Barack Obama has done it – won the White House in what was arguably the most significant presidential race of the past century. But now that the mud has dried and he stands before the nation promising change, where do we the people stand? That’s what Kevin Ross and David McLaughlin are bent on finding out. And who better for the job than America’s best blog talkers? Last month, Kevin – an African-American Republican from Los Angeles – and David – a white Democrat from outside Atlanta – took top honors in FOX News Radio’s
“Battle of the Blog Talkers.” Now, the odder-than-odd odd couple is teaming up for an unprecedented event. On November 5, they’ll host a marathon BlogTalkRadio special that’ll take the pulse of our nation – and determine who believes change is on the horizon. Kicking off at 6 p.m. and running live until 12 a.m. ET, “Exit Poll ’08” will feature Farai Chideya, host of National Public Radio’s “News & Notes,” and Rev. Leonard Jackson , special advisor to L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, among other pundits. But no pundit’s voice will be more important than yours: Kevin and David will move mountains get as many callers on the air as possible. "Even if it means..." notes David. "Breaking in on each other mid-opinion," adds Kevin.


  • Exit Poll with Ross & McLaughlin

    06/11/2008 Duración: 03h02min
  • Exit Poll with Ross & McLaughlin

    05/11/2008 Duración: 03h02min