The MMOrgue takes a big-picture approach to examining the ongoing evolution of the online gaming industry, by placing a heavy focus on emerging trends among both developers and gamers, instead of dwelling on the same news and feature announcements you can hear everywhere else. Tune in to Jeremy’s insightful commentary on the future of gaming, as it unfolds.


  • Tribute to SWG | MMOrgue 19

    Tribute to SWG | MMOrgue 19


    As a fond farewell to the MMOrgue, we’re dedicating our final episode to the departure of a landmark MMO from the industry. Star Wars Galaxies will be closed down forever in December of this year, and we’ve gathered together to celebrate its life and the impact it has forever had on every MMO, for better or worse.

  • League of Legends | MMOrgue 18

    League of Legends | MMOrgue 18


    It’s not an MMO. But you asked for coverage of League of Legends, and I’m here to deliver from the MMO perspective… what mechanics, economics and community interplay have led to LoL being the breakaway hit that it clearly is? Can the MMO industry learn from these mechanics? Join me and my tournament-tested correspondent as we ramble our way thru an open editorial regarding the unique leader of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena gaming. This episode also contains a very important announcement from Jeremy regarding the future of MMOrgue. Fans of the show can’t afford to miss it!

  • Grab Bag! | MMOrgue 17

    Grab Bag! | MMOrgue 17


    In lieu of the AoC review originally scheduled for this week, Jeremy’s decided to throw together some of the hottest stories that’ve surfaced over the past week in the MMO industry. Included in this grab bag of editorial goodness is the DCUO-F2P announcement, GamersFirst’s new “offer” venture, WoW’s unique features coming in patch 4.3, and Trion World’s charitable efforts.

  • Secret World | MMOrgue 16

    Secret World | MMOrgue 16


    In today’s episode, we’re going to take a first look at Funcom’s upcoming Horror/Conspiracy MMO, The Secret World. Despite not having the hands-on demo they hoped to have available at PAX, they still dropped a boatload of information onto awaiting fans, including several innovative features and game mechanics that make this game worthy of attention.

  • Perfect World | MMOrgue 15

    Perfect World | MMOrgue 15


    Today’s episode is dedicated to Perfect World & the dev studios that are creating their products: Blacklight Retribution, Torchlight II, and Star Trek Online.

  • GamesCom 2011 | MMOrgue 14

    GamesCom 2011 | MMOrgue 14


    This week focuses on the biggest MMO stories that filtered out of GamesCom 2011. We start with the most impressive showing, which came from Guild Wars 2!

  • Best of MMO Music | MMOrgue 13

    Best of MMO Music | MMOrgue 13


    Today’s episode is dedicated entirely to the men and woman that create the rich tapestry of music that makes up the soundtracks to the games we love.

  • Rusty Hearts | MMOrgue 12

    Rusty Hearts | MMOrgue 12


    We go hands-on and feature a first-impression gameplay extravaganza, of Perfect World Entertainment’s new side-scroller action RPG, Rusty Hearts.

  • SWTOR Backlash | MMOrgue 11

    SWTOR Backlash | MMOrgue 11


    A recap of the Comic Con drama from a limited supply of pre-orders, overseas distribution errors, lack of communication, and general panic!

  • Hellgate Review | MMOrgue 10

    Hellgate Review | MMOrgue 10


    Enter the gates of Hell, otherwise known as the slums of London! In today’s episode, join Jeremy for a live review of the first few hours of gameplay for Hellgate:Global, as well as the usual smattering of MMO news and leaks, including hints of Comic-Con announcements from Bioware! Also included in this episode is a proposal for an audience-participation segment on the topic of The Best of MMO Music. Tune in to hear the details, then join the conversation!

  • Eve Meltdown | MMOrgue 9

    Eve Meltdown | MMOrgue 9


    A veteran EVE player joins us t to cover the highs and lows of the launch of the Incarna expansion, and editorialize on what CCP did so very, very wrong.

  • Player Housing | MMOrgue 8

    Player Housing | MMOrgue 8


    We bring on correspondents to discuss the ins-and-outs of different versions of player housing, and how different MMOs have incorporated owning your own home.

  • All Hail F2P! | MMOrgue 7

    All Hail F2P! | MMOrgue 7


    In today’s episode we’ll look at a few of the most recent free to play MMOs, and discuss the ins-and-outs of their particular takes on the F2P concept.

  • MMOrgue 7 Delayed

    MMOrgue 7 Delayed


    Jeremy gives you a quick heads up on the delay for latest episode of the MMOrgue.

  • E3 Recap | MMOrgue 6

    E3 Recap | MMOrgue 6


    This week’s episode will be taking a closer look at some of the intriguing bits of MMO goodness to have spilled from the halls of this years E3!

  • Planetside  Hellgate | MMOrgue 5

    Planetside & Hellgate | MMOrgue 5


    The much-maligned sub-genre of MMO Shooters has been an intense and gorey battlefield since the first of these titles rolled off the production line back in 2001. Since that time, two major titles have come to serve as examples within this archetype: Planetside and Hellgate: London. Unfortunately, these two titles are frequently held up as examples of what NOT to do, rather than being revered. In today’s episode, I’ll examine each of their failures and see if I can make a solid case for why each of these titles was considered a flop, despite reinventing a whole genre.

  • Rift, 2KGames, Mass Effect | MMOrgue 4

    Rift, 2KGames, Mass Effect | MMOrgue 4


    This week, we finally get around to taking an editorial look at the beginning of the life of Trion Worlds’ flagship MMO, Rift. How are the initial impressions and population trends for this game? What’s the long-term outlook for this game’s future success? After that, we’re taking a look at two new franchises that may soon be landing on the MMO landscape, from developers at 2KGames and BioWare. What are we in store for, from these top-name game shops? Tune in to find out, and speculate along with us!

  • Champions / Marvel | MMOrgue 3

    Champions / Marvel | MMOrgue 3


    In this week’s MMOrgue, we’re digging up the dirt on the world of superhero MMOs! Join us as we don our capes and tights to take a look at the latest troubling reports from inside Marvel Universe Online, as well as examine the effects that SOE’s network security issues and subsequent outage have had on DC Universe Online. Last but not least, we examine the announcement that Atari is parting ways with Champions Online developer, Cryptic Studios. What has motivated this divestment, and what could this mean for the studio’s future and existing projects?

  • Age of Empires / APB | MMOrgue 2

    Age of Empires / APB | MMOrgue 2


    In this week’s show we’ll be discussing Age of Empires Online, which is set to soon crawl its way out of the womb of beta and bring with it an entire new subgenre into the wide world of online gaming. We’ll also take a look at the once-deceased APB Reloaded, since it is clawing its way out of the fresh dirt of its un-mourned gravesite, and shambling across the MMO landscape in search of brains. I mean … wallets. But first up, a quick note on RIFT, and an invitation to join the fledgeling community for this show being hosted at

  • GW2 and SWTOR | MMOrgue 1

    GW2 and SWTOR | MMOrgue 1


    A few upcoming titles go under the microscope to see if they stand up to scrutiny, and whether or not the hype being generated for GW 2 and SWTOR is warranted!