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  • Episode 19

    Episode 19


    In Episode 19 we talk about our latest Scooby Doo Trip where we were able to hang out at Frankenstein’s grave, we review the Houses October Built 1 & 2 and we rate the Haunted House attractions we have visited around Ohio. Enjoy the show! RipEpisode19.mp3 Advertisements

  • Episode 18

    Episode 18


    Helltown………AND WE’RE BACK! Are we? YES! 8 years have been a long time, but we are back and ready for some fun. In Episode 18 we talk about where we’ve been, what we’ve been up to, our trip to Helltown and the Helltown “Documentary” Destination America put out. We also talk about paranormal shows now […]

  • Episode 17

    Episode 17


    After a long hiatus, we get back into the swing of things with our first campfire cast recorded on the portable studio.  We discuss Insidious and have a few theories we would love to get some discussion on.  Please note that this discussion is spoiler heavy, so if you haven’t seen Insidious, you might want […]

  • Episode 16

    Episode 16


    In Episode 16, we discuss some weird going-ons in the world and we review the movie Devil, the latest from M. Night Shyamalan.  Enjoy the show! RipEpisode16.mp3

  • Episode 15

    Episode 15


    In Episode 15, we’re saying goodbye to 2010 and we say hello to what’s coming up in 2011.  We have discussions on some “Best of 2010” lists and we also give some insight on some of our own.  We also discuss Resident Evil:Afterlife.  Thank you for listening, Happy New Year! RipEpisode15.mp3

  • Episode 14

    Episode 14


    Episode 14 is only hosted by Matt and John, so the guys decide to do their very first Skype-Cast and review a great guy-movie, Doghouse! While the snow and wind is blowing, they get into some other discussions of some movies and be sure to check out Treevenge on their main web page. Enjoy! RipEpisode14.mp3

  • Episode 13

    Episode 13


    Trick ‘R Treat! We do a short episode this week covering last year’s gem, Trick ‘R Treat. Enjoy! RipEpisode13.mp3

  • Episode 12

    Episode 12


    In this podcast, we discuss some books that we’ve enjoyed in the past and currently. There’s even some reviews of some books geared towards children. Definitely check this episode out. RipEpisode12.mp3

  • Episode 11

    Episode 11


    We discuss the Haunting in Connecticut and discuss some news.  It’s now October and the Autumn air is starting to crisp, Halloween is around the corner and we have a jam packed month for you.  Enjoy the Show! RipEpisode11.mp3

  • Episode 10

    Episode 10


    Welcome to Episode 10! We show the audience how we’re Number 1 even when we talk about Number 2! We discuss The Craft and we talk about the coming weeks. If you’re a fan, you rock! If you’re not, you suck. Come and join The Infected! Enjoy the Episode! RipEpisode10.mp3

  • Episode 9

    Episode 9


    We discuss Eclipse in this episode and try to guess what is to come in the future of Twilight. RipEpisode9.mp3

  • Episode 8

    Episode 8


    In this episode we go crazy on The Crazies. This was impromptu with the portable studio. Enjoy! RipEpisode8.mp3

  • Episode 7

    Episode 7


    In this episode we talk about the recent release the Wolfman.  We also get into a small discussion of Alice in Wonderland. RipEpisode7.mp3

  • Episode 6

    Episode 6


    In this episode we talk to Korey at SurvivalTech.  We went half speed at full throttle.  Drinking definitely helped the interview.  Enjoy! RipEpisode6.mp3

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5


    In this episode we discuss the movies The Descent and the newly released The Descent Part 2. A little laughter, a whole lot of fun, Enjoy The Show! RipEpisode5.mp3  

  • Episode 4

    Episode 4


    Pillow talking horror and discussing weird and strange stuff around the state of Ohio. Enjoy the show! RipEpisode4.mp3  

  • Episode 3

    Episode 3


    Better fill your prescription of Hypnocil!  In this Episode we discuss the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise. RipEpisode3.mp3  

  • Episode 2

    Episode 2


    We have exceeded our bandwidth!  Thank you listeners for making us popular, until we get our hosting situation resolved, please use the link and player below to download/play the show!  Thanks again and beware the Full Moon, beware the Night, that’s when the Werewolves stalk and the Vampires bite!  Please enjoy our Werewolves vs. Vampires […]

  • Episode 1

    Episode 1


    A little bit of technical problems, but it’s here, Episode 1.  Zombie Genre Overview. RipEpisode1.mp3