


    Episode 77. Were so happy Deric could take time out from flying in helicopters and stunt planes to record an episode. The weak-sauce story about why Vin couldnt fly in a helicopter. People that can jump from ridiculously high places and are unharmed. Thanking a Vet for their service, why is it so hard for Vin to accomplish in public? Why do most bars have no sound on their TVs? How we feel about Treyvon Martin murder trial. George (Jorge) Zimmerman never gets classified as a Hispanic. Media likes to focus on race battles and hardly recognizes blending of cultures. Why Nancy Grace is a c***. Freedom of the press and opinion is still important, but what does that do to the uneducated? Why a friend or family member on the stand will discredit your case in court. Writing a book about someone elses trial is not a douchey its not. Heat kills your appetite. Nevada education ranks in the bottom 15 for yet another category, student spending.SUPRISE!! We do have programs in Clark County that offset the crapp

  • Chutes and Swallows

    Chutes and Swallows


    Episode 76. Jays new ride. The guessing game of what car he bought. That glow on Danger Ds face aint beauty. Deric learning the ways of craigslist. A tablet for a keyboard doesnt sound like a good trade. The hidden places to put your for-sale stuff on the site. Blowing a tranny. Amazing things that happened the same year the Gutless was made. Derics recollection of the Rodney King riots, simplified. Vin takes a trip to the dentist. High tech Dentist lets you watch the Dr. work your mouth. Dental side-work, is it worth it? Bad teeth and good hair. Hand-me-downs that were in style a decade earlier. Making your shirts from tablecloths. Having you card get declined at your friends business. Remember when a toilet was a toilet? Half-a-gallon per flush is ridiculous. Using a combination toilet. Antique grandma and grandpas house stayed the same as the world changed. Questions that we used to ask that we didnt have the immediate answer for (thanks Google). The Sears catalogue was the Playboy for back in the day. Ant

  • Your white guilt is showing

    Your white guilt is showing


    Episode 75. Deric has an awesome finger. Why is a cool breeze so odd to a Vegas local? Sea World, Disney, California parks in general are getting too expensive for regular people. Trying to tell your kids no in a theme park. Being afraid of the ocean and the animals in it. Why a young Deric couldn't face his peers for a while. San Diego isnt very fond of a military discount. All business should give our military a discount. Vins experience as a juror in Clark County. People cant be on time to save their lives. Stereotypical Asian man keeps asking for aid. Lovely hosts on the jury video. Herding the people through the courthouse proved youre only 3 steps above a criminal. People cant get over the fact that they arent special. Everyone tells an unnecessary story. Deric doesnt enjoy diversity at the Ghettos Mall. People love congregating in the middle of a walkway, even when a train is coming. Obesity is now considered a disease, no longer a condition. We have to learn to not eat like gluttons, else we end up wi

  • Knock Knock mother eff

    Knock Knock mother eff


    Episode 74. Finally learning to kick a chick to the curb. Sometimes you just have to hurt em. Danger D for some reason, actually answers the door at 4AM. Who does that? When he really messes up is answering again 10 mins later. Vaporized caffine is now available. Whats next for vaporizing? People that vape never seem to put down their e-cig. Vaporizing marijuana in your e-cig available soon? Why do people feel it necessary to say the prior generation is worse than they are/were? American woman gets set up by Mexican authorities visiting Mexico for a funeral. Mexico needs to get it right with their authorities, its bad when you cant trust the army. Having to drop a $20 or $40 bucks for no reason to a Policia or Mexican army. Mexican bar stories. Haggling with Mexican merchants can be fun. What would legalizing marijuana do to the Cartels in Mexico? Attitude of cops in general, depends on where they are in the country or what country theyre in. People and posting anti-gun propaganda on facebook and in their fro

  • Real men have guns

    ''Real'' men have guns


    Episode 72. Only rich Deric can afford flying in a stunt plane. Puss out at the last minute when it comes time to jump out of a plane. Making sure you dont look like you dont know how to drive a stick. Annoying bikers and the relentless revving of the engine. Crotch rockets scarring the crap out of you. Driving a work vehicle sucks. Do you call the number on Hows my driving? Why do all cars look the same? Why is it everything looks/sounds the same? New music, new TV, and the rest of it. How dare you come into the wrong gate? Douchy security guards and power trippin. Dogs life for a human life. When can we accept the fact that sometimes animals NEED to die. Onion the dog supporters. Dog bites can mean good night for your best friend. Real men need guns. Anti-gun propaganda on facebook. Thinking of Oklahoma in their tragedy. Terribles Casino is changing its name to Las Vegas Silver Sevens. Bellagio bandit got away with it TWICE! Why would you go back? American craft beer week. Celebrate with beer infused cockta

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