Dogs We Saw This Week: A Podcast


Just two girls reporting on all the Dogs We See Each Week. Email any questions at dogswesawthisweek@gmail dot com.


  • ePUPsode 20- Alison Brown and Christy Mallory

    ePUPsode 20- Alison Brown and Christy Mallory

    16/11/2017 Duración: 54min

    Alison Brown (Younger, Dog With a Blog) and Christy Mallory (UCLA!) join Anne and I to discuss their pup Thunder, dog psychics, makeup for dogs, ghosts, and Mouse on this week's Dogs We Saw This Week! As usual, don't forget to 'like' and 'subscribe' and remember that nothing matters!!!

  • DwStW ePUPsode 19- Taylor Cox

    DwStW ePUPsode 19- Taylor Cox

    18/09/2017 Duración: 01h02min

    Taylor Swift comes on the pod to discuss the office dogs on her show, whether some dogs are too dumb to be service dogs (spoiler: yes 1000%), the 2015 Oscar-Nominated film Carol, Mouse, and whether surprise puppies can make up for a server being kind of a total asshole to you at a Big Bear Indian restaurant. Don't forget to "like" and "subscribe" lol nothing matters.

  • ePUPsode 18- Jen DAngelo and Mr. Walnut

    ePUPsode 18- Jen D'Angelo and Mr. Walnut

    28/08/2017 Duración: 55min

    On ePUPsode 18 of DWSTW, Jen D'Angelo introduces us to her new puppy (!!) Mr. Walnut who came to see us fresh off his first puppy class. We discuss Anne's boundary issues, Anne's continued plight to ruin my life, dogs named after food, and Anne and I finally remember to ask people to like and subscribe! This episode is our personal Titanic alternate ending. Ps. "Like and subscribe!"