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The Nielsen Experience Podcast is a collection of stories about what its like to work at Nielsen a global, independent measurement and data company straight from our employees. Every week, well interview one employee about life at Nielsen and how theyve found ways to be themselves, grow, and make a difference. For more about life at Nielsen, visit


  • Ep 27. Shaping Nielsen's Brand Reputation - Wilburt Carpenter (Industry Partnerships Manager, NYC)

    23/02/2018 Duración: 19min

    Episode 27 of the Nielsen Experience Podcast features Wilburt, Industry Partnerships Manager, based in New York City. Wilburt started his career in our Watch Emerging Leaders program, which is now part of our Commercial Leaders Program. After the program, Wilburt held roles in Marketing and Communications that primarily focused on Nielsen's brand reputation. In his new and current role, he is shifting his focus to industry partnerships and events. In this episode, Wilburt shares how he’s grown his career in Marketing and Communications at Nielsen. He also talks about his involvement with our Sustaining Active Black Leadership and Empowerment employee resource group in the Northeast and the types of activities that the group has in the works for this year. “For any role that someone is going for, I would advise the person to think through all of the changes that people are going through and the ways that we all consume media and shop—even compared to just five or 10 years ago. Then, think through how tha

  • Episode 26. Joining a Nielsen U.S. Call Center - Jose M. Diaz (Call Center Lead, San Antonio, TX)

    20/02/2018 Duración: 19min

    Episode 26 of the Nielsen Experience Podcast features Jose, the lead of our Call Center in San Antonio, TX. What started as a part-time job for Jose has become a full-time career. Jose joined Nielsen when his company was acquired and has since held roles across the company and around the world. He joined our call center in San Antonio, Texas, last year after spending several years working internationally in Technology and Operations for our television audience measurement business. In this episode, we reflect on Jose’s career at Nielsen. He shares what life is like in our San Antonio Call Center, as well as the initiatives he is leading to bring in more bilingual talent. “There’s a particular time in the day when all of my calls are done and I have the opportunity to go outside my office, walk around the [Call Center] floor, and meet and greet the research interviewers. I talk to them about their performance, their needs, how I can serve them, and help them be better at what they do. It’s what I enjoy th

  • Episode 25. Lending a Hand in Houston - Jake Comito (Commercial Emerging Leader Associate, NYC)

    20/12/2017 Duración: 25min

    Episode 25 of the Nielsen Experience Podcast features Jake, a member of our Commercial team within our Emerging Leaders Program, based in New York City. In the beginning of December, Jake and 16 other Commercial Emerging Leader associates and leaders traveled to Houston and worked with All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response to muck, gut and sanitize homes that were broken-down by Hurricane Harvey in August. During the two-week trip, the group logged 571.5 volunteer hours and supported six families affected by the hurricane. In this episode of the podcast, Jake starts off by sharing his journey to Nielsen from Rutgers University, as well as his first rotational experience in our Emerging Leaders Program. He then tells us more about coordinating this volunteer initiative and what he and his fellow colleagues took away from the experience. “We got to meet some of the homeowners, we got to see projects through and through, and it was just absolutely inspiring. One of the words that my colleague kept saying was