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  • HEH 61: Covid Doldrums and Man Buns

    HEH 61: Covid Doldrums and Man Buns

    18/06/2020 Duración: 01h08min

    We’re still figuring out this quarantine thing. Many of us need a haircut! We go over reopening plans and talk through what other schools have announced before going into how we list areas of study and majors on our websites. The state of Arkansas is officially OPEN! WOOT! Lotsa weekend party barges! Anti-Mask League NPR... Read more »

  • HEH 60: How to Open After a Pandemic

    HEH 60: How to Open After a Pandemic

    20/05/2020 Duración: 55min

    Our various states are starting to open up and our schools are starting to discuss opening in the fall as well. What does that look like? Is it too soon? How do we make that happen? Arkansas is opening the state again! Yay? Iowa will be opening soon. The difference between virtual vs in person... Read more »

  • HEH 59: High Ed Global Pandemic Edition

    HEH 59: High Ed Global Pandemic Edition

    07/05/2020 Duración: 01h07min

    The global pandemic has just begun, and we’re all adjusting in different ways. We talk about how we’re handling things personally, and how our universities are handling things (via policy and technology). Waiting on Spillers… Talking about MacOS updates (that’s why Spillers is late) Arkansas has a curfew  Michigan is in 100% lockdown (nothing by... Read more »

  • HEH 58: Mama See Cow Mama Show Cow Mama see-coo-sah

    HEH 58: Mama See Cow Mama Show Cow Mama see-coo-sah

    06/04/2020 Duración: 57min

    It’s the first HEH of 2020! Grand Valley State is moving to PHP, so we chat with Daniel about the best way to make that move. We also chat about hidden nav menus and UX decisions for a university homepage.

  • HEH 57: High Ed Holiday Hangout (HEHH)

    HEH 57: High Ed Holiday Hangout (HEHH)

    23/12/2019 Duración: 41min

    Happy holidays loyal HEH listeners. We have a holiday-themed episode for you. We ring in the holidays (all of them!) with festive beverages and the tech items on our own Christmas lists. HEHH to all! Holiday-themed drinks celebrating all the “holidays” Hanukkah Three Kings Day Winter Solstice St. Lucia Day St. Nicholas Day Christmas Kwanzaa... Read more »

  • HEH 56: 6 Months Later…

    HEH 56: 6 Months Later…

    09/12/2019 Duración: 59min

    It’s been 6 months since you’ve heard from us… we’re back! In this episode, we’ll catch you up on what’s happened the past 6 months and take a look at the new Daniel had to move away when a tree blew into his house Scott went to AMA Higher Education Symposium Founders Beer lawsuit/issues... Read more »

  • HEH 55: Goodbye ColdFusion

    HEH 55: Goodbye ColdFusion

    02/05/2019 Duración: 56min

    We take a trip down memory lane to some old PBS shows and transition to GVSU’s choice to put ColdFusion out to pasture. We look at the positives and negatives to alternatives for them. Ken remembers the PBS Zoom intro song (1999 version) Zoom intro (1976) Daniel remembers PBS 3-2-1 Contact GVSU is changing away... Read more »

  • HEH 54: The Ominous Backtick Character

    HEH 54: The Ominous Backtick Character

    24/04/2019 Duración: 01h17min

    Daniel has a work emergency and joins us late. We take a look at our top podcast downloads and dig into details about Daniel’s plans for showing/hiding audience content on the UALR website. Admissions scandal The history of Founders Beer Company Our top downloads outside the US South Korea Google Home translation Mercator Map Projections... Read more »

  • HEH 53: I’m Working the Oak Lawn Booth at the Big Buck Classic

    HEH 53: I’m Working the Oak Lawn Booth at the Big Buck Classic

    10/04/2019 Duración: 01h12s

    We get into our experiences with working remotely and how we like it, GVSU’s new president, our beards, and the Ooopsie Poopsie podcast is finally coming soon! Remote working? Good? Bad? Who does it? GVSU got a new president Common App Chat (GVSU looking at it, Iowa moved to it this year) Oopsie Poopsie Podcast…... Read more »

  • HEH 52: Ingesting Alcohol and the Gutenberg Controversy

    HEH 52: Ingesting Alcohol and the Gutenberg Controversy

    25/03/2019 Duración: 01h18min

    The conversation starts with different (interesting… disgusting) ways to ingest alcohol. We chat a bit about new MacBooks before transitioning to conference that (Dave is speaking at a few. Daniel talks about his experience at WordCamp National, and we get into the recent WordPress controversy Different ways to ingest alcohol How old are your MacBooks?... Read more »

  • HEH 51: Poopin’ Balls

    HEH 51: Poopin’ Balls

    26/02/2019 Duración: 01h06min

    It’s been a while since we gathered to record, so we reminisce for a bit before talking about poop (in relation to Andre’s upcoming podcast “Oopsie Poopsie”). We hit on recent travels, and then before concluding quickly mention websites. Andrea’s podcast (Oopsie Poopsie) is coming soon… and so we talk about poop for a good... Read more »

  • HEH 50: The Big 5-0!

    HEH 50: The Big 5-0!

    13/02/2019 Duración: 51min

    Two of us have moved into a new house and one of us has returned from a vacation in Greece. We catch up a bit and chat about a WordPress conference and home networking equipment. It’s our 50th episode (gold is the gift to give us). Only one couple has ever made it to their... Read more »

  • HEH 49: #Nevernote

    HEH 49: #Nevernote

    04/02/2019 Duración: 01h03min

    Beer + Yogurt = yuck, a report from WPCampus (project Gutenberg), and a discussion on WWDC updates. Does yogurt plus beer work? Is there a git for audio editing? Daniel and Ken going to WPCampus (schedule) Excited about hearing about Project Gutenberg (the new WP editor) Try Gutenberg WWDC You can now facetime with 32... Read more »

  • HEH 48: I’d Rather Mail Merge

    HEH 48: I’d Rather Mail Merge

    10/12/2018 Duración: 01h04min

    We spend a lot of time going down the wormhole of old Tweets this episode, which leads us to all of our old internet posts (and some embarrassment). Dave teaches us about birding (cuz he’s and old man). Dave’s Twitter cover  photo is famous. Ken’s Twitter handle (now publicly accessible) We dig up our first... Read more »

  • HEH 47: Tornado Warning

    HEH 47: Tornado Warning

    04/10/2018 Duración: 44min

    We share some of our favorite web tools again before tornado sirens go off in Iowa HighedWeb vs. Wp Campus Conference (Ken and maybe Daniel going) Google IO Extended local conferences Don’t say dub-dub-dub for “WWW” The semester is almost over. When does your school start? What’s your favorite new tool when it comes to... Read more »

  • HEH 46: Is Ron Bronson Presenting?

    HEH 46: Is Ron Bronson Presenting?

    29/08/2018 Duración: 55min

    What’s the structure of our university systems? What are our favorite university websites? Academic logos vs athletic logos. Dave’s dog joins in on the conversation. How are your state universities structured? Iowa is in a Regent system (but 3 different independent universities) GVSU is totally independent, but funded by the state of MI UALR is... Read more »

  • HEH 45: Dan is Dunky

    HEH 45: Dan is Dunky

    16/08/2018 Duración: 51min

    Dan has had a bit to drink tonight so we get to hear a few funny stories from him. Dave tells us about his trip to Austin for SXSW Edu. Ken has a New Mac Smell candle Dave went to SXSW Edu A lot about equality and movements First gen students or millennial and teachers... Read more »

  • HEH 44: What’s the Weather Like Down There?

    HEH 44: What’s the Weather Like Down There?

    26/07/2018 Duración: 54min

    Tonight we talk about how far back we support certain browsers, whether iOS will someday merge with MacOS, and list our favorite note-taking and weather apps. Audio Drive in Zencastr Dave will be at SXSW Edu next week (Dan will be in Jamaica) What’s new in Chrome? How far back do you support old browsers... Read more »

  • HEH 43: GD GDPR

    HEH 43: GD GDPR

    10/07/2018 Duración: 50min

    Dan is drinking the best wine ever, Dave is moving, Daniel is going to Greece. Everything is going great… until GDPR hits. What is it? What are we doing about it? We end on a lighter note and talk about the shows we are watching. The best wine ever (from S. Africa) Diemersfontein Dave is... Read more »

  • HEH 42: The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

    HEH 42: The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

    20/06/2018 Duración: 57min

    We talk about beers, dumplings, things-a-changin’ and bring back the Urban Dictionary Word of the Day. Beer (like usual) Dumplings (not like usual) How often do things change? The web changes quickly and regularly? What else changes? What keeps you coming back? University vs. corporate and the ability to explore Comes down to company culture... Read more »

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