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Detailed conversations on unique investment opportunities in the Caribbean. From finding companies to purchase at prices below book value to establishing businesses with high return on investing capital to securing gorgeous real estate properties for investments or personal use. I get down to the granular details on investing and doing business in the Caribbean. Get ready to be acquainted with unique deals in a virgin territory.


  • Kevin Dangleben on Tourism and Investment in Dominica and the Kalinago Carib Territory

    Kevin Dangleben on Tourism and Investment in Dominica and the Kalinago Carib Territory

    28/09/2016 Duración: 45min

    Keven Dangleben shares his wisdom on tourism and investment in Dominica and the Carib / Kalinago Territory specifically. About Kevin: Kevin Dangleben is a native of Dominica. From an early age of 10, lived Kalinago Territory. Mr. Dangleben worked for a few years as a Secondary School teacher. In 2006 Mr. Dangleben left the teaching service and opted for the position of manager of the Kalinago Barana Aute, a heritage facility in the Kalinago Territory where he served until December 2015 under the Dominica Ministry of Tourism. Given his passion for self-empowerment and the dire need to create more sustainable socio-economic opportunities for the residents of the Kalinago Territory in Dominica, Mr. Dangleben has devoted his time and talent to the development of his own tour operating entity named Kalinago Tours.

  • Domlec Dominica, an Equity Option

    Domlec Dominica, an Equity Option

    26/07/2016 Duración: 10min

    Thank you for joining Caribbean Virgin: The Podcast on Unique Investment Deals in the Caribbean. I am your host, Neal Nixon. This is episode number 1. For this inaugural piece, we are going to take a snoop at Domlec, a utility company in the tiny island of Dominica. The company is the only utility concern on the island with a durability of advantage, a wide sustainable moat and a perennial rewarder of dividends. We are going dissect the company's 2015 annual report and go beyond the mathematical elegance of betas and alphas and highlight the figures that matter to investors. But first a little background: The company was started in 1949 by the Colonial Development Corporation. In 1976 the government of Dominica purchased 49% of the shares of the company and in 1983 acquired the remaining shares. Subsequently, In 1987, Government sold 60% of the shares to the general public. Further, in 1997, the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC) purchased 73% of the shares from the government. In May 2004 WRB E