A WarMachine and Hordes battle report podcast


  • Podcast 225 – Themes Everywhere!

    Podcast 225 – Themes Everywhere!


    You know, you’d think after doing this over 200 times, I would have it down pat. But sometimes you misplace an intro you’ve used for the last two years, sometimes you forget about nice Bokur Brawls for a few weeks… … Continue reading →

  • Podcast 224 – New Steamroller!

    Podcast 224 – New Steamroller!


    New Steamroller package with mostly new scenarios! Woo! Some of them look great, some of them look significantly less-great, but at least they mostly look different! Give it a listen, let us know which scenarios you are most or least … Continue reading →

  • Podcast 223 – Pirates Be Updated, Yarr!

    Podcast 223 – Pirates Be Updated, Yarr!


    Okay, not my best title. But hey, at least it’s something, right? Hope everyone enjoys! Had a lot of fun recording this episode, and Nick seems pretty excited about the changes. Direct Download

  • Podcast 222 – State of the Game, 2019

    Podcast 222 – State of the Game, 2019


    Once again we sat around the mics with the luminaries of the podcasting world (at least the ones able to make it to the Southern Ontario Open!) and discussed the state of WarMachine. This year the talk was moderated by … Continue reading →

  • Podcast 221 – Post-SOO Stuff!

    Podcast 221 – Post-SOO Stuff!


    Well! Another Southern Ontario Open has come and gone, and just like last year, I was barely able to attend… but thankfully the rest of the Combo Smite crew were able to be there for the majority of the event … Continue reading →

  • Podcast 220 – Morrowans! Infernals! Stuff!

    Podcast 220 – Morrowans! Infernals! Stuff!


    Lots of news and announcements this week, although not a tonne of deep content… hopes, yes. Dreams? We got those. But actual factual playtesting? Nah, none of those this week. Maybe next! Direct Download

  • Podcast 219 – Adepticon!

    Podcast 219 – Adepticon!


    This week’s episode we focus on how things went at Adepticon! (Spoilers: We had fun! Lots of fun!) How did we do competitively… SO MUCH FUN was had! My, all that fun certainly wouldn’t be a distraction to avoid talking … Continue reading →

  • Podcast 218 – Infernals and “Gotcha” Players

    Podcast 218 – Infernals and “Gotcha” Players


    I suppose the title of this podcast could’ve been “Infernal Gotcha Players”, but that’s not quite what we talk about. Basically, Darrell, Kassem, Nick, and I spend thirty minutes discussing the current THEORY of the Infernals (but not their rules, … Continue reading →

  • Podcast 217 – OTC Tournament Wrap-Up!

    Podcast 217 – OTC Tournament Wrap-Up!


    Sorry for missing the last couple weeks, folks. Life has been pretty hectic around here, but we are again moving towards predictability and normalcy, so hopefully things will get back to our weekly (or NEARLY weekly!) schedule! Who knows, we’re … Continue reading →