Join us for a cup of coffee and be present in the moment with God.


  • Have You Lost Your Axe Head?

    Have You Lost Your Axe Head?


    2 Kings 6:1-7 shares the story of the lost axe head. This story sets the stage to how we, in our faith walk, can lose our momentum in our relationship with Christ and how sometimes we need to restart and cry out to Christ. Join us as we talk and share the story of the lost axe head. Contact information:Website: www.troyrivera.comEmail: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Rules vs. Relationships

    Rules vs. Relationships


    Acts 4:13 and 1 John 4:8 help us to understand the need of building our relationship with God. When the disciplines chose to walk with Christ, it was a choice about the "rules"; it was a choice about the "relationship". This week on God and Coffee we talk about our need to build our relationship with Christ. Tune in and join us. Contact information:Website: www.troyrivera.comEmail: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Coaches Challenge

    Coaches Challenge


    2 Kings 4:8-37 encourages us to turn to God and ask God to resurrect our hope. Tune in and hear how you can ask God to do the same.Contact information:Website: www.troyrivera.comEmail: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Open Our Eyes

    Open Our Eyes


    Psalm 119: v. 18 asks God to open our eyes to see His great law. What if God opens our eyes? What will we see and experience? How can we better ourselves and others when He does open our eyes? Tune in.Contact information:Website: www.troyrivera.comEmail: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Do Something

    Do Something


    Exodus 14:13-15 tells us that we should not be "standing still" and waiting for God to do His work. We have to "get up and move" and do our part. We tune into the song by Matthew West called DO SOMETHING. Join us for this week's podcast of God and A Cup of Coffee. Contact information:Website: www.troyrivera.comEmail: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Details



    Our faith is not like planning a vacation. For vacations, we need to know all the details about the trip. However, when plans are according to God, the details don't matter. Join us this week as we talk about the details and God.Contact information:Website: www.troyrivera.comEmail: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Are you UNqualified?

    Are you UNqualified?


    Do you ever feel that sometimes you are not meeting the standards according to God? Do you feel unqualified as a practicing Christian? Well, this week we talk about the true meaning of being qualified and unqualified. Contact information:Website: www.troyrivera.comEmail: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Accountability



    With the Olympics on this week, many rely on their teammates for encouragement and wisdom. Some athletes need their teammates to help them achieve the event and hope to earn the gold.Just like this support, we need Jesus to support us. We need to be accountable to Jesus and know that Jesus will lift us up when we fall. Contact information:Website: www.troyrivera.comEmail: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Goes Back in the Box

    Goes Back in the Box


    Just like the regular board games, when we play and finish, all pieces go back in the box. How does this connect to our own lives? Join us as we discuss our purpose and what needs to be done before it all goes "back in the box". Contact information: Email: godandacupofcoffe@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Forgive? Are you crazy? Why should I forgive?

    Forgive? Are you crazy? Why should I forgive?


    This week we talk about how hard it is to forgive. We look at the power and meaning behind forgiveness. We turn to scripture to guide us in this understanding.Email: godandacupofcoffee@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Judging: Why is this hard to correct? Why does it happen so easily?

    Judging: Why is this hard to correct? Why does it happen so easily?


    Every day we come in contact with many people. We observe and analyze what their business looks like. Yes, we judge. We judge our food, our clothes, our life, and others. This week we look at what scripture has to say about judging. Email: godandacupofcoffee@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • Distractions and Noise

    Distractions and Noise


    How do you start your day? What are the routes or habits you automatically do? Do you spend time with God first thing? Do you make time throughout your day? Well, this week we discuss the idea of how distractions and noises of the world consume our lives. We talk about what we can do to refocus ourselves on God. Email: godandacupofcoffee@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • God and A Cup of Coffee: Surrendering to His Will

    God and A Cup of Coffee: Surrendering to His Will


    What does it really mean to surrender to God? Is it a defeat or something more? Join us as we discuss the meaning behind surrendering to God's will. Also, learn more about what a Novena is.

  • God and A Cup of Coffee: Wants and Needs

    God and A Cup of Coffee: Wants and Needs


    So many times in our lives we become confused as to what are our needs and wants. God knows the needs for us and wants us to really examine the wants. Join us as we reflect on scripture from the book of Luke and our wants and needs.Email: godandacupofcoffee@troyrivera.comTwitter:

  • God and A Cup of Coffee Coming Soon...

    God and A Cup of Coffee Coming Soon...


    When was the last time you sat down and spent time with God? Well, join us in this time dedicated to God and enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time.We all have moments of glory or tribulations. Let us get together and share our stories. Share how God has worked in your life. Email: godandacupofcoffee@troyrivera.comTwitter: